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fetish is masturbating.
in the past hour fetish commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
@65 i understand we're not talking about actual rights/obligations/allowances whatsoever. We're all allowed to do whatever we want, there's no invisible force stopping anyone.

But your response here is in sharp contrast with your response to SAD.
in the past hour fetish commented on Copilot Deliberately Crashed German Plane with 150 On Board.
Am I the only one who thinks the "He intentionally crashed the plane" narrative is a little premature? The only evidence we have is that the main pilot knocked on the door loudly, and that the copilot was still breathing. For all we know he could have hit his head and passed out, his body against the flight stick or some unfortunate button or whatever.
4:17 PM yesterday fetish commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: You've Got Hate Mail.
Props to NAL for the best-written piece of misinformed hate-mail ever. Very little froth at the corner of that mouth, if you catch my drift.
2:40 PM yesterday fetish commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
The more I read the comments, the more defensive I get about this - a majority of the comments here basically agree with the author: she should be able to get what she wants, and only what she wants, and not have to cater to the desires of her partner. I disagree - there should be no allowance for intentionally using people under the "I was honest about it" guise. There are plenty of "honest" racists, sexists, homophobes out there, we're not arguing that they get an honesty pass. At least one of these cops "honestly" thought their life was in danger when they killed some unarmed brown person - no one at SLOG is stumping for them or shrugging it off.

This in in stark, stark contrast to the comments to NOT (link), a woman who was frustrated that her boyfriend would not go down on her ("it grossed him out" - functionally identical to Stevenson's argument); in the end, Dan said that NOT's bf was, quote, "a fag". No one concluded that as long as the BF was up front with it, for whatever arbitrary reason he choose, then it wsa then just his choice. He was either gay, a misogynist, a jerk, or NOT herself had issues down there. But plain ol preference? nawwww.
Mar 24 fetish commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
@11 I believe this to be an experiment in gender dynamics: She's basically inverted a male fantasy (girl comes over, sucks a dick, gets the cumshot, then is told to scram because damn, she is too dumb to actually talk to), she's probably hoping for some highish profile male sex writer (perhaps Dan, but probably a more hetero person) to simultaneously criticize her while simultaneously supporting the right of a man to get his dick sucked on command, and then point out the glaring hypocrisy.

Of course, for most of the civilized world, a man could not have written the straight-male version of that story without generating equal controversies. It's not like most SLOG writers are straining our muscles to pat Tucker Max on the back or whatever. That guy made a career out of being an obnoxious boor who also pointed out that being an obnoxious boor doesn't matter so much when the rubber meets the flesh. So, congratulate her on her future book deal and tell her you'll be looking for at an Urban Outfitters soon.
Mar 24 fetish commented on Alison Stevenson Won't Suck Your Dick.
I have no idea who Allison Stevenson is... but, you know, you get what you pay for when it comes to relationships. Good luck out there!
Mar 22 fetish commented on If You Had a Problem with Ryan Boudinot's Piece about Writers.
Budinot is like a reverse Richard Jewel; instead of creating danger in order to gather acclaim for rescuing people, he's preemptively destroying it... probably so he'll always have an excuse.

These are the types of people you should excise from your personal life ASAP. The City of Seattle will hardly notice when he moves on
Mar 22 fetish commented on If You Had a Problem with Ryan Boudinot's Piece about Writers.
Let me get this correct:

Grant Cogswell says, "you should pay attention to what Boudinot has to say, because he's a great writer. See, his book was so great, it couldn't beat literally nobody for the National Book Award".

Color me unmoved.
Mar 20 fetish commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Sweaty, Suspicious, and Running to "Catch a Bus".
This story is 95% similar to that guy who got turned into a vegetable.
Mar 19 fetish commented on Seattle Has a New Way to Elect City Council Members.
@18 that's why I'm a rando commentor and not a journalist. Wow, 2001, time really flies. But District Elections were on the radar the….

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