Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Oct 16 bigyaz commented on Two Thirds of Our City Council Is at a Swanky Resort With the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
Sawant's mouthpiece gives her another wet kiss on the pages of Slog. And he's still not embarrassed.
Oct 14 bigyaz commented on Ed Murray's Black Former Press Secretary, Who Was Making Less Than Her White Colleagues, Claims Discrimination.
@1: So everyone with the same job title in any organization must be paid the exact same salary? Regardless of experience, accomplishments, salary history, etc.?
Oct 14 bigyaz commented on Seattle Bicycle Share Launched Today! Here's What You Need to Know..
@63: I have a bike. But I sure don't want to bring it to work on the bus every day, in case I want to take a quick trip to Pioneer Square for lunch, or downtown for a meeting. Is that so hard to understand?
Oct 14 bigyaz commented on Mark Zuckerberg Just Gave $25 Million to Fight Ebola, but He Owes Us a Whole Lot More Than That.
Again, you no clue about business: Zuckerberg does not equal Facebook, which is a large public corporation with a board of directors, shareholders, etc.

I'm going to assume his personal taxes are substantial, as are his personal charitable donations (like the $100 million he gave to the Newark schools).
Oct 13 bigyaz commented on Indigenous Peoples Day Is Not an Assault on Italian-American Heritage.
I'm all for this, but again, why don't you just turn over Slog to Kshama Sawant and let her post directly, eliminate the need for you guys to serve as her stenographer?
Oct 13 bigyaz commented on You Know Who Else Is Struggling With Seattle Rents? College Students..
@14: Apparently to readers on Slog anyone who makes over $50k a year is "wealthy" and probably a "tech asshole." Really, your class warfare is tiresome.
Oct 13 bigyaz commented on Will a Mayoral Committee Stand Up for Renters?.
@12: @8 wasn't exactly polite in the original post ("You're amusing for now.")
Oct 13 bigyaz commented on Seahawks Get Weird, Lose Football Game.
I liked it better when Slog ignored football. At least we didn't get stupid shit like this.

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