Mar 25 bigyaz commented on City Council May Have Been Misled by Stats About Bike Share Membership Before Pronto Vote.
@15 Pronto was sold as being not just for tourists, that residents would use it to get around town for short errands, meetings, lunch, etc. I didn't buy it then and don't now, but that was what they were selling.
Mar 25 bigyaz commented on Morning News: Why New Link Stations Triggered Ridership Surge, and Why Bernie Sanders Is Not the Same as Donald Trump.
Another straw man from Charles. In no way does the Economist call Sanders a nut or lump him in with Trump. It pointed out -- rightly -- that people from diverse points of view are angry about income inequality. That's all.
Feb 8 bigyaz commented on Apple Corporation Breaking Phones That Receive Unauthorized Repairs.
@1: Come on, you're ruining a good consipiracy theory!
Feb 8 bigyaz commented on Veterans Not Interested in Serving as Trump Props.
If they're not, they should also be pissed about the way he talked about John McCain.
Feb 7 bigyaz commented on For the First Time in Years, the Seahawks Will Not Be Playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.
Spike, are you ever right about ANYTHING related to sports???
Feb 4 bigyaz commented on Will the City Council Save Pronto, Seattle's Bike Share Service?.
Herz loses all his journalistic sense and skepticism when it's a cause like this that he desperately wants to succeed. His boosterism has been downright embarrassing. Remember the old Slog sobrique "stupid fucking credulous hack?"
Feb 4 bigyaz commented on An Anonymous Website Is Asking for Amazon Employees' Horror Stories.
@7, 10: I must know 50 Amazon employees, and they are pretty much like the people you meet in any large workplace: some jerks, but mostly just regular people. To label tens of thousands of people as assholes who "set the new standards for vulgarity" says a whole lot more about you than them.
Feb 4 bigyaz commented on An Anonymous Website Is Asking for Amazon Employees' Horror Stories.
Plenty of stories can be found from Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., about a tough corporate culture, demanding long hours, on-call weekends and worse. Some people thrive in it and stay; others don't and leave (I know I would hate it).

People are being paid well and getting good benefits, and there is a steady stream of people eager to work there.

Does anyone really think "wide-ranging legislative action" is a good idea? How can Sydney let that one just slide by without comment?

Jan 8 bigyaz commented on King County's "Unprecedented" Prostitution Sting Has Shut Down a Popular Vetting Tool for Sex Workers.
Those who simplistically think that legalizing prostitution will solve the problem of sex trafficking haven't done even the minimal amount of research. Because it's clearly not true, and there is plenty of real-world evidence to prove it.
Dec 15, 2015 bigyaz commented on The Seahawks Are the Best and Funnest Team Again, So That's Cool.
Yes the Seahawks have a tougher schedule. But they have pretty much only beaten the weak teams on that schedule: 49ers (twice), Cowboys, Ravens, Bears, Lions.

They have put some things together, but they still have a lot to prove.