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in the past hour ferret commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Italian Job.
Break ups should be a short speech, not much time to loiter around. Don't make it linger forever. If you are set in breaking it up, then state to your soon to be ex snuggle bunny as ASAP.

Personally, break up and still go to Italy, just don't contact your soon to be ex snuggle bunny.
May 16 ferret commented on The Case Against Impeaching Trump.
@7 "senate doesn't convict (60 votes needed)"

The Senate needs two thirds of the Senate Votes to convict and remove the President from office, (67 votes) Article I Section 3, Clause 6 and 7 of the US Constitution. So, it will take around 19 to 20 Republican Senators to cross the Rubicon, and vote against a President of their own Political Party..

May 16 ferret commented on The Case Against Impeaching Trump.
If President Trump is impeached and voted to be removed from office, it would wound Pence, and his power of governing, much like President Gerald Ford was not known for his strong leadership after he became President after President Nixon's resignation in 1974..

Trump is not going to be impeach. The Republicans have seven Senate Seats to hold in the 2018 mid term elections, the more likely scenario is the Democratic Party will lose Senate Seats in 2018, rather than gain, given they have to defend 25 seats.. The House may be flipped to the Dems in 2018 mid term elections, but any impeachment vote, will may be looked as showboating, even though Trump has already done a couple impeachable offenses.
May 12 ferret commented on Savage Love.
There should be an Admiral Ackbar rule, "It is a trap" (i.e. the girlfriend and "permission" for a threesome)
May 3 ferret commented on The Morning News: A Fourth Murray Accuser, Dave Reichert Receives Personal Phone Call from Trump.
Um, the legal complaint against Murray would have much more weight if written in purple crayon,
Apr 19 ferret commented on Ed Murray's Accuser Wants a New Judge for the Trial.
The amended complaint is quixotic.. It appears as more of a political document than a legal case..…

I do think the case will be dismissed. They really don't give any evidence that Murray needs to pay up to Delvonn, other than the statutory rape allegation. However, there should be many more that should pay up for the statutory rape as well.

The case seems more of an extortion scheme that many gay males were terrified to face, when they were living in the closet in the decades past..
Apr 18 ferret commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Caught Between Her Man and His Hot Friend.
@25 No. A Fetish is an obsession. It pertains to a certain part of the body, an inanimate object, or an object of clothing, to get sexual gratification.

A Paraphilia is an extreme sexual behavior that is self destructive, which becomes a compulsion, no matter the dangerous consequences. A paraphilia is a mental health disorder, like pedophilia.

Exhibitionism and Voyeurism are paraphilias, and those who have it, go to great lengths to fulfill their pathologic disorders.

Flirting is fine, we are primates, we need social interaction. Isolating someone, than starting to masturbate in front of them, while telling them they are so hot, when the other person didn't ask for it, it is more in shock than aroused or it is not consensual, is not fine. I see "B" getting his jollies off by the shock of the LW. In some ways he showed "restraint" by stopping.

Whether the LW and her boyfriend are in an open relationship or not, it doesn't give "B" a right to act out his desires for the LW. Personally, I feel the second episode of driving "B" home was a way for "B" to talk dirty to the LW, sort of like a dirty phone call.

I don't have enough info or make a judgment that "B" has a paraphilia, but "B";s behavior are red flags to watch. I don't see "B" having a fetish, unless he has a mirror/Adonis fetish..
Apr 17 ferret commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Caught Between Her Man and His Hot Friend.
There are two red flags that pop up in this SLLOD. Both Red Flags involved "B". He stated his is exhibitionist, and he actually acts out his exhibitionism to the letter writer, (Isolating her, masturbating in front of her)

If "B" is an exhibitionist, no matter that he has a hot body, and he is super hot, he may have a very serious mental health issue: paraphilia. As much as everyone has condemn Anthony Weiner, he pretty much has the same exhibitionist/paraphilia/mental health disorder. If "B" is really an exhibitionist, his gateway drug of shocking the letter writer, (which to me is his intent, her shock gets him aroused). has to stop. It will only go down the same path as someone like Anthony Weiner, where "B" will have problems maintaining, jobs, relationship and being on the right side of the law. Basically "B" may have some pretty self destructive behavior, no matter if he is hot, he turns on other people, it is consensual.. for now, I just see more of a stronger pathology, to shock and get more and more shocking to get a thrill. "B"'s actions with the letter writer, are enough risqué to wreck his friendship with the letter writer's boyfriend..

"B" needs help..
Apr 14 ferret commented on Guest Editorial: The Motivation Is Political.
@9, as much as I have defended Murray, and I had given him reasonable doubt, I think he did a bad job in denying the allegations.

Murray, doesn't address the allegations head on. He should had stated that he never had sexual relationship with underage teens, or abuse his relationship as a legal guardian. Instead, he rambled on about the press and extortion, and he had to announce he doesn't have weird moles on his genitalia. He needed an editor for his piece. Also attacking the Seattle Times seemed to be deflection.. The best way to address this is head on with a succinct piece, solely focused on the lawsuit, and a brief dismissal of the previous allegations..
Apr 14 ferret commented on "I'm Not Lying": One of Mayor Murray's Alleged Victims Tells His Story.
You are going places Sydney. This is very good reporting, a really good piece..