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@CMD: The situation I was in involved a man whose wife didn't want any other woman cooking for him. It was a marriage with pretty traditionally delineated gender roles. He didn't cook; not for himself, not for his wife, not for other women. She cooked, and she didn't want him eating anyone else's food. Nor did she want anyone else to be close enough to him to cook for him.

As for her theoretical lovers cooking for her, she wasn't going to have any lovers. The main reason they opened the marriage was that she didn't really enjoy sex and didn't want to have it. With anyone. When they first negotiated the open marriage, she chose to not exercise her right to take another partner. This was close to 10 years ago, and I haven't talked to him in well over 9, so who knows if she ever decided to have an extra-marital partner. Or perhaps the marriage ended. Even so, I can more likely imagine her cooking for another man much more easily than i can imagine her wanting a man--whether her husband or anyone else--cooking for her.

It was unique. It was maybe loving on her part. He was a bit of an ass.
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@204: Regarding dress codes, Mr. Ven, I assume you're not referring to school uniforms, which I can see the plusses and minuses of in about equal measure.

I think that far too many schools have absurd codes: no wearing certain colors or no spaghetti straps, etc. I think boys should be held accountable for their behavior and girls shouldn't be shamed for dressing fashionably. I also dislike the way hard and fast rules don't take all kinds of mitigating factors into account. But I think there are ways of dressing that show respect for one's environment and ways of dressing that if not disrespectful are at least inappropriate. Looking like a ragamuffin is fine on a Saturday at the beach or around the house, but not at school or work, for example. So I am against codes but for common sense and the idea of dressing appropriate to one's environment. Hence I once stopped one of the Miss Cutes from wearing a pair of booty shorts to school not on the grounds that it was immodest or that she would be distracting the boys or what have you, but rather on the grounds that what she was wearing was better suited to a weekend day than a school outfit.
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@BiDanFan: I once dated a man who had recently opened his marriage. His wife allowed any sexual activity at all. But her hard limit was that no other woman was allowed to cook for him; that was how she showed her love and what for her was an intimate gesture.

I assured him that the limit was safe with me.
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I'm as kinky as my partner is; in other words, I swing between being pretty darn kinky, to mildly kinky to downright vanilla, depending on whom I'm with. I find I can have a good time at any of the points on the continuum, depending on my level of attraction, how much heat we're generating, skills, etc.

I've been with men in open relationships for whom "no PIV" was a ground rule, and I have to say, it neither surprised me nor kept us from having a ton of fun--and some of these guys were as vanilla as it gets. After all, there is a lot more to even the vanilla-ist of sex than PIV.
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BTW, there's absolutely nothing in SNIP's letter to suggest she's not taking precautions to not become pregnant herself. Given her explicit statement regarding her absolute conviction against being either a mother or a step mother, we can pretty safely assume that she's using some form of contraception and is willing to have an abortion in case of accidental pregnancy. She isn't worried that she's going to get pregnant.
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If one member of a couple is not comfortable with the terms of an open relationship, the relationship should be closed by mutual consent until each partner is satisfied that their comfort levels are high enough.

There are a ton of circumstances that could cause someone to be anxious about having an open relationship. If the primary relationship is really primary, if each partner's needs and comfort and diminishment of anxiety are really important to the other, then it should be an obvious first step to close down the relationship at least until the issues get resolved and the couple comes to an understanding that is acceptable to both.
7:57 AM yesterday nocutename commented on Savage Love.
I'm female, 26, and in an open marriage with a wonderful man. I am having a recurring fear that he'll get some other woman pregnant and she will refuse to abort. I trust him, but condoms break (or get holes poked in them). He inherited serious money from his father, and his father got "oops'd" into having three kids. I would immediately divorce my husband if this happened. (Yes, I'm an asshole, but my life plans have NEVER included children, step or otherwise.) My solution is for him to get a vasectomy. He says he's for it, but it's been a YEAR and he hasn't made an appointment. I'm seriously considering yanking "open" until he's sterile. Maybe he really wants children and he's not telling me, but I keep asking and he keeps saying no. Am I being unreasonable asking for the snip?

We don't know how long this marriage has been open (or how long it has existed, period. She's 26, so I assume not too long-- though Dan could have changed her age as he often does little identifying details), or whose idea it was to open it. It's hard to know if either SNIP or her husband is worried about his money or whether his father's three accidental children simply put the idea that children can be conceived easily and unintentionally or without the father's intention into her mind.

She's right to worry about pregnancy--that's a very common side effect of sex. She can't order a woman to abort and she can't force her husband into getting a vasectomy--the only person whose actions she can control is herself. If she is this fearful about the consequences that can arise from opening the marriage, I think she needs to share them and the couple needs to close down the marriage until she is no longer so fearful.

She says she's "asking" him to get a vasectomy, but she needs to accept that it's his body and his choice what he does with it. It sounds like she's harping continuously about this ("Maybe he really wants children and he's not telling me, but I keep asking and he keeps saying no") and maybe he wants to keep his options to have children open, or maybe he is just nervous about having someone do something that will affect his genitals for fear of pain or erectile functionality, or maybe he does get off on the idea that he's spewing his seed when he has sex. Whatever. These are all legitimate concerns and they are his and not hers to override.

They need to talk.
7:40 AM yesterday nocutename commented on Savage Love.
Mr Ven, I see the point for single-sex schools for some kids. I don't think you have to be either a WRA or an MRA to see that in some ways and at some times and for some kids, they do better in a same-gender environment. Most of our schools really aren't equipped to deal with boy energy and research is clear that in mixed-sex environments girls do start under-performing when they are about 11-14 years old.

I don't think that kids can't do well in the usual mixed-sex/gender environment that public schools traditionally provide, but I think that some provisions should be made for those students who do much better in single-sex environments. I don't think it compromises one's egalitarian principles to understand the need to meet individual children's educational and social needs.

I think of you as somewhat of a self-segregationist or at least a sexual separatist when it comes to preserving historically gay spaces, and often I've seen you appear to sanction a sort of "separate but equal" stance when it comes to preserving gay culture.
Sep 22 nocutename commented on Savage Love.
I think that Mr. Ven spends a lot of time on blogs and at websites that offer up the most divisive versions of humanity and that contributes to him having a pretty misanthropic bent. While I am hardly a Pollyanna and certainly am aware of people with hateful attitudes and worldviews, I stay away as much as I can from coming into direct contact with them. Perhaps I am a naive, happy ignoramus, but I prefer to immerse myself as much as possible in the words of people who are decent. So I experience humanity differently and have a different overall opinion of people. Perhaps we're both warped and our particular bends balance each other out. B ut I do think that Mr. Ven has a vision of humanity that is a lot bleaker than it really is.
Sep 21 nocutename commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Another Jealous Boyfriend.
Just when I think Dan has lost it he reels me back in. Bravura answer.