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3:35 PM yesterday bigyaz commented on Video: Seattle Police Burn Seattle Times Reporter's Foot With a Flashbang Grenade.
The word is disperse, folks.
10:56 AM yesterday bigyaz commented on The Morning News: Lake Washington Needs Water, Bellingham's Got the Cleanest Air, and Capitol Hill Bros Get Noticed.
Most people have gotten over your serial comma fetish. If there will be confusion, use it. Otherwise, don't. How hard is that?
Apr 28 bigyaz commented on Renee Erickson Eliminates Tips and Raises Wages to $15 in a Move Toward Greater Parity Among Restaurant Workers.
@3: Many people won't even get in the door if they see a menu that is 18 percent more expensive than comparable restaurants. It's a very competitive business.

The service charge makes perfect sense until momentum swings and tipping becomes the exception, not the rule.
Apr 27 bigyaz commented on I, Anonymous.
I like to think I would have brought the OP some napkins or paper towels, since I vividly remember my kids puking in public.

But clean it up? That sure ain't happening.
Apr 24 bigyaz commented on SL Letter of the Day: Shapes and Sizes.
@8: Didn't see the word kink anywhere in the letter or Dan's answer.
Apr 24 bigyaz commented on Carly Fiorina to Announce Run for VP… Er, President.
You look like a buffoon when you spell it "bafoonery."
Apr 24 bigyaz commented on Bobby Jindal Seeks Corporate Support for Gay Jim Crow Law.
God this is stupid. The Santorum think was played out 10 years ago, and this is just a weak attempt to copy it.

Can we get some actual, grown-up writers here?
Apr 23 bigyaz commented on Food News: Renee Erickson Eliminates Tipping, New Restaurants for Queen Anne, the Central District, and Belltown.
If I'm a restaurant owner and I raise my prices 18 percent -- and my competitors don't -- 90 percent of my customers aren't going to know that tipping is included. It will just look like my place is way overpriced.

I have no problem with the service charge if it's the first step toward getting rid of tipping completely.
Apr 22 bigyaz commented on How I Got Seasick (And Almost Peed My Pants) While Riding Around In a Rubber Boat With Greenpeace.
Greenpeace generously offered to take Sydney and I [sic] out on their boats...

More accurate: "Greenpeace was ecstatic to find two credulous hacks who would give them all the free publicity they could possibly ask for if they let us tag along."

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