It's not very popular.

Mar 12 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
The problem with the piss spray idea is that those damn cats are sneaky bastards. The dog eating it is gross but worse is they leave it in my vegetable garden, truly GROSS. I take that cat shit and fling it into their yard and try real hard to get it right by the door. There stupid cat just looks at me when I yell and threaten it, then saunters back over to lay on his porch. I'm not anon about it, I complain loudly and long about it.
Feb 27 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
Good idea if dick wad is on your project team. Give important task, the make sure you do that task, then when due date comes and dick wad has done a terrible job, or just left you hanging, turn project in independently with well done task. Tell instructor about dick wad's work ethic on "group" submission and how you dod not want that to reflect your standards. Dick wad will get what's coming to him and you will still get a decent grade.
Nov 26, 2014 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
Just Wow, I had to work a few holidays in my youth and guess what? I got over it and my family did not disappear or condemn me, they got over it. Its a day in a life, not some holy grail. I always wonder why retail gets all the attention, but there are many other jobs that have to work holidays: movie theaters, sporting event staff, police, restaurant workers, plumbers, etc.

But what are the holidays if not the airing of the grievances. A Festivus for the Rest-of-us!
May 7, 2014 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
Hmm sounds like another student slept with their professor, got caught and he used that ole, "I'm the teacher, she lied and cheated", ruse. Not to adults (and yout's), don't sleep with your professors they (the ones that will sleep with you)are sleazebags, there is a reason its against the rules. But obviously this student believed that she was soooo special, surely it was LOOOOVE! But maybe I'm all wrong, it was vague.
Jan 23, 2014 jojo commented on Savage Love.
Did Dan just suggest that LW just go out and get some strange even if he said no way? What's he gonna tell the husband when he writes in about his cheating wife, after they agreed he wasn't into her looking outside the marrage? DTMF? My advise would be if he says "no" DTMF, don't lie to him and do it anyway. IMO that's bad advice Dan.
Jan 13, 2014 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
I am assuming, "don't make it so presentable", meant "get it out of my face". Stop standing on your chair and sticking your ass in the face of the person behind you. So he wrapped his request in a non-pc ass grab. Maybe you should take his advice and SIT DOWN!
Nov 18, 2013 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
Both dogs preggers before you even got them? I guess you didn't teach your child how to be a responsible pet owner, and now you are complaining you lost the runt offspring of 20 pups produced by your irrisponsible offsprings unfixed bitches? I wonder if you had had them fixed yet. 10s of thousands of dogs are put down every year becasue irresponsible people get them and dont get them fixed in time. You and yours share guilt as well.
Nov 7, 2013 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
Pho bac is GREAT! Eat there even if your freinds don't want to. Problem solved.
Oct 17, 2013 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
If you're battery is dead, and you were driving when it happened, than it's not your battery and a jump will not help. Spent two hours of my life one time with a guy trying to jump his car over and over again. Don't be so cheap, call a tow or call your dad/friend/lover, don't blame the traveling public for your POS car.
Sep 16, 2013 jojo commented on I, Anonymous.
So what we have here is a standoff. Yes its rude to shout over a show, but it is a venue that is open and allows everyone, even the rude girls. So if you want to hear a band uninterupted pay the money to go to a real show, maybe you even have to pay for a plane ticket to get there. But then again, finding an employee to make a patron shut up at a concert is near impossible anywhere, so maybe if you want to hear uninterupted music you should by the CD or download or whatever and listen at home? Maybe become besties with the band and they'll vome give you a private show? I mean I hate it when tall people stand right in front of me and all I see are shoulders but I either move or get over it.

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