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10:20 AM yesterday ferret commented on Two Openly Gay Candidates Are Running For Office Up In Anchorage—Or Is It Three? (UPDATE: It's Three.).
@29 "I was asking how your constant screeds against voting for Jill Stein in favor of right-center Hillary Clinton"

Dr. Jill Stein wasn't an alternative to Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was/is a dingbat spoiler candidate who had some serious gaps with reality with some of her ideas, and I am not talking about her pandering to batshit idiots on vaccines. Bernie Sanders was the alternative candidate against Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the battle was fought in the Democratic Party primary.

on your post @31. Mr. Albert Fogle has stated enough of his thinking, he is not going to stand up for LGBT rights, mainly it does not fit into his ideology. He is a right wing Republican. I highly doubt that for a guy who wants to strip away more rights and due process against illegal immigrants/undocumented workers, is going to fight hard for LGBT right and anti discrimination protection. When he spews "Less Regulation, Less Government Intrusion", what he is stating is "Less Regulation and Less Government Intrusion" for his right wing friends, more intrusion and more Government oversight for anyone who doesn't believe in his right wing ideology..

If you look at the Tea Party, their motto was "Less Taxes and Less Government power for me", anyone else, especially if they are not white males, more government control and more vaginal probes.

This is a stealth candidate for Conservatives who will have their interests at heart but with different window dressing..
9:57 AM yesterday ferret commented on Two Openly Gay Candidates Are Running For Office Up In Anchorage—Or Is It Three? (UPDATE: It's Three.).
@26 "Isn't the drive for complete political purity over the greater good what you railed about over and over when it came to Jill Stein? How is this any different, really?"

This isn't about compromise, this is about a stealth candidate, who won't work for LGBT interest in office, and will repeal any LGBT anti discrimination ordinance in the name of "free markets" and "less government" intrusion, while stating "some of my best friends are gay and my unnamed partner also agree with my vote to rescind protection against LGBT discrimination" .

Just read about how Ruth Bennett in 2004 ran as the Libertarian Candidate for the sole purpose to drain away votes from Christine Gregoire, by running on a pro same sex marriage platform.. It is the same schtick.
Mar 22 ferret commented on In Case You Needed Another Reminder to Get Yourself Vaccinated....
@3 Most likely a Jill Stein Supporter.
Mar 2 ferret commented on Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath.
@11 "did Sessions speak to Russian ambassadors during the 2016 election," it is going to be "did Sessions speak to Russian ambassadors about Trump campaign issues, during the 2016 election?"

The US Gov't/FBI/NSA were taping the Russian Ambassador's calls. This is the reason why Michael Flynn had to resign. If Session was talking to the Russian Ambassador about anything about the upcoming Trump Administration, or promising anything before his confirmation hearing, Sessions is in a world of trouble..

I think Session will survive this brouhaha. However how Sessions answered the question(s) were very cagey and disingenuous. Sessions screwed up, no matter if his intent was not to be evasive. Whether it can be argued that Sessions lied or didn't lie under oath, Sessions was being evasive.
Mar 1 ferret commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Italian Teen's Girlfriend Comes Out & Dumps Him. Now What?.
Cavoli Riscaldati should be on the lips on anyone trying to win back their former significant other in just broken up relationship...…
Feb 26 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Violated State Law by Running a Fake Porn Recruiter Scam, Court Rules.
@25 "By saying they were raped, you insult women who actually were raped."

No, Mr. Rape Apologist, I am stating they were raped, and Matt Hickey went to great lengths to set up to rape them and try to get away with it. I am only giving my opinions about Rape Apologists like yourself and what Matt Hickey did to these women at his so called auditions for these young women..
Feb 25 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Violated State Law by Running a Fake Porn Recruiter Scam, Court Rules.
@21. Whether someone responds to a porn audition ad or not, they are not "asking for it".. These women were raped under false pretenses. Matt HIckey went to some pretty big depths to rape these women. He not only used a false identity, he lied about his role as a recruiter. He used a lot of subterfuge, because he wanted these women to give consent under false pretenses. In one case he used his usual rape method of getting his victim inebriated so she couldn't give consent..

Matt Hickey isn't being criminally charges for the rapes at the porn auditions, he is being charged for raping three women with either false consent or getting them so drunk they couldnt' give consent. This is about a sexual predator who through trial and error, found a way to rape women.

I have seen too many "blame the victims", especially those who thought they were going to a porn audition. There was no porn audition, it was a false front to rape these women. It is the same if Matt HIckey did a porn audition and kidnapped these women.. It was all set up with false pretenses.
Feb 25 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Violated State Law by Running a Fake Porn Recruiter Scam, Court Rules.
@16 The Porn Industry didn't cause this, Matt Hickey did. If you read any of Sydney's articles about this whole ordeal, she did interview a Porn Producer who describes how they recruit actors and actresses.

The Porn Industry is a brutal, cynical and exploitative business, but they have nothing to do with Matt Hickey's rapes of these women in the porn auditions.. Hickey is also being charged with three rapes outside of the auditions, but he used the similar ways to rape the women as well..
Feb 24 ferret commented on White House: Yeah, We're Going To Go After Legal Pot.
@18 The three states the Republicans have to worry about if they go after legalized Pot are Colorado, Nevada, and Alaska. They need Colorado and Nevada. I don't think they will, no matter how Spicier screws up his brief. Anyway I would rather see what Sessions states or DOJ's position. There are too many states that have medical marijuana to fight this.. If they go after medical marijuana, it is going to cause problems in states like Florida, Michigan and Arizona.. Politically it will be a bad decision. Libertarians will ally themselves with Dems to defeat the Trump Administration.. Pot always makes strange bedfellows, which is the point of Pot.
Feb 22 ferret commented on Guest Editorial: It Is Dangerous and Irresponsible Not to Fight Trump’s Xenophobic and Islamophobic Agenda.
@15 How about passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. I have no problem with civil disobedience, and Dr. King besides countless others went to jail for Civil Disobedience during the Civil Rights era, to make sure the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were passed.

It also took the government and Lyndon Johnson to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, besides many others. It finally took 67 senators to pass a comprehensive Civil Rights Act for over a hundred years. It also took the US Supreme Court to overturn Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) with Brown v. Board of Education, (1954)

Whether the our Democracy is corrupt or crass, and our elections are corrupt, it is still the only system we got. We have to constantly work on it to make it work right. The way to make it right is to defeat Republican House Members, with Dave Reichert and Jaime Herrera Beutler for a start.

There is a difference between civil disobedience and demanding that law enforcement refusing to cooperate with the law and judicial rulings. If Kshama Sawant wants to spend a couple months in the King County Jail for blocking ICE facilities or blocking the Federal Building in Downtown, it is up to her. There are ways to fight Trump, and the best ways are in the courts and at the ballot box. Basically if 30k votes went the other way in three key states, we would not being having this discussion, but how Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the pocket of Wall Street.