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  • If you could bring one dead person back to life, who would it be?: JFK junior, but only if he agreed to do me.
  • What helps you sleep?: Wine
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: Jane Austen
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • What is your sweetest taboo?: ironically, salt.

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Jul 8 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
Enlightenment is an evolution. The fact that people actually do change their minds about long-held beliefs shows that they listen, consider, process, and admit their old position may have been wrong. Which of course never happens on the internet.
I don't think the LW needs to apologize either, but the opportunity to share the evolution of her beliefs could be damned enlightening for some... maybe even her jackass brother. I'm dying to hear if he's like this all the time or just on this issue. God, Facebook brings out the worst in people. Hope the LW chimes in here?
Jun 1 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
"...lots of straight guys out there dig sexy underwear—and some mistakenly believe thongs qualify."
LOL. Not sexy on women, either.
May 5 portland scribe commented on I, Anonymous.
Damn, there are a bunch of nasty comments here. Is lack of empathy a part of the new economy?
What a racket. Uber gets people to drive their own cars, so they're out nothing. Driver pays gas, upkeep, insurance... why the hell would Uber not allow tips? Or mislead people into thinking the tip is included? What percentage of the fare does the driver get? Jesus, even pizza delivery would be a better deal, at least those guys get tips.
Mar 11 portland scribe commented on Things I Can Say About MFA Writing Programs Now That I No Longer Teach in One.
Students who ask if they're "real writers" have already answered their own question? Bullshit. I much prefer the writers with a little self-doubt to keep them humble. It's the writers who think their every word is precious, whose parents praised every fucking thing they ever did that I can't abide. I taught creative writing to some of these brats. They can't edit. They surely can't cut. They don't want to bother finding a better turn of phrase... it's good enough as it is. A real writer agonizes over the best word. Truman Capote constantly reworked his stuff, even after it was published. There's too much confidence without merit out there.
Feb 3 portland scribe commented on I, Anonymous.
GOD HATES SALADS.... Gold, Weissman!
Feb 3 portland scribe commented on I, Anonymous.
@6, I'd be more impressed if IA had told her sister off about the cat to her face. And maybe come to the kitty's defense BEFORE she was pissed off about some personal shit. This is just piling on.
Feb 3 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
What kind of '80s did this woman grow up in?
Jan 30 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
If I were Uncertain, I'd tell the wife, "I'm gonna let you have this one. You two run off and have a lovely time, I won't even watch. I'll just get some on my own. You get some, I get some. And I shall penetrate."
What a controlling bitch. What fun is having a bisexual partner if you don't get to join the party?
Jan 9 portland scribe commented on Drunk of the Week.
@AuntieG, I think you're right, Gilligan, 10 years and 20 pounds of dissipation later. A young dissipated Bob Denver.

@ Fred, do tell?
Jan 6 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
I watched Ed Wood the other night.

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