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Jun 21 carnivorous chicken commented on How Nick Kristof Gets People to Care About Victims Who Are Sometimes Liars.
@17 You sound like the embodiment of my last sentence. What you and some others seem to be arguing is that small, individual acts that may alleviate suffering among a targeted population are contrary to both the understanding that there are deeper systemic problems and that these acts undermine the solutions to these deeper problems, an argument that I don't buy as universal (although I am sure you can provide a link -- perhaps to another TED talk? -- that argues against this). And this is a general argument, of course, so I admit that there are cases where Band-Aid assistance may worsen a problem (for example, doling out aid in a military dictatorship that may actively prop up that dictatorship, by allowing them to distribute the aid, etc.). Your snide remarks about "semi-educated", "somewhat educated", and "dumb, uneducated" liberals are classy though; you come across as a deeply critical thinker and likely very educated.
Jun 19 carnivorous chicken commented on How Nick Kristof Gets People to Care About Victims Who Are Sometimes Liars.
@4 I'm with you.

Mortenson and Mam fooled uncountable numbers of people, including others in the media. They both were doing good work (Mam especially so -- it's her story that's fraudulent not her work) although Mortenson wasn't doing anything near what he said he was. So, sure, Kristof got a couple wrong (along with dozens/hundreds/thousands(?) of other journalists, and I'm sure part of his fact checking was seeing what others had written about them (he certainly didn't discover Mam and Mortenson). But saying he's a court jester for the NYT's affluent readers is crass; one should be a little kinder when questioning other's charitable acts or good works (or not question them at all). Kristof continues to write about important and difficult issues, and I'm guessing some people are getting more help because of it, Band-Aid or not. I can imagine all the snooty kids saying "yeah, fuck that guy who writes for the affluent" and justifying not giving to good causes because of it.
Jun 17 carnivorous chicken commented on Brazil Vs. Mexico In the World Cup: Live-Slogged!.
@3 unless you're Brazilian, I guess. But my quibble is why Brazil "are". Brazil is a team, Brazil is a country, Brazil aren't anything. I know it sounds shitty when it's a plural team (the Seahawks are vs the Seahawks is, although the latter is correct), but this ain't that.
Jun 17 carnivorous chicken commented on "The Vinyl Nazi" Says NO To Poseurs!.
I've been to the shop, and another, in Singapore. Insanely priced records that would rate as $.99ers here in the US.
Jun 10 carnivorous chicken commented on Is Raping Children a Crime?.
"Kid? I thought you meant a baby goat!"
Jun 6 carnivorous chicken commented on Reading the Obits.
Agreed, obits in the NYT can be some great reading and Chester Nez's, The Navajo Code Talker, is a good example.
May 21 carnivorous chicken commented on Nothing Left Inside.
Saw Flag in Austin last November, they were great -- even if the whole punk nostalgia thing is weird and very hit-or-miss. No desire to see Black Flag; Ginn's acted like an utter douchebag and Mike V. has been a caricature of "extreme" since he left a trail of backstabbed and ripped off former skate sponsors and partners for stabs at a spoken word and writing career, pro hockey, pro wrestling, and posting photos of himself beating up kids. And then he fires Ron Reyes and asserts himself the new singer of Black Flag? Ouch.

OFF! is pretty amazing too.
May 17 carnivorous chicken commented on Must Be in the Air Here: The Songs I Listen To When I Miss Seattle.
"Seattle Bound" by the Smugglers.
May 15 carnivorous chicken commented on UCLA Study: Horny People Hornier Than Less Horny People.
I think the takeaway isn't that "horny people are hornier than less horny people," but that they have sex with more partners. Not a particularly revolutionary finding, but raises questions about horny people who might be satisfied with a monogamous relationship, if they're happy paired with other horny people, etc.
May 13 carnivorous chicken commented on Judge Strikes Down Idaho's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage.
So yeah, Butch Otter is a pretty porny name, but Candy Dale is pretty evocative too...

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