Not enough like Twitter.

May 20 bigyaz commented on Los Angeles Is Raising Its Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour.
@20: As @21 pointed out your information is old. Plus, maybe your issue is with your political leaders if they continue to divert public water to big companies at the expense of their constituents.
May 20 bigyaz commented on A Ton of New Restaurants Are Opening in Seattle This Year.
For every one of these that opens another closes. The door just keeps revolving.
May 18 bigyaz commented on The Morning News: McGinn Endorses Sawant, Mayor Murray Takes Some Heat, and Ongoing #YouShellNotPass Coverage.
@1: Uh, maybe because he's enriching himself in the process as a developer?
May 14 bigyaz commented on The Artist Responsible for that "Fuck Starbucks" Sign Describes How He Did It.
@19: Sure, a somewhat clever prank. Just don't try to tell me it's art.
May 14 bigyaz commented on Dan Savage's ABC Sitcom Is a GO: Watch the Trailer!.
@6: I know, right? I mean who has even heard of "Modern Family?"
May 14 bigyaz commented on Fact-Checking Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle Police Department on Those May Day "Rioters".
The idea of someone as biased as Ansel "fact-checking" anything related to this issue is laughable.
May 11 bigyaz commented on I, Anonymous.
Have to admit it kind of pisses me off when people stand right next to a crosswalk, looking as if they may want to cross. I stop, just to be sure, and then they stand there looking at their phone, chatting with a friend, staring off into space, etc.
May 8 bigyaz commented on The Morning News: Mayor Murray Disses Shell Oil, High Times Disses Washington State Law, Appeals Court Disses the NSA.
@5: Yes, they were wrong on two counts. Since they decided (incorrectly) to go with the singular it should have been its, not it's.
May 7 bigyaz commented on Transit Is a Social Justice Issue.
@6: It's so much more complicated than "simply by choosing to live somewhere that they don't need a car."

First, you're grossly exaggerating the cost of car ownership, unless you're paying off a new luxury car. I couldn't find a source that was close to that figure.

Second, a lot of the working poor NEED a car or truck: They're landscapers and day laborers and people who work nights when there is little or no transit. Their jobs change frequently, so a home that was convenient to work now isn't. They tend to work very long hours, so the idea of adding to that by relying on our patchwork transit system -- particularly in under-served poorer neighborhoods -- is unappealing.

Third, they often have families, which complicates matters more because spouses may work far away from each other, and kids go to schools in another direction and have activities that are not accessible by transit.

And if you have a family and you live in a poorer neighborhood you probably don't have a decent supermarket nearby. It's not realistic to think you will do your family's grocery shopping by bus in a city where it often takes a transfer or two to get where you want to go.

It's always a good idea to think twice before using the word "simply."
May 7 bigyaz commented on City Council Members Criticize Tactics Used by Seattle Police on May Day, Police Chief Responds.
Police have overreacted in the past. This time I thought they showed remarkable patience and restraint in the face of asshole troublemakers whose sole goal is to provoke the police and get something on video.

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