Sep 15 madcap commented on Clinton Counterfactual From '08 Disproved by Clinton Nomination In '16.
If Hillary pulls it out then I don't care- Bernie supporters (and I was one of them when he was still running) can offer all the counterfactuals they want during a Hillary administration- and for the most part I think that'll be a welcome critique from the left.

If Hillary doesn't pull it out, however, I think it's fair to bemoan that Bernie didn't get the nomination. Would he have fared better against Trump? Maybe, maybe not, but if Hillary loses then we couldn't really have done any worse with Bernie, and maybe he would've won. In that case, I think the argument (that is, how far left should the party go) would be useful to have within the Democratic Party as the Second Republic of the United States is re-forming.
Aug 23 madcap commented on Seattle's Homeowners Will Not Save the Poor.
Also, drawing a loan against house value is not exactly cashing in. In general, if you're taking on debt to make ends meet, you're not making ends meet.
Aug 23 madcap commented on Seattle's Homeowners Will Not Save the Poor.
You mostly had me up until this part:

And for those fortunate to own home, they have become dependant on the inflation of property values to make ends meet.

This doesn't make sense. Home owners may be dependent on rising property values for their nest egg, but not to make ends meet in the short term, for the simple fact that they can't sell shares of their home. That is, as a homeowner you can't both profit from rising property value and stay in your home, since you have to sell it to realize the gains (and unless you plan on moving, you still have to secure an alternative living arrangements in an area of rising property values).

If anything, current homeowners (who are not cashing out) are hurt in the short term by rising property values, as the appraised values will usually rise (albeit slower), increasing the property tax burden (even while keeping tax rates unchanged).
Aug 13 madcap commented on ST3 Supporters to Reuven Carlyle: We Can Fund Education and Transit.
I don't understand why the residents in the Sound Transit region should be held responsible for the state legislature's inability to fund statewide education properly. Doing so is a requirement of the courts now— I doubt the state legislature will be given a pass on education funding by the courts under the rationale that the Sound region voted to fund a big transit package.
Aug 11 madcap commented on Hillary Clinton on Trump's Economic Plan: "The Trump family gets a $4 billion tax cut and 99.8 percent of Americans get nothing.".
@2 She called out Flint, and failing municipal water systems, briefly as part of a commitment to infrastructure work.
Aug 7 madcap commented on You Can Vote for Clinton AND Listen to Women of Color Calling Out Her Racist Bullshit.
I hope you folks touting Hillary's support for the 90s crime bill also realize that plenty of black voters, politicians, and community leaders supported that crime bill too. Our beloved Bernie Sanders also voted in favor of that bill, despite voicing his reservations about losing focus on poverty. He supported the concept of locking certain people up and throwing away the key just like most people did in the 90s.

I'm not saying it was a good bill overall, but put in context, it wasn't clearly evil.

Meanwhile, how many families of color did CHIP help? Or do we just focus on the bad things because we believe politicians must fit into clear categories of hero or villain?
Aug 5 madcap commented on Seattle Police Say They're Getting "Unconfirmed" Reports of People Getting Drugged at Capitol Hill Bars.
@24, Who can we blame for your atrocious spelling? A mother who didn't love you enough?
Aug 5 madcap commented on Seattle Police Say They're Getting "Unconfirmed" Reports of People Getting Drugged at Capitol Hill Bars.
Hey Arty, why so angry? Lemme guess, women just don't appreciate nice guys like you huh? "Coppers"? Just cause you wear a fedora doesn't mean this is a Raymond Chandler novel.
Aug 3 madcap commented on Walkinshaw Pulls Ahead of McDermott in Primary Election, but Ballots Are Still Being Counted.
Had the Stranger tactically endorsed Walkinshaw for the primary in order to ensure he got in the top two with Pramilla, we wouldn't be in this situation,
would we?
Jul 21 madcap commented on The Green Party Responds to Dan Savage, Says He's "Dead Wrong".
I knew Dan was going to take flak over his comments regarding down-ballot offices.

But then Ms Cuéllar deserves some flak for this bullshit:
the rhetoric and track record of the presidential candidates of both parties sounds like the other.

I know this a popular rhetorical point among Greens, but what a load of horse shit!

Anyone who catches even a glimpse of the party conventions, glances at the party platforms, or pays attention to even the most scant of campaign news will know this allegation is just flat out nonsense. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a fantasy world where all nuance has been driven out by unicorns.

It certainly is the case that the Republican and Democratic parties converge on some important points, often unfortunately. But they diverge on many other points. To believe otherwise is just straight up madness.

Yes, they're both parties under the influence of corporations and other status quo interests, and they're both various shades of corrupt and misguided— but the difference in those shades matters immensely! And it matters even more immensely this year, now that the GOP has gone full white nationalist. I'm sorry the Overton Window has not moved to the left as far as I and many others would like— but that doesn't mean we burn our house down.

I get it: achieving the elusive 5% to get federal funding is a valiant goal. But that is going to matter for fucking shit if it means letting the party of white nationalism, headed by a bona fide psycopath, get into office. I'm sorry, but this year, the lesser evil is a lot less evil. I, for one, will vote for remaining in a centrist purgatory over letting my country descend straight into hell.