Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jul 24 madcap commented on This Key & Peele Skit Is Problematic.
I think the problem with blackface isn't a white person appearing as a black person per se.

The problem is that (a) blackface has a sordid history of being used to represent gross racial stereotypes of blacks as portrayed in minstrel shows, not actual blacks, and (b) blackface typically implies a stylized appearance (e.g. burnt cork, or shoe polish) conforming to those stereotypes, rather than any attempt for the performer to actually look like a black person.

Contrast with Key's performance, or other similar contemporary performances (Eddie Murphy is a classic example), in which the purpose is not to celebrate stereotypical appearances of white people (although usually there are some mild stereotypes involved, usually with regards to speech patterns), but to derive humor from either the concept of passing as white, or simply to give a black entertainer the opportunity to play a white role. For instnace, in the above clip, the message of the clip relies in no small part on the police officer being white (yes, there are minority police officers who are also trigger-happy against blacks, but there's not much room for such nuance in a clip like this).

Also, there's many more cases of Key and Peele portraying more stereotypical black characters in their show than stereotypical white characters.
Jul 24 madcap commented on Why We're Not Talking About Bernie vs. Hillary: A Dialogue with Dan Savage and Rich Smith.
I'm withholding judgment on Bernie's campaign, but right now I don't see him able to beat Hillary. What he can do, though, is make her work for the nomination early, and challenge her to appeal to the voters that he gets excited and whom she isn't exciting right now.

If she just lets her machine roll over Bernie, though, she's going to turn off those voters (and doubly so if she leads a ground assault against him like what became of the 2008 campaign).

The best thing she can do is figure out (triangulate?!) how to appropriate Bernie's message while letting her political organization out organize his campaign, so that his supporters feel comfortable supporting her versus staying home/keeping their wallets closed. You know, exactly the thing that didn't happen in 2008 between her and Obama.
Jul 24 madcap commented on Why We're Not Talking About Bernie vs. Hillary: A Dialogue with Dan Savage and Rich Smith.
If Trump wins the nomination (he won't), I think Democrats would be wise to nominate Hillary because anyone with a modicum of stability will be able to beat Trump. It's all moot anyway, because Trump won't win, and he's probably just trolling the GOP anyway.
Jul 24 madcap commented on Police Reports Illustrated: When Being a Good Samaritan Goes Really, Really Bad.
Never let a stranger borrow your phone. Like #5 says, if there's a genuine emergency, call 911 on their behalf.
Jul 14 madcap commented on The Five Scariest Takeaways From the New Yorker Article About the Earthquake That Will "Devastate" Seattle.
@42: That video is of a simulated earthquake along the Seattle fault, not a Cascadia earthquake, as evidenced from the video description.
Jul 14 madcap commented on The Five Scariest Takeaways From the New Yorker Article About the Earthquake That Will "Devastate" Seattle.
Now let's have the Seattle Times do an article on the impact on Manhattan of a 6-7 quake from the Ramapo fault zone.
Jul 9 madcap commented on SL Letter of the Day: Aren't My Boobs Enough?.
You mean human males didn't evolve to find one life partner perfectly satisfying for the duration of their sexual maturity?

It's almost there is some sort of selective advantage, in evolutionary terms, to those guys who want to do (often a precursor to actually doing) the sorts of activities that maximize their number of offspring. Sometimes we act like strict monogamy has only been a relatively recent phenomenon in human behavior.
Jul 6 madcap commented on Seattle Police Training Session, Held Up As a National Model, Lands Trainer and Trainee in Hot Water.
So I guess that cop won't mind some day when a crook decides to de-escalate the situation themselves at his expense.
Jun 17 madcap commented on The Great White Dope.
It's possible, but it's also possible, perhaps more likely, that she wanted to recount her apparently very real accomplishments as the president of the chapter in the vain hope that her admittedly zany ethnic tourism wasn't the *only* thing that anyone rembered of her.

I propose a test: if she were, hypothetically speaking, of black Carribean heritage (to separate her from the typical African American cultural identity but with an indisputably black ethnicity), and were resigning her position for some other reason, and wrote the exact same Facebook post, would you arrive at the same psychological analysis? Would you conclude that she believed only a Carribean black such as herself could've brought financial responsibility to the chapter?

If so, then carry on. If not, maybe reconsider some things about your reasoning.
Jun 2 madcap commented on Paul Feig's Spy Is So Good, I Don't Know Where to Start.
I think you're being too harsh on that photo. I don't see a dopey fat person being made fun of there; I see a person who inadvertently has driven her moped into wet cement and is thus made the subject of derision by the construction workers who have been laying said cement. It could happen to the skinniest of us.

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