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Apr 13 portland scribe commented on I, Anonymous.
I'm surprised the IA isn't crying "parental alienation syndrome" against the father, therapist, or somebody else. I would love to hear the kid's story here... @23, @25, tho score-keeping of "proof" was a big red flag for me too. Narcissists can't or won't accept any blame, so it has to be someone else's fault.
Apr 13 portland scribe commented on Colbert to Succeed Letterman.
I think he's brilliant. He's so quick on his feet--he's wonderful interviewing guests. This is a great choice. I can't see him dumbing down for any reason. As for those who classify him as just another middle-aged white dude, who would you have picked as host of this show?

Colbert is funny as hell, but he's also a man of the people. I can't wait to see what he does.
Apr 7 portland scribe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Math Is Hard!.
I stopped reading when my head started hurting.
Apr 4 portland scribe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Leaving Monogamy Behind.
This is why no one should get married in their twenties. Nobody knows shit about themselves before they're 30.

He is "grossed out" by the thought of her with another man, but not with another woman? Yeah, right. More like threatened by the thought of her with another man, and turned on by the thought of two women for his own sexual pleasure. Sounds like a selfish douchebag... as is evidenced by his main objection to opening the marriage--she'd have more prospects than he would. Next time, SECRETS, pick a better-looking (or more confident) guy who won't try to keep you all to himself because he's afraid you're all he can get.
Apr 2 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
@89, Erica,

"Choosing not to date trans people isn't transphobic.But being horrified if someone who went down on you didn't tell you they were trans: that's transphobic."

Who said they were horrified? Certainly not the LW.
Apr 2 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
@66, Erica, there's a huge difference between being violated and having your trust violated. I think you know that. NCA experienced the latter, obviously. There was no sexual assault here, just bad personal policy. Hopefully Marcus will figure it out the next time.

If Marcus really felt that NCA might be the type of person who might run her mouth around town, or call the cops,isn't the danger much greater after having sex with her without the disclosure?

I'm not saying Marcus is a bad person for his ill-advised actions, but I do think transgender folks need to be more careful than others, and not just regarding himself, but with her feelings. It is dangerous out there. Sounds like he might live in the south, god help him. He should move to Seattle.
Apr 2 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
@63, I saw commenters saying Marcus was guilty of a "violation of trust" not that NCA was "violated."
Apr 2 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
@54, Nobody said a transgender person should disclose on the first date. Just don't have sex on the first date if you don't share your vital statistics.
Apr 2 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
@50, "It's staggeringly naive to assume that there is not some degree of transphobia at play here."

Bullshit. Not being sexually attracted to a man who used to be a woman is not the same as transphobia. And again, we don't know if the change of heart came from knowing that the genitals didn't used to be there, or the fact that she was hoodwinked for THREE MONTHS.
Why the fuck does she have to feel guilty for not wanting him anymore?
Apr 2 portland scribe commented on Savage Love.
@48 "would you be outraged or just disappointed if it turned out your dating partner was unemployed (but they hadn't explicitly lied, just hadn't mentioned that fact)?"

I'll chime in... .I don't know if I'd go as far as outraged, but I'd be pissed. Getting bent at a boy/girlfriend of 3 months who withholds pertinent information, such as job status, marital status, STI status, felony status... put it this way. If you're trying to hide it, perhaps you should wait on sex if you're looking for a LTR with this person. That way, you can determine if they're worthy of trust with your most closely guarded secrets. Cause if you don't disclose before sex, and allow the SO to make her own decision having all the facts, then YOU'RE not worthy of trust. And a lying POS.

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