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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Jun 18, 2015 shuvoff commented on In Music News: Courtney Doesn’t Love Soaked in Bleach Doc, Neil Young Disavows Donald Trump, New Telekinesis Album.
Grumpy Cat's worst Christmas ever is far better than it has any right to be.

To be fair, I watched it with my 4 year old niece at Christmas with the in laws & would never have picked it on my own... but found it an enjoyable romp.
Sep 24, 2014 shuvoff commented on What Are You Doing Today? What Are You Doing Tonight?.
Today: WORKING for the man. (he's a pretty nice man. it's cool)

Tonight: Downstairs at the Rendezvous for the inaugural M.R. President's Pajama Party
Jun 2, 2014 shuvoff commented on The New York Times Pulls #YesAllWomen-Themed Cartoon for Being "Too Sensitive".
The most recent comment is very nearly a death threat. WTF?
Apr 20, 2014 shuvoff commented on A Guide to Eating Out Stoned in Seattle.
Stoned advice about Ezell's (I should have a degree in this shit):

Take the roll & rip in half.

Add potatoe salad to roll halfs, add siracha if you're spicy, add meat & crispy fried delicious skin. Squish together in sandwich like form. Consume.

Also, most decadent stoner meal I've ever had was the Crab & Swiss melt from Burger Master with onion rings & tarter added to the sandwich. Get yourself one of their shakes to go with.

((Mic drop))
Apr 10, 2013 shuvoff commented on The War on Cabs.
The last time I planned on using taxi service to enjoy a night out on the town we waited FOREVER on hold, and had to hail a cab which ended up being pretty un-kept.

With that experience in mind, this last weekend's escapades involved making arrangements with a town-car service who picked us up right on time, was luxuriously comfortable and responded quickly to our late-night call for a ride. The cost was only a little bit more than what a taxi would have cost us, and the service was exceptional in comparison.
Feb 12, 2013 shuvoff commented on This Is Offensive to the BLT Community.
@5 I was at a food focused event this past weekend where 3 out of 4 people who had RSVP'd as "vegetarian" asked to be served bacon.
Feb 8, 2013 shuvoff commented on Identity Thief: Melissa McCarthy Is the Overachiever of the Year.
She is one of the best parts of Gilmore Girls (don't judge me) and her talent is the only reason I've considered seeing Identity Thief. Though, I plan on being drunk.
Jan 9, 2013 shuvoff commented on Savage Love.
I've been in a 3 person relationship for about 2 years now, 1 year since we've all lived together. (2 bi women, 1 man)

This is the FIRST time I've ever heard of the term "throuple", as we've always referred to our relationship as a "triad."

I guess the terms could be interchangeable, but your term is new to me. *shrug*
Dec 10, 2012 shuvoff commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
When I was in High School, a friend of mine had a neighbor our age who was home-schooled for non-religion reasons. Basically he was bullied to the brink of self harm in all of his elementary schools so his mom gave up on the system and started teaching him at home.

He was a nice guy, pretty brilliant and while a bit of a loner and "geek" not much more socially inept than a lot of other folks I knew in the public school system.

That one anecdote and experience on my part doesn't ingratiate me to home-schooling, but nor does it malign the practice. At the very least, with stories like the one Dan cites, I would hope any home-schooled child has welfare checks periodically (and unscheduled/surprise!) required. Is that a thing? I know education budgets are tight, but I am horrified that such a thing went on for so long without anyone finding out. Simple things like arranging mandatory socialization with other home-schooled kids, and maybe even one-on-one interviews with a counselor at periodic interviews would be a good idea. I find it hard to believe that's not happening already, but I wasn't home-schooled & don't have chillins.

I thought you had to register lesson plans, submit testing and grades to an oversight organization, and make time for socializing kids when they're home-schooled. Is that, at the very least, not a thing? How did it get this far before someone noticed something was off? Sexual abuse aside, not knowing how to use eating utensils by the time he was in his early teens? WTF?
Dec 9, 2012 shuvoff commented on Sunday Morning News.
@ 25 FTW!