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Dec 24 truck commented on SL Letters of the Day: Suggested Language.
THD: you can't demand that your mother like or approve of your choice of lifestyle but you can expect her to treat you like an adult and with respect.
If you aren't able pay for the accommodation when you visit (i.e. be the independent adult and not the dependent child) then simply decline her invite by saying: "It was kind of you to make arrangements to accommodate us but unfortunately it really wasn't a very nice motel. I think we shall just need to wait until we can afford to pay for somewhere nicer" - then it is up to her to improve the incentive to visit or go without your company.

Mom: as others have said, don't place your son on the spot. Try to find a way of expressing your support in a subtler way, how about making a donation to the Ali Forney centre or a similar organisation in your area and have a sticker, leaflet or correspondence lying around the place. If your son comments on it you can say how it angers you that parents could be so unsupportive.
Dec 21 truck commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Thank-You Note (And Bonus Thank-You Pic).

Did you realise that this could be searched for on Google?
Dec 17 truck commented on SL Letters of the Day: A Foursome.
Seems to me that if CAB is clueless as he describes then he needs to do more research before he sticks his dick into his wife.

Maybe he should start by sticking something up his own ass - so he has some idea what it feels like.
Dec 2 truck commented on Classy GOP Staffer Fired After Slamming Obama Girls for Their Lack of "Class".
If you check her YouTube channel you will discover that she only recently re-found Jesus (in the last couple of years), so anything she did at seventeen doesn't count because forgiveness, or something.
Nov 26 truck commented on SL Letter of the Day: Criminal in Canada.
As a bi man I have actively invited past boyfriends to wake me in a variety of ways but, if anyone is interested, you tend to wake up when someone shoves their dick into you.

That is different from having a dick inserted when one is passed-out drunk.

But if this guy is going to get upset about his partner humping and licking him, no doubt he will need trauma counselling if he ever gets a puppy.
Nov 18 truck commented on Savage Love.
Click mustn't forget that his kid will (and should) always be his priority - even over (?)her.
She is planning to move into his family space and shouldn't expect to call the shots.
Dan's advice is spot on but I am reading the early stages of a power struggle on Click's side.
Oct 27 truck commented on Prominent CBC Radio Host Claims He Was Fired for Consensual BDSM Sex.
Damn acronyms, being a brit and not so familiar I misread it as CBN and thinking "and everyone thinks it is odd that they'd fire him".
Oct 1 truck commented on SL Letter of the Day: Least Favorite Question.
LW, as @28 stated, the key word is self-medication (ing).

Take it from someone who smoked (dope and tobacco) daily from 18 to 40, couldn't go out socially without drinking to excess and had only ever hooked up when drunk/stoned.

It took way too long to work out that I had a problem and getting the right help in the UK isn't as easy as you might think.

Stop fooling yourself that you are choosing celibacy, don't get me wrong celibacy is fine if it is right for you but my guess is that you do crave contact.

So, get sober, get into any activity you can that allows you to avoid the pressure of meeting people for the sake of meeting them (bars, nightclubs, etc) because I suspect that this is where you are most uncomfortable. Do things that you enjoy in their own right - sports, hobbies, volunteering - things where you can build your confidence and esteem, and maybe meet someone you are happy to be with.
Sep 19 truck commented on Wanna Cuddle With Strangers?.
What the fuck did a parasitic twin ever do to you? PTphobe!
Sep 16 truck commented on Never Managed To Find Your G-Spot?.
@4 well that would help explain the bleeding gums

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