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Looking For a Better Read is enjoying coffee and free wi-fi at Ladro in West Seattle.
Jun 21 Looking For a Better Read commented on Rise and Shine: Celebrate the First Day of Summer With this Sunshine-Filled Playlist.
Summertime by Janis Joplin is one of my favorites.
Jun 12 Looking For a Better Read commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
The "I'm a Mormon" campaign was designed specifically to make Mitt Romney appear more mainstream and to increase his chances for election. As soon as the election was over, that campaign ended. They had no intent or desire to improve their broader appeal - and why would they? The White Stallion was going to be in the White House.

And now that we've rejected their savior, they have no need or desire to hide their true values.
May 19 Looking For a Better Read commented on I'm Jewish, I Was at the Macklemore Show, and Here's What I Saw.
@10 and others . . .

So what will you do if/when you don't receive your apology?
Apr 30 Looking For a Better Read commented on I, Anonymous.
Kenzo? Cowl? It seems I am, as the kids say, totally not with it.
Apr 29 Looking For a Better Read commented on Donald Sterling Fined $2.5 Million, Banned For Life, Forced To Reap Huge Profits.
@19 - yep. There continues to be an artificial cap on supply of teams and a seemingly never-ending line of billionaire white dudes waiting to buy them when they do come available. $575M for a team in LA, when the frickin Sacramento Kings just sold for near the same amount? No chance; Guggenheim Partners (the Magic Johnson group that paid $2B for the Dodgers) would pay $800M, easy, as would any number of others.
Apr 29 Looking For a Better Read commented on Today in Tunnel News: Our State Transportation Secretary Admits the Tunnel Might Never Get Finished At All.
There is a 100% certainty of very little in life. This is not news, nor is it noteworthy. Fuck, it's not 100% certain that I'm going to make it home from work tonight; doesn't mean I shouldn't get on the bus and give it a go.
Apr 28 Looking For a Better Read commented on I Love Everything About You Except for Everything About You.
@11: oh, and you're just going to take her word that she has non-hobbit feet? Based on what we learned from this list, she's quite unreliable.
Apr 28 Looking For a Better Read commented on The Cost of Fixing Bertha? Could Be One-and-a-Half Times What It Cost to Build Bertha. So: How Else Might We Spend That Money?.
Or, you know, you could not get your panties in a wad just yet and understand that the contractor claiming a $125M overrun is not the same thing as the state actually being liable to pay $125M. This contractor (Dragados) is notoriously claims-aggressive. Doesn't mean that they're actually going to get paid.
Apr 25 Looking For a Better Read commented on Morning News: No Deal on the Minimum Wage, an Angry G-7, a Murder in the CD, and a Very Well-Placed Pride Flag.
Prom proposals these days are dramatic, over-the-top events in their own right, consisting of hot-air balloon skywriters, choreographed song-and-dance routines, or commandeered P.A. annoucements (contrast: twenty-five years ago, asked lovely Rowena A. to the junior prom while standing in front of her locker and staring at my own shoes*). I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the lad made a big, public proclamation of his love to win her back, and felt embarrassed when the young lady turned him down. The obvious, face-saving response in such situations is, justifiably, homicide.

* - Rowena A. turned me down. To my knowledge, she remains alive to this day.

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