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Aug 22 ferret commented on I Love You, Amy Schumer, But You're Wrong.
@22 "Metzler is a bit of a troll on Twitter/Facebook, but he's hardly anti-feminist".

No matter his credentials, How Metzger address the situation was bad. He was being very sarcastic, which isn't the way to deal with a serious topic as sexual assault. He was very condescending.

I have big problems with how this is being handled by the UCB. However, don't mock them, or the main points is to make fun of the accusers.
Aug 19 ferret commented on I Love You, Amy Schumer, But You're Wrong.
@12 The allegations are serious. What Kurt Metzger did was wrong. Sarcasm and derision is not the way to address these allegations. I understand that women need a safe place to discuss serious things like this. I am more leaning what

Michael Che stated in this article..

"Three different people messaged me about a comic that got banned from comedy clubs for raping girls. Messaged me! CALL THE FUCKING POLICE. So the penalty for mass rape is not getting to do comedy in a bar for free? Way to make a stand! What fucking planet am I on?" he wrote.…

From reading this article, there appears to be one alleged rape, and a whole lots of sexual harassment and misogyny by Aaron Glaser..

"Klemp, who has come across Glaser on occasion, added that the allegations weren't surprising. "He's had a history of being aggressive and misogynistic towards women, and just generally kind of an asshole," she said."

Banning Glaser for sexual harassment and misogyny, especially if it can be documented is fine.. If he was accused of countless rapes, I wouldn't ban him, I would have everyone wear a wire and body cameras, and documented everything he states until he slips up..

I am not a woman. I don't go through the shit they go through, I am looking at this through male and hopefully critical thinking eyes. Social Media is not empiricism, and most of the times, these allegations should have the same weight as writing on the bathroom wall in a women's bathroom.. However these allegations should be investigated. The worst thing to jeopardize a case like this, is go public as they did.. The NYPD has probably the best sex crimes unit in the country, no matter the pain and difficulty for women to come forward from a pretty horrific crime: rape.. The problem in how this was dealt with, comes across as more of a girls club banning a creep in their ranks. As I said, I think it is fine in banning Glaser from the UCB club. However if he is accused of serial rapes and other sexual assaults, then these accusations should had been carefully investigated, or use the help of a therapist who deals with sexual abuse and sexual violence, and contact the authorities, which would carry more weight. No matter these are still allegations, and there is not enough evidence there are "victims", What Kurt Metzger did was wrong. He deserves the outrage..
Aug 19 ferret commented on I Love You, Amy Schumer, But You're Wrong.
"Let me be clear: We can have an adult conversation about the delicate balance of listening to victims"

We don't know if they are victims, they are pretty serious allegations. The complaints should go the NYPD..
Aug 10 ferret commented on Anyone Know What This Guy Is Patron Saint Of Exactly?.
I had no luck..…

I am kind of leaning to Patron Saint of Skin Diseases, Occam Razor kind of hints to the poor or sickness. I thought at first it could be plague or maybe farming, but I don't know..
Aug 9 ferret commented on Here's Matt Hickey on FetLife, Looking for "Sluts" in Vegas.
@27 He is not an addict, he probably has a serious paraphilia that already has put in serious legal trouble. I do think he has committed a criminal act with his rapes and deception in Seattle, even though he hasn't not been charged with any crimes.... yet..
Aug 6 ferret commented on This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Seattle Socialist Tries to Defend Support for Jill Stein.
"However, voting for Stein is important in non-swing states because if she gets a high enough percentage in the general, the Green party gets some public funding. "

Stein is not even on the ballot in many non swing states.

It is silly to vote for Jill Stein. She is probably most likely being funded by Republican donors much like Ralph Nader was funded by Republican Donors in 2000 and 2004. Her main purpose is to draw away voters for the Democratic Party Ticket.

I am stating this as registered Green Party member. However my idea for the Greens are different than Jill Stein and others. I want the Greens to aim for comprehensive laws on zoning restrictions, regulations on AGW greenhouse gases etc.
Jul 30 ferret commented on Three People Died in a Mukilteo Shooting Last Night.
Allegedly the shooter targeted his former girlfriend, (who was killed). The Shooter has been named in other publications, but I won't name him before the Police name state they have their culprit/murderer..
Jul 26 ferret commented on Melania Trump Calls Up Ted Cruz.
It doesn't hold a candle to Laura Benanti's Melania Trump impersonation, which was incredible.
Jul 25 ferret commented on Revolution Now Eating Its Own: Bernie Supporters Boo Bernie Sanders.
"The sole exception would be if there was a serious chance of a fascist party victory, where we'd been too stupid to run our own socialist candidates to smash them -- January 1933, where it was correct to vote von Schleicher to block Hitler"

General von Schleicher wasn't an elected leader. He ruled by emergency decree with the favor of President von Hindenburg. Von Schleicher was hardly a Social Democrat, given he tried a couple of times in making a deal with the Nazis and turned a blind eye when the SA and other Nazis were taking weapons from Reichswehr depots. .

Hitler came to power in January 1933, in a deal made with Franz von Papen, who had the senile ear of President von Hindenburg. Hitler was never elected, he was chosen in a backroom deal as Chancellor, when the Nazi Party's power was actually declining after the November 1932 Reichstag elections.. The Nazi Party was the largest in the Reichstag in Nov. 1932, but it wasn't the majority. The first Nazi led cabinet had ministers held by other far right parties..

The "Popular Fronts" that came about in the 1930s of Social Democrats and Communist came after Stalin allowed Communist Parties in Western Europe to form coalitions with Social Democrats after the debacle of the rise of Hitler and Gleichschaltung by Hitler and the Nazi Party in 1933.