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Jun 19 bgix commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
Dead Kennedys - WOW hall in Eugene, 21-April-1983
May 7 bgix commented on $15 Now What?.
I am hoping that Kshama comes up with a new "cause celebre" because otherwise she will find that Seattlites will move on, which will be Seattle's loss.

I voted for Ms Sawant perhaps 60% because of the $15/hr thing, and 40% because Richard Conlin was a world class tool. As far as I am concerned, she has already won on $15/hr, and if she tries to brute force a more aggressive timetable, she will see enough of her support slip away, such that if/when she faces a more reasonable choice than Conlin, she will lose.

There are many more, also socialist, topics she can tackle, that will play well in Seattle, and she owes us, her "left-but-not-extreme" supporters, the evidence that she is not a one trick pony.

I support the mayors compromise, and hope Sawant doesn't make it impossible to get anything more done. If she does, she will have lost my support.
May 2 bgix commented on Murray Announces Minimum Wage Plan So Complicated Reporters Can't Understand It.
@42 mistral -- I will use myself as an example. I work for a large (>500) company that pays for my health insurance. I don't get tips, but the imputed value of the health insurance (based on Cover Washington) is about $5.75/hr. I fall under Schedule B, and my minimum wage would be based on that chart.

That took me about 2-5 seconds to figure out.
May 1 bgix commented on Why Labor Supports This Seattle Minimum Wage Compromise.
I would buy that T-Shirt.
May 1 bgix commented on Murray Announces Minimum Wage Plan So Complicated Reporters Can't Understand It.
I like this plan.

And I question the intelligence of people who object to it due to the "charts being too difficult".

Every business will be falling into a single one of these schedules.... I would also guess that much like the current minimum wage and workers comp charts that already must, by state law, be posted in every workplace, that the same will continue. People will be able to tell if they are being paid correctly because the city should require the *One* chart that applies to their employees, to be clearly posted. It is not up to an employee (or even really the employer) to define which chart is used. It is up to the city and it's auditors.

As for the plan itself, I am not bothered by it's phased in approach. The phasing allows all businesses time to adjust to the new reality, and in 7 years, it is moot. We should have a *permanent* wage floor that grows with inflation.

The nay-Sayers should tread carefully: I suspect that those that object to this plan, are probably pretty evenly split between those that think the wage is too high, and those that think it doesn't come fast enough. The middle ground is the clear winner here, which in time will have the desired long term effect of a livable wage for all.
Apr 25 bgix commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
@2 -- So now the cause of "bad parenting" is the "living together out of wedlock"?

No. What "Danny" is saying is:
"Children need loving, fit, qualified, sane, and—speaking from experience here—infinitely patient parents".

@2's qualification requirements include none of those, since obviously "getting married" doesn't cure insanity, make you fit, give you patience, nor make you qualified.
Mar 14 bgix commented on Good News for Wall Street Bonuses.
I feel like holding a sign: "Will work for Bonuses"
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

So you took my entire post and boiled it/paraphrased it down to "a lack of tips would dis-incentivize an employee from working hard".

I stand by my harsh judgement of your reading comprehension.

What I don't want to dis-incentivize is tipping in general (by the tipper, not the tippee). It is a very good way for servers/employees to share in their employers success. Flat rate employees will get the same pay per hour regardless of how successful the establishment is. Tipped employees do better as the business (restaurant) does better.

I can see where you could take one sentence out of it's context to make it look like I am in favor of making employees dance like monkeys for scraps. But the post itself is 180 degrees in the opposite direction to where you took it.
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

I would be tempted to vote for all 3. Maybe even 1.... I'd have to think about it. My biggest worry is that the absolutist "15 or bust" crowd will sink *all* of the livable wage proposals.

I think "15 or bust" is a good starting point, but the pragmatist within accepts compromise.
Mar 12 bgix commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.

This is vastly overstating the affect of the 1.5% of Seattle Workers who would get a raise, on those already over the 15/hr line.


Direct labor cost is *not* the main driver of inflation. The main drivers are *demand* and *availability*.

If a grocery store thinks it can clear more profit by raising the price of a roll of toilet paper by 5 cents, they will do it whether or not they are paying their cashiers a livable wage.

Yes, perhaps if 1.5% more people can *afford* that roll of toilet paper, then *demand* will go up, but weyerhaeuser will undoubtedly be willing to churn out a few more roles, solving the *availability* issue.

Is it possible that some businesses will try to pass the cost on to consumers directly? Sure. But they probably didn't understand that if the market could bear a "$15 burger" after the min raise hike, then it probably could have beforehand as well. And not to many of the 1.5% are going to be buying those $15 burgers anyway.

The only valid argument is really businesses with margin *so thin* that changes in the cost of direct labor are the actual tipping point between staying in business, and going out of business. And the number of those businesses is extremely small. And those businesses that do fail for that very reason will create a void in the market which can be filled by newcomers, creating a zero sum game at worst.

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