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Sep 4 IslandGuy commented on SL Letter of the Day: BDSMC.
and this...

* Except for readers who think consent isn't necessary.

Just saying.
Aug 21 IslandGuy commented on Everything Is Transphobic (But "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" Isn't).
I completely embrace the freedom of any person to be offended by someone else's expression, doesn't matter if it's is politically left or right. Whiners should man up and grow a pair. [uh oh!]
Aug 19 IslandGuy commented on The First Church of Cocktails Before Services.
Sorry...nothing beats creepy Russian guy singing...…

...except maybe the remix!…

Aug 12 IslandGuy commented on Westlake Mall Cop Ignores Agitator, Maces African-American Bystander at Israel Protest.
Damn. Another case of guilty of being black.

The smug expression of shirtless white guy walking away really pisses me off.
Jul 11 IslandGuy commented on A Year Without Eyman.
@11 nailed it. Horse's ass.
May 19 IslandGuy commented on I'm Jewish, I Was at the Macklemore Show, and Here's What I Saw.
Yep. His costume IS offensive. This isn't too much different than performing in blackface. I'm not Jewish, but my husband is, and he encounters subtle Seattle anti-Semitism all the time...people who thinks it's okay to "jew down the price" and other forms of stereotyping.
May 8 IslandGuy commented on Mayor Murray Says He'll Fight Any Attempt to Save Metro by Using Property Taxes; Slams Founder of "Plan C".
I would vote yes on parks, transit and education, but levies sometimes fail in this town, and we have to be careful about property tax sticker shock.

If there's a Plan E that's viable, can we give his administration time to find it?

Let's remember that the mayor didn't screw transit...the state legislature, and then suburban voters did. Direct your anger there.
Apr 17 IslandGuy commented on Bullshitwashing the Marriage Equality Movement.
I have to wonder if the idea for this book sprang from the grotesque mythmaking press-whore monster that is HRC. Having worked in the movement during most of the 1990s, I was constantly amazed at their ineffectiveness at all things EXCEPT taking credit for (and raising money off of) other people's work.
Apr 10 IslandGuy commented on Police Beat: The Chicken of the Dog.
Seriously? Loose chicken, unleashed dog, no fence?

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