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ferret is fighting the demons of chlorine.
in the past few hours ferret commented on You Must Watch This 15 Minute Set on Gun Control by an Australian Comedian.
@33 “Take away mental illness (which occurs even in countries with strict anti gun laws) and you are still left with testosterone.”

when you take away mental illness, you don’t have mass shootings, no matter the gender..

Mass Shootings happen most of the time because the mentally ill have easy access to firearms and extended ammunition clips. We have to do something to prevent the very mentally ill, whether it is Seung Hui Cho, Elliot Rodgers or Jennifer San Marco..
1:07 PM ferret commented on You Must Watch This 15 Minute Set on Gun Control by an Australian Comedian.
@25 Look up Brenda Ann Spencer, the Boomtown Rats song, “I don’t like Mondays”, and Cleveland Elementary School shootings in San Diego in the late 1970s.. Ditto with the Shooting at Triad Center in Salt Lake City in 1999 by De-Kieu Duy..
11:24 AM ferret commented on You Must Watch This 15 Minute Set on Gun Control by an Australian Comedian.
@15 Liberals don’t want gun prohibition, they want gun regulation. They want stricter access to firearms, to mentally ill loons. They don’t have access to semi automatic weapons, and extended ammunition clips.
They want to ban guns from certain areas, like bars, churches, schools. Much like guns are ban from Congress, or near the President or Vice President. They want to put some sort of consequences for gun manufacturers, so they can be sued, or have taxes to pay for healthcare costs for firearms do.

Liberals wants an honest debate about 300 million firearms in circulation, and why can an event like Sandy Hook or Cafe Racer shooting happened.. There are too many common occurrences of mentally ill gunmen, killing many people in less than 10 minutes, like the Sandy Hook massacre.

The Second Amendment was written as a response to Congress having the power to raise a National Army. One reason why the US has had huge crime rates since the late 1860s compare to other nations, was the Industrial Revolution, when mass production of guns made mass production of crime.

We are not going to get rid of 300 million firearms for circulation, we are not going to get rid of Gun Clubs or the Paranoid NRA. What US needs is regulation that most gun owners are acting in good faith, but get a license, much like most people are not crazy drivers, but they can get their right to drive yanked if they don’t pass basic requirements. We need some sanity, so little children don’t get massacre by mentally ill loons, or bible study groups, don’t get massacre by mentally ill loons who already have pending cases in the criminal justice system..
4:31 PM yesterday ferret commented on Wine Tour Company Apologizes for Kicking a Book Club of Mostly Black Women Off Its Train.
I think there is a big problem with this wine train, that makes it very probable that any group with 10 plus could get thrown off..

1. It is a pretty tight enclosed space, how people are seated, like a long dinner table, to talk or hear others at the other end, one is going to raise their voice.

2. There are wood panels in this enclosed, elongated space.. Sounds bounces off wood, which makes it even more noisy. Even if people are talking at a normal level, it is going to be loud and difficult to hear others close by.

3. Large groups take a life on their own. I know this from sports, groups of ten or more people become a very different entity. Add alcohol, they are going to be louder, difficult to control.

If I were the train company, get rid of the wood, either divide the cars as more as salons,, use padded walls or some other sound dampening material, keep group size down, or split them up like five per table. do some crowd control behavior modifications, like music, videos, etc.

Probably the best thing to modify behavior: get rid of the alcohol.. Which isn't going to happened.

The first thing to do, is to get rid of the wood panels...
Aug 25 ferret commented on Islamic State Has Killed at Least 30 Gays by Stoning, Firing Squad, Beheading, and Pushing Men from Tall Buildings.
ISIS is pretty non discriminatory in their killings. They pretty much kill everyone..
Aug 24 ferret commented on Ashley Madison Hack: All Fun and Puritanical Games Until Somebody Gets Dead.
I guess Greenwald’s support of the download of an entire US Gov’t network, where Afghani informants were killed was okay then? I always find Greenwald very hypocritical...
Aug 20 ferret commented on Greece Is Being Forced to Do What the Germans Have Rejected: Privatize Water.
@3 As much as Greece’s public sector is screwed up. Greece biggest problem of many is their broken tax collection system. Greece spends what most EU countries spend with on government spending per capita, (Scandanavian countries tend to spend more per capita) Their tax revenue is horrible, and have to borrow huge amounts to plug the difference..

There is a point that Austerity is counter productive, and Greece has reach that point. Huge swathes of the population are not only broke but hungry. There has to be some loan package to help with Greece’s economy, in exchange for pension reform, public sector job reform, and tax reform.. Greece right now, doesn’t have the GDP and economic sector to even pay off the loans. It is going to take the EU time and money to get Greece as a competitive and competent economy..

One reason why Greece is the ultimate economic basket case, compare to Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. At least Italy has a powerful export economy, besides it is a G-8 nation.
Aug 20 ferret commented on About Josh Dugger's Ashley Madison Account.
The whole “Smithson” persona by Josh Duggart, reminds me of Ted Haggard’s “Art” persona/moniker he used for his assignations with his gay masseuse and others. It sounds like those who have to lived this “exemplar” public lives, developed another personality to cope with their serious behavioral problems..

Josh Duggart needs therapy, not construction or some sort of Christian pennnance, he needs therapy to work out his personality disorder he has developed. Obviously, he never really has come to terms with the molestation of his sisters and others..
Aug 20 ferret commented on Greece Is Being Forced to Do What the Germans Have Rejected: Privatize Water.
I agree that Public Utiilties privatization doesn't work. Water Utilities is a low profit margin high overhead business. Enron spent billions on private water utilities, from Wessex Water to Buenos Aires water utilities. They upped the prices, gave poor service, and didn't have the capital to finance the infrastructure..

However, Greece is in a serious predicament. They need cash, they need to cut pensions and public service sector, they have to reform the tax system, they need to ban camoflage pool covers, (which Greeks with pools rather buy than pay taxes on pools) They need loans to survive. They also cannot continue with austerity, given they are wrecking their economy, that they need to generate a better GDP..
Aug 19 ferret commented on An Open Letter to People Thinking About Checking to See if Their Husbands or Wives Were On Ashley Madison.
Hey Dan, what is your advice to Josh Duggar?...…

Oh a double dish of schadenfreude with some crocodile tears of Tony Perkins on the side, please..


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