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  • Cowgirls, Inc. or Pony
  • What book have you read the most?: Gone with the Wind
  • Jesus or Santa (sexually)?
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: Jane Austen
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: That one with the picture of a building with incomprehensible Marxist allusions

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1:12 PM portland scribe commented on I, Anonymous.
What a passive aggressive twat. I always think of great things to say later after a manipulative encounter like this... something like, "Oh, thank you. And I hope 2015 is the year...(choose one)

your husband finally quits drinking.
you get control of your weight problem.
your son gets his ass off your couch.
you learn to mind your own fucking business.
1:03 PM portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
@Auntie G, my thoughts exactly! LUG is a new one on me. Glass dildo I knew about but still seems awfully cold though, do you warm it up first?
I LOL'd at Morrissy, Dan, brilliant as usual.
As for the petulant pisser, if it's in the bathtub, would that be more palatable? Say, a nice warm bath, sex it up as the tub drains, pee on him at the peek moment, he's happy, you can rinse off after a decent interval, no mess!
Dec 10 portland scribe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Some Ladies Hate Their Labia—And That's Okay—Plus ALL CAPS Oral Rage!.
Wow, coming down hard on the LW. I didn't think she was being hostile at all. I thought her comparison of not loving the labia to dissatisfaction with feet or height or any other body part was right-on. And this bit was just lovely:

"It is always odd when someone likes about us what we ourselves don't, but it happens. So what you need to do is separate your feelings about your labia from your boyfriend's feelings about your labia, understanding that they may be different. Enjoy what THEIR feelings may bring you."

Also, please god, never let me hear the term "lady garden" again.
Dec 10 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
@16, EricaP :"I'm pretty sure everyone in the room dislikes when people get their pronouns wrong. You mean: "Isn't it okay for JUST the ONE person in the room without the privilege if being able to assume strangers will get it right to share that," I think."

Yes, that's what I meant. It IS a privilege to have people know my gender just by looking at me (or at least it's not a pain in the ass I need to clarify). But I can never give that privilege of correct assumption to the sexually ambiguous, as lovely as that would be. So why is it wrong to simply have ONLY those that WISH to clarify do so? As Seandr, @34 said, to "take one for the team?" Political correctness can be so goddamn tedious!

@Auntie G, thanks, so far so good... he's coming home tomorrow!
Dec 9 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
So, in August I took my kid to college orientation at U of O. There was a presentation by student leaders, about 25 of them, and each one got up and said, "Hi, I'm Susie Smith from Pendelton, Oregon. My preferred pronouns are She and Her." Finally, they got to the ONE person who said, "My preferred pronouns are They, Their and Them." the only problem I had with this was that it made an overly tedious presentation in a mind-numbing day of tedious presentations even longer. Isn't it okay for JUST the ONE person who feels that information is important for strangers to know to share that? Am I a jerk to think so?
Nov 22 portland scribe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Profile & Courage.
@35, There's nothing wrong with the way Larsdin said "as long as they're fit and take care of themselves." Fit people will not be insulted by that, they most likely are looking for the same thing. People who aren't fit might be annoyed, but he just saved them the trouble of sending an email and getting rejected one-on-one. You can't get around attraction.. facts are facts, ma'am, and it's okay to state them. And hey, it's not like he said "no fatties." Which is what a-holes do.

There's also nothing wrong with his pic, he's gorgeous, the setting makes him human. He's already got other photos we're not privy to on his profile, this was just to show us what he's working with.

@Larsdin, Dan says your profile is fine, which means you must have used a little humor in there. You're obviously intelligent, which combined with a sense of humor is very sexy.Show that in your profile and you're gravy. To quote Jemaine Clement, "You got it goin on!"
Nov 21 portland scribe commented on The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail.
@31, damn, this piece really upset you, considering you didn't read it.
Nov 21 portland scribe commented on The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail.
@11, did anyone call this piece "quaint?" It's a damn fine piece of writing, not because of the right- or wrongness of her actions, but because she clearly and hilariously communicates the mindset of a lovely but irresponsible person who is probably a lot of fun, but just doesn't take care of her shit... she's willing to live with that constant undercurrent of dread until the shit hits the fan. Enjoying the writing is not the same as approving of hit-and-run drivers.

@1, your "tiny quibble" really is tiny. Is it worth sullying your admiration? I think not.
Nov 21 portland scribe commented on The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail.
Oh, man. Hilariously painful to read, from a fellow let-things-slide kinda gal. Great piece.
Nov 21 portland scribe commented on Drunk of the Week.
Well, since she didn't DO the husband, I guess it's a DON't.

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