Aug 26, 2015 roddy commented on There Was "a Large Sewage Spill" in Lake Washington This Morning.
It might be worth noting that Lake Washington contains over seven hundred eighty-two. Trillion. Gallons. The spill constitutes 15 parts per billion considering this volume of water. I'd stop hyperventilating.
Jul 4, 2014 roddy commented on Rachel Lark's "Born This Way".
Poignant as all get out. Thanks.
Jun 12, 2014 roddy commented on Why Can't Hillary Answer the Question?.
I'll say this just once. Clinton has an infallibility problem: the problem is she has a deep seated need to appear infallible. If she's going to succeed at this presidency thing, she's going to need to go to humility school. This won't be easy for someone who'd been so thoroughly humiliated by her husband when he was president.

If there is one thing that keeps Democrats up at night when contemplating Hillary Clinton for President, this is it.
May 20, 2014 roddy commented on The Tuesday Morning News.
Thanks for posting the link to the debtors incarceration story in Benton County. But one thing didn't make sense, how can it make economic sense to incarcerate someone at $65/day for court fees and other costs? How much, if at all, do you suppose the state is subsidizing the county for incarcerating their "debtors"?
Feb 27, 2014 roddy commented on Mayor's Office Mourns the Death of Someone Who, It Turns Out, Is "Alive and Well".
I'm guessing someone confused him with Joe Dear, who, it seems, actually did pass away:…

With condolences to his family.
Nov 5, 2013 roddy commented on Election Night Coverage on Slog!.
Gregoire's election night party is across the street from Murray's. If you can't be bothered to cross the street for her just because its a port commissioner race, she'll make sure that a vessel is opening every bridge just before you cross it.
Nov 5, 2013 roddy commented on The Road to a State Income Tax Runs Through Seattle.
I love the income tax, and think we should have an income tax. It's truly the only tax that taxes those who are guaranteed to have the cashflow to afford it. But when it comes to income taxing the very wealth in one municipality, it seems to me that it would be an exceptionally difficult tax to collect. Most millionaires have multiple homes--a home on Vashon, a home (or island) in the San Juans--and for the very high-income it's no big deal to transfer one's legal residence to one of these no-income-tax municipalities. And if they don't have a home elsewhere in the state, it would be no big deal to get one, when you make $1M/year. If we do enact it, we shouldn't have much in the way of expectations that it will actually produce a significant amount of revenue until an income tax is enacted statewide.
Nov 3, 2013 roddy commented on Slog Bible Study: Leviticus 19:19.
The authors of Leviticus were totalitarians. It didn't have to make sense as long as everyone was obedient.