I just like weasels.

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Oct 19 ferret commented on What If Donald Trump Were Gay?.
I think you just made Peter Thiel horny with your scenario, maybe his fantasy will come true..
Oct 14 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
@27 " If rape weren't about sex it would not be called a sex-crime. " Rape is not about sex. Rape is about assault and total control over a person. The one way a person can show total control over a victim is controlling the victim's genital area. It is primarily physical assault crime, combine with making the victim helpless and terrified.

Much like coercion to rape can be both physical coercion like the use of violence or the threat of violence, or verbal coercion. Matt Hickey used verbal coercion to rape his victims, but it still doesn't diminished he violently rape his victims..
Oct 13 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
@22 "If he has family with $200k or more of equity in a home, they could put it up as collateral to secure a bail bond for a reasonable amount of money. "

Most Bail Bonds are around 10% of the bail, unless the Judge orders a full cash bail. The rules are different for Federal Criminal Cases.. So the equity that has to be put up will be around $20k unless the Judge lowers the bail or releases HIckey on his own personal recognizance.
Oct 13 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
Sydney, you should get a journalist award (s) for your articles about this. It is prize winning material..
Oct 13 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
I am glad there were felonies indictments on this case.. Hickey should had charged with numerous felonies..
Oct 11 ferret commented on Scott Baio: What Men Say In Locker Rooms Is What Women Say During Brunch.
If a guy talked like Donald Trump talked in his little tape in the locker room, there would a couple shouts of "Shut the fuck up, Dude, you have some serious problems", besides some pretty strong words to Billy Bush for encouraging this type of shit..

Guys don't talk like this in the locker room, Guys talk about sports, music, their injuries, how mean their bosses are, so they don't have time to workout, etc. If I am going to be crass and objectifying about women with my friends, it is during long outdoor trips, where we grade how hot is this woman, or how we loved this certain body part, or go into great detail how we scored with someone.. If any friend said, "I can grab women by pussy, because I am so hot", they would be read the riot act, or told your thoughts are very disturbing..

The only guy who I know who spoke like Donald Trump was at a semi formal dinner party. He was in love with his own voice and would go into graphic and vulgar detail about sex. People had to tell him very politely to knock it off, but it was really disturbing. The guy was a 60-65 old man with 3 grown children. When Trump's tape surfaced last week, it just brought up my interactions with the Dinnner Party Creep..
Oct 8 ferret commented on Washington GOP Chair Claims Trump Was "Channeling Bill Clinton" During Comments about Groping Women.
"All of this behavior occurred when he was a Democrat,"

The best way to spin this is to make a statement condoning his candidates words, and leave it be. Trying to deflect blame that Trump was a Democrat at the time, or President Clinton had done worst, defeats your point of making a statement in the first place..

Oct 4 ferret commented on Netflix's Amanda Knox Leaves People of Color Out of the Story.

"These are lies or gross overstatements that were leaked to the local yellow press by a corrupt prosecutor's office to poison the jury pool."

Italy is a Civil Law Nation. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito was convicted by a jury of six plus two judges..

"The Knox case is a great litmus test of who can hold a couple of ideas steady at the same time and still parse information reasonably VS who"

Thanks for the hyperbole, Clarence Darrow. I actually followed this case since Nov. 2007, (besides reading Charles articles about it, and his interview with Patrick Lumumba) The luminol prints were evidence in the first criminal trial..
Oct 4 ferret commented on Netflix's Amanda Knox Leaves People of Color Out of the Story.
"Rudy Guede was the adopted son of a wealthy family and had an excellent lawyer. So why was he convicted? Because -- though he had no prior relationship with Kercher -- he alone left fingerprints in the murder room, and DNA both inside and on Kercher's body, and in his feces; he acknowledged on a recorded phone call his presence at the time of the murder; and he pleaded the Italian equivalent of "no contest."

No, Rudy Guede was convicted in a trial, he had more of a common law version of a bench trial, in which he would had gotten a shorter sentence if he was convicted and waive the right for certain appeals, which happened.

As much as there was incriminating evidence of Rudy Guede at the crime scene, (collected and tested at the same Rome crime lab that the Sollecito and Knox's legal teams browbeaten in their appellate trial) there was as much incriminating direct evidence of Knox and Sollecito's at the crime scene as well. There was a clean up of the crime scene, there is a bloody footprint on the shower mat in the bathroom that was Sollecito's foot size, Amanda's and Meredith's blood was mixed in couple locations throughout the house, including their roommate's room. Luminol spraying showed bloody footprints going back and forth from Meredith's room to the shower.

If anyone who used their money and influence in this criminal case, it was Raffaele Sollecito's family, they hired the best criminal defense attorneys in Italy, who did a very good job in getting all the physical evidence thrown out for Sollecito and Knox in the appellate trial.