Apr 17 madcap commented on Mike McGinn Gives a First Glimpse at His Mayoral Campaign Platform.
@5: There is not such a thing in Seattle.
Mar 6 madcap commented on Reader E-Mailbag: Objections About The Great Wall Review, Ashamed Former Husky Speaks Out.
While we're worrying about Matt Damon playing a white savior for the Chinese, I haven't heard a lot about how the hordes of monsters he's helping save them from seem to be stand-ins for Mongolians, who we hopefully don't need reminding are also people. Are there just not enough Mongolian-Americans to raise this issue?
Feb 23 madcap commented on Live: We're Outside GOP Rep. Dave Reichert's Office, Where Hundreds of his Constituents Are Rallying to be Heard.
The fact that some doofus is wasting his time here doing headcounts of photos in order to contest the Stranger on local Dave Reichert-related crowd sizes is enough to make it all worth it.

What are you doing with your life? Where did it all go wrong?
Feb 1 madcap commented on I, Anonymous: Womxn's March Fashion Police.
@7 there's a chance your eye doctor is just bigoted against blue eyes.
Dec 29, 2016 madcap commented on Fact Check: How Many Kids Are Being Held at the Juvenile Detention Center?.

Addressing how to keep morons from having kids is where the money should be spent; not on housing their predictably horrendous offspring.

Great idea! Perhaps you can help get the ball rolling by describing what worked for you?
Dec 22, 2016 madcap commented on Just One Thing About Tom Douglas's Griping....
I like Tom Douglas's restaurants but his incessant whining makes me increasingly reluctant to go to them.

Your shit's already overpriced, Tom, but people keep coming. Stop crying, pay and treat your employees right, up your prices some if you have to— like everyone else will in Seattle— and please shut the fuck up about it.
Nov 14, 2016 madcap commented on Tomorrow, the Washington State Supreme Court Will Hear the Case of the Florist Who Denied a Gay Couple Flowers.
If your goal is not have to offer services at gay weddings, offering poor services seems like the worst way to do that:

- You're still participating in the wedding as much as you would be otherwise (which isn't much… delivering flowers to a site before the ceremony?).
- You risk getting a bad yelp review, which may endanger all your business.
- You risk being sued for damages if your service is bad enough.
- If it comes out that the bad service was due to discriminating, you can still be sued for that.
Nov 1, 2016 madcap commented on WA Secretary of State Accused of Voter Suppression After Mailing Mistranslated Spanish Voters Guides.
@2 Somehow I don't suspect you mean Spanish.
Sep 15, 2016 madcap commented on Clinton Counterfactual From '08 Disproved by Clinton Nomination In '16.
If Hillary pulls it out then I don't care- Bernie supporters (and I was one of them when he was still running) can offer all the counterfactuals they want during a Hillary administration- and for the most part I think that'll be a welcome critique from the left.

If Hillary doesn't pull it out, however, I think it's fair to bemoan that Bernie didn't get the nomination. Would he have fared better against Trump? Maybe, maybe not, but if Hillary loses then we couldn't really have done any worse with Bernie, and maybe he would've won. In that case, I think the argument (that is, how far left should the party go) would be useful to have within the Democratic Party as the Second Republic of the United States is re-forming.
Aug 23, 2016 madcap commented on Seattle's Homeowners Will Not Save the Poor.
Also, drawing a loan against house value is not exactly cashing in. In general, if you're taking on debt to make ends meet, you're not making ends meet.