I just like weasels.

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Nov 23 ferret commented on Moonlight Gets Lots of Love in the 2016 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations.
It is a very sad film. It was like watching a victim becoming the victimizer. It was well made, but very difficult to watch given the never ending cycle of drugs and violence. I still recommend it.
Nov 14 ferret commented on Amid the Darkness of Trump, Che Taylor's Sister DeVitta Briscoe Is Fighting for Change. She Needs Your Help..
"Briscoe vigorously contests this version of events. She believes the officers did not give her brother clear orders or give him a chance to comply with those orders. She believes he was murdered."

Her Brother would be alive today if he didn't carry a firearm into a staked out drug den. Yeah, Yeah, he just carries an empty holster whether he goes. He refused to comply to Police officers with drawn weapons. (Yes I saw the video) Che Taylor wasn't released, he was paroled, any violation of his paroled would had put him back in prison, like dealing heroin..

Nov 5 ferret commented on Rolling Stone Found Liable for Defamation in UVA Rape Story Suit.
@7 "There's one other failure of journalism: the willingness to sweep "Jackie's" role in this under the rug."

It was Erderly's story in the end, not Jackie's story. Erderly didn't fact check the story, or follow through with responses and basic Journalism 101. She got standard denials, and superficial replies from Jackie friends, that she was disturbed and agitated the night in question.. Erderly could had looked at a calendar, or when Rush Week was at University of Virginia, which was in Spring not in the Fall.

The Story fell apart because of Erderly not of Jackie, the allegations were so morbid, plus the indifference of the University's Administration was as just as outrageous, it caused a huge uproar. The story unravelled because Erderly didn't do her homework. It was a sloppy piece, hence why Erderly and Rolling Stone lost a defamation lawsuit..
Oct 27 ferret commented on Today in Third-Party Candidates.
@8 My big problems with Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Bill Clinton are their cavalier attitude of running into of conflict of interests issues. They get warned in no uncertain terms, but continue with actions. I don't see them as hypocritical. They make huge sums of money, but they pay the highest income tax rates, they give their another percentage of income to charity, they posted the past 24 or more years of their tax returns online. They tell us where they hide their Leprechaun Gold, (JP Morgan Chase) they have third parties handled their investment portfolio. My big problem which happens a lot with the beautiful people with lots of money, they invite people to their charities and asked for donations, and then turn around and asked for financial hand jobs in the bathroom between charity events..

However compare to Donald Trump, they are Franciscan monks. Which is why I am voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. I am also proud to finally see a woman be elected President of the United States..
Oct 27 ferret commented on Today in Third-Party Candidates.
I assume Mr. Savage won't be invited to any Vegan Thanksgiving in Lexington, MA any time in the near future, or allowed to join any Greater Boston Drum and Wicca Circles..
Oct 27 ferret commented on Today in Third-Party Candidates.
@3 Two stocks that give really good stock dividends are some of the most evil companies out there.. Tobacco and Energy Corporations..
Oct 19 ferret commented on What If Donald Trump Were Gay?.
I think you just made Peter Thiel horny with your scenario, maybe his fantasy will come true..
Oct 14 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
@27 " If rape weren't about sex it would not be called a sex-crime. " Rape is not about sex. Rape is about assault and total control over a person. The one way a person can show total control over a victim is controlling the victim's genital area. It is primarily physical assault crime, combine with making the victim helpless and terrified.

Much like coercion to rape can be both physical coercion like the use of violence or the threat of violence, or verbal coercion. Matt Hickey used verbal coercion to rape his victims, but it still doesn't diminished he violently rape his victims..
Oct 13 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
@22 "If he has family with $200k or more of equity in a home, they could put it up as collateral to secure a bail bond for a reasonable amount of money. "

Most Bail Bonds are around 10% of the bail, unless the Judge orders a full cash bail. The rules are different for Federal Criminal Cases.. So the equity that has to be put up will be around $20k unless the Judge lowers the bail or releases HIckey on his own personal recognizance.
Oct 13 ferret commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
Sydney, you should get a journalist award (s) for your articles about this. It is prize winning material..