Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Jun 17 madcap commented on The Great White Dope.
It's possible, but it's also possible, perhaps more likely, that she wanted to recount her apparently very real accomplishments as the president of the chapter in the vain hope that her admittedly zany ethnic tourism wasn't the *only* thing that anyone rembered of her.

I propose a test: if she were, hypothetically speaking, of black Carribean heritage (to separate her from the typical African American cultural identity but with an indisputably black ethnicity), and were resigning her position for some other reason, and wrote the exact same Facebook post, would you arrive at the same psychological analysis? Would you conclude that she believed only a Carribean black such as herself could've brought financial responsibility to the chapter?

If so, then carry on. If not, maybe reconsider some things about your reasoning.
Jun 2 madcap commented on Paul Feig's Spy Is So Good, I Don't Know Where to Start.
I think you're being too harsh on that photo. I don't see a dopey fat person being made fun of there; I see a person who inadvertently has driven her moped into wet cement and is thus made the subject of derision by the construction workers who have been laying said cement. It could happen to the skinniest of us.
May 15 madcap commented on Why Black Slave Liberator Harriet Tubman Should Not Replace Slave Owner Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill.
What a silly and self-contradictory argument against putting Tubman on a US currency note. If there's any irony involving a person on the $20, it's the irony of Andrew Jackson, who dismantled the Second Bank of the United States, being on a federal currency note.

Now I don't know if Tubman ever expressed any views regarding capitalism in general, but she did live her later years in poverty, dependent on the kindness and donations of others. Whether that's ironic enough to keep her from supplanting Jackson on the $20 is up to the reader to decide for themselves.

The argument that Charles provides is self-contradictory, since if you believe that the capitalism of today is fundamentally the same as that of the antebellum South (which actually was more like an aristocracy), why would the government which oversees this capitalist society feel any qualms about appropriating Tubman's image in their bank notes?

In fact, the same argument is a good one for why the government should put Tubman's face on the bill- because while symbolically championing her history of slave liberations, it allows us to gloss over the alleged discrepancies between the historical person and the economic model for which their image is being used. Nobody think about how many Indians Jackson marched to death when they're paying for some consumer good with their $20 bills.
May 8 madcap commented on Republicans' Scheme Is Paving the Way for Four PACs to Spend Unlimited Dark Money on the Presidential Race.
Unfortunately for them, they can't seem to buy themselves any decent candidates.
Apr 24 madcap commented on The Police Crackdown on Downtown Seattle Crime Looks Like a Continuation of the Failed War on Drugs.
On the topic of local businesses, this seems more like a proxy war between the one group of businesses (Pike Place, Starbucks, Macy's, The Gap, etc.) and another (Moneytree, McDonald's, various tobacco shops).

We all know why there's a Moneytree smack dab in the middle of the 3rd and Pine, and it's not for people who want spending money for Nordstrom.
Apr 14 madcap commented on Seattle’s New Minimum Wage Highlights the Income Disparity Among Restaurant Staff.
This story was a great demonstration of how the debate over "living wages" goes far beyond some nominal minimum wage.

Current employees are somewhat upset that new employees don't have to 'work their way up' to a wage level that they themselves had to struggle to reach. That's a completely human emotion, and now that the minimum wage bumps are part of the law, they can turn that energy into demanding higher wages for their more experienced work than newcomers, rather than tearing down newbies looking to start at a higher wage.

Back house employees who aren't seeing the bump in minimum wage but do see their front-house employees get a bump while still bringing in tips (for those companies not considered small businesses, which can apply a tip credit) can more forcefully question the tip-sharing policies at their workplace, or whether the tip model is actually a good one; or they can start seeking higher wages to compensate for the increase in disparity.

And in Saephanh's story, we see the imperfection with minimum wages meant to provide a "living wage", as most 16 year olds are dependents and arguably don't need the same wage level (need in a social justice sense of the word) as their 25 year old independent coworkers not living off their parent's funds. While I don't have a problem with the minimum wage applying even to minors, if you want to help bring a boost to the income of working-poor adults, there are more efficient mechanisms like negative taxes (more or less like the EITC), which can be better targeted based on need.
Mar 30 madcap commented on City Council Gets Chance to Help Homeless People—and Does It!.
@1 please clarify- which taxes are you talking about? The taxes the people of Seattle have the legal right to actually increase, which we're all reminded disproportionately affect those with low incomes? Or something like income or wealth taxes, which the voters of Seattle typically support more than most of the rest of the state?
Mar 30 madcap commented on City Council Gets Chance to Help Homeless People—and Does It!.
Good luck getting tent cities in any upscale residential neighborhoods. Remember that time that Seattle voters decided to elect most of the council by neighborhood district? Please name the neighborhood district whose voters will support a council member who votes to put tent cities in their neighborhood. Certainly not the neighborhoods you believe to be filled with residents who "don't give a flying fuck about the homeless".

How about instead of wasting money studying something that will never be politically palatable, we put some money into studying treating mental health- you know, the cause many of the homeless have for being homeless. And then let's create some real housing to offer people more housing so that they're not homeless anymore.

Oh, and please note that people making 6 figures at Amazon don't typically work for wages.
Feb 7 madcap commented on If a Black Man Kills a White Cop, Can He Ever Get a Fair Death-Penalty Trial?.
I'm really curious what that questionnaire asks specifically.

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