Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Oct 22 bgix commented on Eight Stranger Writers Race Across Town at Rush Hour.
I totally think Eli could have come in 2nd. I have been using regularly for over a week now, and the first couple times took some getting used to, but now I have a routine. I set my seat, lash on my computer bag, put on the helmet that I now carry with me, and then I'm off.

The bikes are heavy, and the gear shifting on some of the bikes suck. They also don't go particularly fast, which in my case is OK.

I think my break-even on the $85 should be a couple of months.
Oct 16 bgix commented on Seattle Bicycle Share Launched Today! Here's What You Need to Know..
I got myself a year-long pass a couple weeks before it started, and I have surprised myself by how much I am using it. I live a good 15 minute walk to my nearest station, and work right by another. I normally walk to-and-from work (rarely use the bus for my daily commute) and I now have 5 legitimate trips under my belt, including twice up Capitol Hill. It cuts about 10 minutes off my walking commute up hill, and a spectacular 20 minutes off the down-hill commute.

This won't be a money saver for me (since walking is free), but If I only use it a couple times a week (in each direction) it will save me an hour a week, which costs me something under $2. And so far, I have not failed to find either a bike or a parking dock when I needed it.

But I also contend that the helmets are too small, and have had to scrounge out my old one.
Aug 24 bgix commented on Stanford Student Compares Rape to Bicycle Theft.
I take the defensive driving approach, when talking about rape to my teenage kids: My son needs to take every precaution to ensure that any sexual activity he engages in is 100% consensual. But my daughter should take reasonable precautions to avoid being in positions where she could be victimized. This does not mean that a rape would ever be her fault, and if she were raped because she had drank too much or dressed a certain way, it would still be the other persons fault.

But it is naive to insist that rape can be avoided simply by the correct assigning of blame for it. Do people ever have accidents even though they follow all traffic rules? Of course they do. Can you avoid some of these traffic accidents that are not your fault by driving defensively? The experts all pretty much say yes.

Should my daughter ever be raped, I am not going to blame her. Or any other rape victim. But as her dad, I am still going to tell her to keep safe when drinking by only doing so with trusted friends. And to not go walking around alone after dark dressed to kill. Etc. Because an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Aug 13 bgix commented on SL Letter of the Day: Neverlasting Love.
I agree with the term applied by @13. The BF is a "Serial Monogamist" and has set himself into a life pattern of relatively short-term after short-term relationships. I don't have problems with people like this in principle... I have known a few, and the partners of these people tend to be aware of these tendencies before becoming just another point on the graph. However, now there is a kid involved (and perhaps other kids from earlier relationships). Guys like this are kind of assholes, because they spread their seed and move on. They have a responsibility to their kid(s) if no one else. At some point his decision making process has to include them.
Aug 11 bgix commented on Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks GMOs.
The things that makes "GMOs" bad are the Intellectual Property rights that "inventing" them grant to a small number of very powerful companies. Humans have been tinkering with genetics (even when they didn't understand what genetics actually were) of plants and animals since before recorded history.

Still, if I am a farmer (or a small-farmer consumer) I don't want to have to perpetually buy seed and fertilizer from a monopoly each year. I would like to retain the right to extract seed stock from each year's harvest to plant the next years crop, and know that I won't be sued, and that the crop will grow without buying Monsanto-brand-miracle-grow chemicals. This is something we are losing.
Aug 7 bgix commented on After a Second Day of Counting, No Big Change in Primary Results.
Ah shit. The 3rd drop of results shows that the Parks Prop-1 starting go against:
Yes: 96119 (49.63%)
No: 97545 (50.37%)

I though the late ballots were supposed to break in favor...
Aug 7 bgix commented on Let's Talk About the X-Files!.
Squeeze and Tooms.

If you disagree, then you are just wrong.
Jun 19 bgix commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
Dead Kennedys - WOW hall in Eugene, 21-April-1983
May 7 bgix commented on $15 Now What?.
I am hoping that Kshama comes up with a new "cause celebre" because otherwise she will find that Seattlites will move on, which will be Seattle's loss.

I voted for Ms Sawant perhaps 60% because of the $15/hr thing, and 40% because Richard Conlin was a world class tool. As far as I am concerned, she has already won on $15/hr, and if she tries to brute force a more aggressive timetable, she will see enough of her support slip away, such that if/when she faces a more reasonable choice than Conlin, she will lose.

There are many more, also socialist, topics she can tackle, that will play well in Seattle, and she owes us, her "left-but-not-extreme" supporters, the evidence that she is not a one trick pony.

I support the mayors compromise, and hope Sawant doesn't make it impossible to get anything more done. If she does, she will have lost my support.

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