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Jan 10 ferret commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Ex Was Wrong For Me But The Sex Was Perfect.
My advice to the Letter Writer: Whatever strong bond that keeps you pining for your off and on ex boyfriend, you will find that with someone else. Powerful emotional bonds make the sex better. I would also be assertive to your current or future lover of what you like and what you don't like in intimacy. One thing I learn as a guy is that each women's body is different in likes, dislikes, whether they like vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. I don't really learn unless I asked, or more likely my lover would tell me what they like to be touched, how much foreplay they need to get aroused. My final piece of advice is that a lover has to be open with one's feelings, and the little things add up, from touching to smell, body type etc. that can lovemaking very powerful..
Dec 22, 2016 ferret commented on Washington State Attorney General Sues Matt Hickey Over Alleged Porn "Audition" Scam.
@62. If you want to be in context, then you shouldn't take bits and pieces out of context in the first place.

The women that Matt Hickey has been charged with raped, were not part of the porn auditions, they were friends or friends of acquaintances of Matt Hickey. If you actually read all the article about Matt Hickey's predatory ways, you would see that..

The women in the make believe modeling/porn auditions, were lied for the purpose of these auditions. Hickey made up a fraudulent sham that he was a talent scout, and he was a gateway to making good money as a porn star. He did it to rape these women. He also used many of the same techniques of trying to black out these women to rape them..

I quoted the relevant text that I wanted to respond to.. You also asked a question, which i thought was in good faith, but now, I just see it as MRA trolling and you are a rape apologist, given you refuse to even read up about the case. Matt Hickey has been a sexual predator for probably over a decade..
Dec 21, 2016 ferret commented on Washington State Attorney General Sues Matt Hickey Over Alleged Porn "Audition" Scam.
@48 "So if a girl gives me a blow job because she thought that Ferrari I was driving was bought not rented, I'm a rapist?"

Why don't you read the original article about this saga..…

This isn't about white lies, or stating one lie. This is about a sexual predator doing some in depth deception, besides prowling for victims. There were also numerous sexual assaults, both of women who did the modeling/porn audition and other women in the Seattle Area. This isn't about being a cad, this is about a defendant who is accused of numerous sexual assaults. He also went to some lengths to hide behind made up characters in order to commit his crime..
Dec 21, 2016 ferret commented on Washington State Attorney General Sues Matt Hickey Over Alleged Porn "Audition" Scam.
" But the fact remains: the women went there knowing they would be sleeping with him on camera for money."

Whether the women who went to the audition knowing they were going to have sex with the photographer, what happened was rape. The consent was given via fraudulent means. It is coercion by Matt Hickey with some in depth fraudulent ways.

If you read the original article.…

@39 All the women who went through the audition, felt like they were sexually assaulted, no matter if it was a porn audition or not. They were assaulted, given Mr. Hickey had to go to some lengths to cover his true intentions, to rape these women..

Read the comments section from the original article done by Sydney, you read about how women in Matt's past dealt with his serious behavioral problems, in Seattle and Olympia.

I see many of the comments here, are borderline for the women who did the porn/modeling auditions as "They were asking for it", given they went to an alleged porn shoot with a creepy guy. I see this as a serious criminal offender trying to find a way to continue his paraphilia. Matt raped numerous women, three of those were not part of this whole porn audition scheme, he just got them blacked out drunk and raped them..

The law should protect those who are sexually assaulted, no matter if they are going to a porn shoot or bridal shower. The law shouldn't punished them because they went to a porn/modeling shoot and they got raped in the process.
Dec 21, 2016 ferret commented on Washington State Attorney General Sues Matt Hickey Over Alleged Porn "Audition" Scam.
"If Matt Hickey was a real porn recruiter, slept with the women after giving them booze and drugs, and paid them... would there be a story here?"

There still would be criminal charges if Matt Hickey had a bona fide talent agency..

First, Matt Hickey didn't sleep with the women in the criminal charges. He raped them. He either purposefully drugged them or got them so drunk they couldn't give consent. The women in the criminal complaints weren't part of his fraudulent criminal scheme.

Second, how Matt Hickey ran his "talent agency" was far from being professional. There was no model consent forms, anything that showed it was a bona fide business. It was criminal enterprise. , I believed he raped these women under false pretenses as well. He used fraudulent means to rape these women. Besides for one or two of these women in his porn scheme, he used the same tactic of trying to drugged/inebriate the women so they couldn't give consent.

Dov Charney is a creep, but I assume that American Apparel did get model consent forms, He/American Apparel did pay for their modeling shoots. The photos were actually published in American Apparel ads, (many with Charney in them) . Dov Charney did get removed from American Apparel after numerous sexual harassment lawsuits were settled.

Porn Stars/Adult Entertainment performers are actors. They get paid for their work, (not much, and it is a brutal business) but they are actors. They deserve rights and respect, and it is still a business, with some hands off methods by those involved in the business.

What Matt Hickey did, was criminal. He used fraudulent means to rape and physically assault these women..
Dec 20, 2016 ferret commented on Washington State Attorney General Sues Matt Hickey Over Alleged Porn "Audition" Scam.
@5 "When did the rape happen then?"
After he drugged or got the three women so inebriated that they couldn't give consent. (if you followed the case, you would know the three women in the criminal charges are not the same women that did the porn auditions, he also got one of those very inebriated as well)

Dec 10, 2016 ferret commented on Intelligence Agencies: Russia Was Trying To Help Trump Win Election.
"The Russians were probably getting even with America for installing the drunken stooge Boris Yeltsin"

Ah no, Yeltsin was put into place as basically the mayor of Moscow by Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Russian Government got even in the 2016 election because President Putin took it personally in 2011 some of words of then Secretary of State Clinton...…
Dec 10, 2016 ferret commented on Intelligence Agencies: Russia Was Trying To Help Trump Win Election.
@46 Voter turnout.
Nov 23, 2016 ferret commented on Moonlight Gets Lots of Love in the 2016 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations.
It is a very sad film. It was like watching a victim becoming the victimizer. It was well made, but very difficult to watch given the never ending cycle of drugs and violence. I still recommend it.
Nov 14, 2016 ferret commented on Amid the Darkness of Trump, Che Taylor's Sister DeVitta Briscoe Is Fighting for Change. She Needs Your Help..
"Briscoe vigorously contests this version of events. She believes the officers did not give her brother clear orders or give him a chance to comply with those orders. She believes he was murdered."

Her Brother would be alive today if he didn't carry a firearm into a staked out drug den. Yeah, Yeah, he just carries an empty holster whether he goes. He refused to comply to Police officers with drawn weapons. (Yes I saw the video) Che Taylor wasn't released, he was paroled, any violation of his paroled would had put him back in prison, like dealing heroin..