I just like weasels.

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5:39 PM ferret commented on Your Donald Trump Reader.
@32 Al Gore did served in Vietnam, He was in Vietnam with an Engineering Unit and as a stringer for a Tennessee Paper from Jan to May 1971... It wasn't Bob Kerry service or many others, but Al Gore is a Vietnam War Veteran.
May 19 ferret commented on Neapolitan Crime Bosses Show Respect for a Colleague's Gender Identity.
This posts kind of reminds me that the Nazis had an excellent effective Anti Smoking Campaign, and made sure German Soldiers had contraceptives when they went to war.. They brutally murdered someone for flimsy reasons. It is tough reading what they did to the victim..
May 4 ferret commented on Hillary's New Ad Targets Donald.
@1 These type of ad blitzes are made to help define the candidate when the candidate, (i.e. Trump) is low on cash, can't really respond) and still is primary battles mode. Obama did the same thing in 2012 around this time to target Romney, as uncaring Robber Baron, and the narrative stuck until November..

They are spoken by major Republican players. Anyway, it is a pretty effective ad, especially if any of them come out to praise Trump from now to Election Day..
May 4 ferret commented on Cartoon Jehovah's Witness Mom Encourages Her Cartoon Brat to Harass Cartoon Classmate With Two Cartoon Moms.
Why is Mommy working at her desk? She should be out and about banging on door to proselytize about her religion..

Why is Mommy allowing her daughter to go to Public School? allowing her daughter to talk to no get out jail cards on Judgement day children? Besides her teacher could be allowing her daughter to paint idols and other blasphemy..

"What you can say to Carrie?" NOTHING!, you are not allow to talk to Carrie, except to tell her to come a Jehovah Temple.. Anyway, help Mommy with her monthly reports of snitching and Prince like behavior of our fellow members, by the way, come help me bang on some doors.

I like how they do the 99 cent store pickings of the Bible, Genesis and Matthew? For a group that believes the everything in the Bible as Literal truth, they should aim more for Ezekiel 23:20 or Deuteronomy 28:30...
May 2 ferret commented on Fuck Everything About May Day in Seattle.
Ansel, what is getting fuck, is your chance of any sort of career in Journalism.. I suggest you move to New York, writing for the People's World. Do you want to be an activist or a journalist? If you want to be a political activist, you should quit the alternative weekly world of journalism, and either head to New York, or go to another country with a language you are fluent in.

What you posted is sloppy, grounds for termination, and shows your anger and frustration. If you want to be a journalist, you need to put some objective distant with the subject you are writing about..

Good Luck..
May 2 ferret commented on Watch President Obama's Speech at His Last White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Gilmore had a tough act to follow after the President, but I also feel that Wilmore wasn't aiming for the audience in the room..
May 2 ferret commented on Carly Fiorina Pulls a Bob Dole/Gary Bauer.
The Gary Bauer fall with frying pan, besides his panicky shakes before falling off the stage is what Operas are made of, sort of like when villain is surrounded and starts wetting his or her pants..

I remember there were huge rumors he was banging a campaign aide, he tried to lower the rumors by putting in a glass door to show their were no full body massages and praying to forgiveness for one of the seven deadly sins..
May 1 ferret commented on It's May!.
Vanessa Redgrave can sing?
Apr 26 ferret commented on Angel Padilla Is Free, For Now.
As someone who had chromophobe renal carcinoma, pain medication is not the problem, getting the tumor out before it metastasize and gets into the liver is the problem. If he has stage I and the tumor is under 7cm, robotic surgery is pretty straightforward. The problem is getting the financing and approval to get it if he doesn't have health insurance.. Anyway, I wish him the best in getting the surgery ASAP..
Apr 18 ferret commented on Defining Cheating Down, Down, Down....
I think flirting is important to one's mental health. If a significant other has a shit fit over his or her partner's flirting, the psychotic and jealous main squeeze should be DTMFA..