It's not very popular.

Nov 27 charity commented on Savage Love.
#44 - I am so glad to see your comment.

I thought the exact same thing when I read Dan's reply. Monica Lewinsky sucked a dick in 1998 and still can't get a real job in 2014 because of it. No one else involved in that scandal has suffered the long term consequences that she has.

Was what she did wrong? Yes. Was she stupid for doing it? Yes. Should she be pilloried for the rest of her life for it? No.

Apr 23 charity commented on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episode 10 RuCap: Drag My Wedding!.
I knew Joslyn would be the next to go. The rule of three with RuPaul's Drag Race is the third time you have to lip sync for your life, you go home.

Next to be in the bottom two are probably Darienne Lake and Adore Delano. Since both have had to lip sync twice already, who goes home will be a tossup but I think that Darienne will probably be the one.

Mar 15 charity commented on New Column!.
I like "Let's Take Off Our Clothes and Papier-Mache" the best. Seems the most appropriate for the McConaughey
Feb 26 charity commented on Did Uber Limit Supply of Drivers in Effort to Push Up Fares?.
I am a bit confused by this. It says that they restricted the number of drivers on the road, not that it raised the price of the fares.

Unless, I am missing something, all they did was try to guarantee that their existing drivers would get more business that night. The cost to the customers using the service would be the same (right?). The only negative I can see for the customer is that they may need to wait longer for their taxi to arrive.
Feb 26 charity commented on Woman Allegedly Shot Dead While Arguing Over Who Would Feed the Baby.
Are any of these people being charged with manslaughter? Or are they just getting a stern warning from police to be more careful with their weapon?
Feb 7 charity commented on What The State Can Do Today to Help Renters.
As a resident manager, I am leery of a standardized screening report. I don't mind it for the credit report, which will be the same no matter who pulls it, but there is the matter of verifying employment and rental history. That screening needs to stay personal. A third party is not going to care as much as the manager of the property. A third party might not get accurate information or may just accept obvious lies as truth because it's easier for them.

For example, I had a prospective tenant put a family member's house/name as one of her rental references. She claimed it was an apartment but an internet search showed it to be a single home, not an apartment. Also when I called for a reference, the "landlord" had the same last name as the tenant and when I flat out asked if they were related, he waited three seconds before he said, "No." I can easily see a third party screener just shrugging and saying, "Okay" in that situation.

Now I can already see that some would say that there is nothing in the new bill that would stop me from doing that and I agree but I do think that there should be an additional fee for that. It is more work for me to do, and the building has to pay me for the extra time so I think it fair that they pass on the cost of that.

I would like to see someone sponsor a bill of not allowing landlords to accept multiple application fees. As a resident manager, I don't take multiple applications. Here's how I do it: The first person who wants to put an application on it has the option of putting a $150 holding deposit on the unit while I run his/her application (an additional $45 charge). If the application is approved the tenant gets that unit and the holding deposit becomes the non-refundable cleaning fee. If he/she is not approved, the $150 is returned to him/her. If he/she changes his/her mind while the application is being ran or after it is approved, we keep the $150 as a penalty for backing out of the agreement. Seems fair and I don't see why everyone can't do it this way. It's more fair to the prospective tenants and still very fair to the property managers.

Before, I became a property manager, I looked at an apartment with my roommate and we were going to put in our applications. When I went to deliver our applications, the man started to put them in a pile of no less than 20 other applications for the same apartment. When I saw that I took my applications back. Property managers/landlords who collect multiple screening fees are scum. Try to avoid them if you can.
Feb 7 charity commented on "What's a whippet?".
Whippets are dogs. Everyone knows that!
Feb 5 charity commented on Who Should Pay For the Pergola Damage?.
$48 donated to Boys and Girls club. :D
Feb 3 charity commented on What's the Best Bad Thing You Watched on TV as a Kid?.
#32, I loved a lot of bad television when I was a little kid (ALF comes to mind) but I hated Hee Haw. Just hated it. Hadn't heard of Laugh-in at that time. Hee Haw was the WORST.
Feb 2 charity commented on Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Dead.
I always thought he was the best actor out there. Damn. This is a huge loss of talent. My condolences to his family and friends.

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