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Looking For a Better Read is enjoying coffee and free wi-fi at Ladro in West Seattle.
Sep 29 Looking For a Better Read commented on Guess What: Trump's Tax Plan Is Going to Cost Trillions.
Trump is getting "credit" for coming up with a surprisingly detailed tax plan (I guess folks just continue to assume that he'll shoot from the hip now and figure out the details later, and yet he's still a "viable" candidate - whatever). But all he did here was take Jeb!s tax proposal and cut even more. Next I expect his approach to the military and foreign policy is to take whatever Fiorina said in the last debate and build on it. "She wants 386 destroyers? I say we need 413! Deal with Assad by blowing up Syria? Fuck it, we're going after Turkey and Lebanon, too!"
Sep 29 Looking For a Better Read commented on Watch the President of Planned Parenthood Hand an Anti-Choice Congressman His Ass.
It's a bullshit chart as well for the fact that the lines should never cross. The value of the "pink" line indicating the number of abortions on the bottom line is always less than the value represented by the purple line indicating the number of breast exams provided.
Sep 23 Looking For a Better Read commented on I, Anonymous.
Dear people who ride around on those stupid horse things: In a word— WHY? In two words—FUCKING WHY? Because, really, it appears to me as though you have two legs that are perfectly capable of being placed in front of each other, one at a time, until you reach your destination. Yes, I did roll my eyes at you, dandy-on-one-of-those-stupid-fucking-things. Can I send you a charcoal sketch of how stupid you look? Please? You're a half step away from those useless velocipede riders. JUST FUCKING WALK.
Sep 3 Looking For a Better Read commented on Seattle Police Union Says Contract Violation Prevents SPD from Firing Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.
We are often reminded, when we see a police officer behaving badly, that "not all cops are like that!" That we're focusing on the bad apples, when most cops are good, do their jobs well, etc.

But when the organizations that represent ALL cops defend the bad apples in such ways, the accusation that we're painting with too broad a brush becomes lessened. Sure, a single cop doesn't represent all others, but their organization does. And the organization sucks.
Aug 14 Looking For a Better Read commented on Black Lives Matter Activists Interrupted Jeb! During a Town Hall in Las Vegas.
This is one more example of how the Republican candidates are all painted into a metaphorical corner. They can not, in front of their white donors and supporters, give credibility to BLM or other "leftist" interest groups by actually listening to them, because it just might give the impression that their grievances are real and warranted. But by brushing them off (or by being a dismissive or hostile prick, which is what I expect to see from Christie and Trump), they'll in no way be able to appeal to the minority voter come time for the general election.
Jun 25 Looking For a Better Read commented on I, Anonymous.
LPT: a small pebble placed in the valve stem cap, then screwed on, allows for efficient tire deflation without you having to hang around; additionally, you can do this on multiple tires at the same time, if your target is truly an asshole.
Jun 25 Looking For a Better Read commented on Savage Love.
I call BS on GETOUT - he says they're both virgins, but the fiancee is using oral contraceptives? Either he's full of shit, or these two don't know where babies come from. Also, the only thing they've ever done was cunnilingus, but she already knows that she's triggered by semen. Huh?
Jun 24 Looking For a Better Read commented on Religious Right Demands that the Pride Flag Be Taken Down.
@3 and @4: I think we should dispense with the stereotypes and jokes, they just feed into the idea that it's okay to point out that gays and lesbians are somehow different from the rest of us. They're really no better than "jokes" about ghetto-dwelling welfare queens or Mexicans who spend their days snoozing in the shade of a saguaro. ("Ha ha, just kidding!")

What the recent advancements in equality for marriage and overall increase in acceptance of LGBT people has shown is that there are a lot more gays and lesbians who don't fit these stereotypes than anyone in the straight community would have ever known. My new next door neighbors are two masculine, sloppily dressed and somewhat portly guys who just happen to be in love with each other. And the rest of America should know that they, and many more like them, also exist.
May 13 Looking For a Better Read commented on I'm a Cook and I Want You to Keep Your Tips.
There is a fundamental problem in America that is elucidated by Seattleblues @5: it is unfortunately okay for us to pass judgement on someone's choice of vocation, and to arbitrarily assign a societal value to each job, and to basically imply someone's less worthy because of the job they've chosen.

There was a time when it was okay to drive a bus, be a diner cook, collect trash, teach, work construction, or do any number of working class jobs and to do so with the respect of the community. A bus driver or teacher could afford to live in the community in which they worked.

Now, when people in those professions tell us that they can't make enough to get by on, for some reason an acceptable response is - "if you don't like it, well you should have gone to college, or not become a teacher - you knew what you were in for." We should all be ashamed that we've allowed honest work and honest professions be diminished in such ways. Being a back-of-the-house staffer, a truck driver, a nightwatchman, a soldier, or a mechanic like my dad is having a profession, is providing value, and should allow someone to earn a living wage.
May 12 Looking For a Better Read commented on The Morning News: Port to Decide on Shell Deal Today, Kshama Sawant Makes the Anti-"Corporate" Ballot.
"Washington state has 1,033 registered lobbyists; more than $110 million was spent lobbying Washington politicians in 2013 and 2014. Oregon, by comparison, only has 847 registered lobbyists"

Since math can be kind of hard, let's look at this another way. Washington has an estimated 2014 population of 7.06 million (or one lobbyist for every 6,834 residents), while Oregon has an estimated 3.97 million people (one lobbyist for every 4,687 residents). So maybe we have too many lobbyists in Washington, but you're going to need to find better comparative metrics to make that case.

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