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ferret is fighting the demons of chlorine.
Apr 13 ferret commented on Is Marijuana Addictive?.
@7 When you describe as "nausea, aches, hallucinations, constipation, nightmares and rapid weight loss/gain" is a physical addiction to a drug/substance. Most physical addictions don't last long, like an opiate addiction can last from 7-14 days.. What can last a lifetime is coping without the substance/drug that causes both physical and behavioral addiciton..

There is the book "Science of Marijuana", which describes the physiological effect of marijuana on the body, and mainly on the brain.. Marijuana is addictive, but it is not as incredible physical addiction as Opiates or Nicotine.. However people can show withdrawls symptoms if they stop smoking/taking marijuana in some form....

Any drug can be abused, and in many ways the powerful forms of addictions that are difficult to break are behavioral, hence the need of support groups of one's peers to help with the disease of addiction..

I am not anti marijuana. I am all for legalization. I believe alcohol is a much more powerful mind altering drug than marijuana. However, marijuana isn't harmless. and I do have a problem with articles like this that can't answer a simple question in a quick and terse form: Is Marijuana Addictive?
Apr 13 ferret commented on Is Marijuana Addictive?.
A couple things about this article and the subject matter..

1. The article is way too long, and tries more to obfusticate the point than bring clarity to the question: Is Marijuana Addictive?

2. It is pretty obvious that Marijuana can be abused and people use it as part of an disease called addcition.. (Yes it is addictive) People have also be phyisically and psychologically addictive to caffeine, plus to one of the toughest physical addictions to break: Nicotine..

3. Marijuana may not have the powerful physical addicitive properties as Nicotine or Opiates, but people can be addicted to the ritual of smoking marijuana, plus feel they can't cope without smoking marijuana... Much like the biggest obstacle for Opiate and Nicotine addiction is to break the behavior that makes an addict relapse, no matter if they are no longer physically addicted.

Many things that we look as common day things from certain foods to alcohol can be used as part of the disease of addiction.. How marijuana is used makes its obvious for abuse, like any recreational drug, legal or illegal. Bars and Starbucks serve addictive stimulants and depressants, and I don't see how marijuana is different..

So yes it is pretty obvious that marijuana can be addictive. Most people of course who smoke marijuana are not addicts or become addicts..
Apr 9 ferret commented on Who's Dumber? Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina, or the New New Republic?.
@8 Fiorina was sidelined by the McCain Campaign after stating that both McCain and Palin were not qualified to run a major corporation on National TV..

Palin was not the right wing dingbat before she accepted the VP slot for the Republican Ticket. She got the LNG pipeline bill passed via the Alaska legislation with the help of the Dems. She had her quirks, like line item veto certain reproductive health measures but she didn't turn into a dingbat until after Sept. 2008.. Palin had huge approval ratings in Alaska because the skyrocket price of oil made the Alaska Dividend even much bigger for residents. Fiorina was kicked out of HP, and got a $20 million severence package, because of her contract she signed with HP..

There is really not much of similarities between Fiorena and Palin. There are much more simiiarities with Fiorina and Donald Trump. Fiorina and Palin come from completely different environments.. (Lucent Technologies vs. Mayor of Wasilla, AK)
Apr 9 ferret commented on Who's Dumber? Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina, or the New New Republic?.
There is really no similarity between Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina... One big difference is that at least knows Sarah Palin how to win an statewide election in her own locale. no matter how small the Alaskan 2006 Gubernatorial race turnout. (about the same size result as in a Congressional District. Carly got killed in 2010 election by Barbara Boxer

Fiorina didn't just have a couple setbacks, she got fired from her job as CEO of Hewlett Packard. She caused a huge amount of chaos with the Compaq merger... She took a big risk and lost..

I don't why Fiorina is running, unless she wants to up her polling from 1% to 2 or 3%. She is as a good of a campaigner as she is as CEO..
Mar 31 ferret commented on Website Aims to Make Religious Discrimination Easier for Idiots.
I am glad that they got a sign for mixed blends from Leviticus.. So much suffering could had been avoided with mixing the sacred cotton with polyester..

I always called NE 65th St. The "Frumpy and Mixed Blend Line" because it seems people are frumpier and tackier above the street, compare to the heathens living below the street..
Mar 27 ferret commented on Italy's Highest Court: Amanda Knox Didn't Do It.
Oh well... moving on...
Mar 26 ferret commented on Indiana Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Anti-LGBT Discrimination.
I do feel even with the Hobby Lobby court case, that these "religious freedom" laws will be struck down. It may take some years, but First Amendment is pretty clear about separation of church v. state, and these laws are a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

The Bible sanctions Slavery, (one reason why the South clung on to Slavery, "See, slavery is validated by the Bible" .. One can't turned someone that is legal or against an anti discrimination law.

The thing I don't understand about this whole anti gay wedding cake or gay wedding photography idiocy, why turn down a very lucrative gig?!? Weddings are premium jobs! I joke with my girlfriend that if we get married, we are going to order a birthday cake for a child's birthday party because it is so much cheaper. I don't understand why any wedding industry professional would turn down any wedding given they are very lucrative, wedding parties pay top dollar for a few hours of work..
I guess if I were a wedding industry professional, I would be honored to be asked by a LGBT couple to work for their wedding,

Mar 12 ferret commented on Disneyland Found My $4.99 Earrings Threatening, but They Let Unvaccinated Children Run Wild.
This article is a mess. You have two way different narratives. The back and forth between your earrings and measles makes it difficult to follow, or try to understand your point. It is better just to make a quick statement about the earrings and go on about Know Nothings anti science crowd/Anti Vaxers..

Edit this, get to the ponts you want to make in your paragraphs shorter,a nd stop rambling..
Mar 9 ferret commented on John Oliver Asks: How Is Daylight Saving Time Still a Thing?.
I thought Ben Frankllln had a hand in Daylight Savings Time? Hanging out in Swingers Club (whatever the Hellfire's Club was when he was a member )and pushing Daylight Savings Time.. That is no correlation, it is obviously correlation..
Mar 4 ferret commented on Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice and Prison Proves It.
@37 I would add 4) Dr. Carson is being very disengenuous..

Dr. Carson doesn't care about being right, he wants to appease the very large hate wing of the Republican Party by tossing the usual "Homosexuality is a choise" talking point as a hush puppy to the Psychotic/Crazy wing of the Republican Party..

What Dr. Carson will find out, the Psychotic/Crazy wing of the Republican Party hates African Americans as much as they hate LGBT community..


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