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Aug 16, 2015 nicholaus commented on Reader Survey: Is Astrology Real?.
Frankly the article reads as one last click bait to get every last drop of response out of FWA.

Slog used to be my homepage and I would frantically refresh multiple times an hour. Within the last one to two years, I have found it to be lacking significantly. It really too bad as I have discovered a lot of wonderful things about Seattle thanks to the Stranger. Things like smashputt, slog Christmas gift exchanges (fnarf I still have your comode and was hoping to regift it!), interesting one off events I would have otherwise missed, and getting to meet members of the slog community.

Now, it just feels like they've lost their way and they are throwing shit against the wall to find something that sticks.
Jul 17, 2015 nicholaus commented on The Long, Fascinating Road from Successful Pop-Up to Kraken Congee.
I had a chance to try a squid ink congee when Kraken was in the pop-up stages, and it had pork stuffed squid tubes as the protein. It was amazing! Looking forward to checking out the restaurant now that it's in a permanent spot!
Apr 18, 2015 nicholaus commented on The Future of Record Store Day.
Today after picking up a copy of Mark Kozelek's RSD offering, the guy behind me mentioned that I should check out the band TV Colours so I added that to my order having never heard of them. That is my favorite part of record stores, talking with others and discovering new music.
Jan 23, 2015 nicholaus commented on Elysian Brewing Co. Sold to Anheuser-Busch.
Corporate Beer Still Sucks... or so the Elysian Loser branded beer would have us believe.

Fortunately, there are so many amazing beer choices in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest!
Jan 21, 2015 nicholaus commented on Death Cab for Cutie's Return to the Crocodile.
The chemistry between new band members Dave and Zac seemed to be off to a great start. The band was in great form and clearly having a blast on stage.

It was one of those nights that was just magical. I'll be remembering this one for a long time!
Jan 17, 2015 nicholaus commented on Tickets for Death Cab for Cutie's Jan. 20 Crocodile Show Go on Sale Saturday Morning.
@4 Here's how I got mine...

I created an account yesterday and logged in to TicketFly so all my information was saved. I did a practice test yesterday of a different show at the Crocodile to see how their ticket order procedures would go down and I could know what to expect instead of looking at it for the first time this morning. With only 450 tickets available, and assuming everyone ordered 2, that's only 225 people who were able to get tickets. In the end, I got lucky but seriously it was crazy how fast they went!
Jan 9, 2015 nicholaus commented on Or, You Could Watch Every Episode of the First Season of Friends Played at the Same Time.
@1 You just made me think of the awesome Rugburns' song "Dick's Automotive" Thanks!
Dec 9, 2014 nicholaus commented on Obama Does Colbert.
Okay, this made me straight up laugh out loud at my desk.
Nov 14, 2014 nicholaus commented on Beginning Hits: Listen to Fugazi's First Demos.
Typo in first paragraph? 1998 studio date?