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BrotherBob is tryimg tp get past this silly profile and post a comment .
Jun 29, 2014 BrotherBob commented on New Masturbation Device/Motion-Sickness Inducer Hits the Market.
removed before I could view it. some people are just SOOOO prudish!
Jun 13, 2014 BrotherBob commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
Dan, could you someday discuss venial sin?
Jun 11, 2014 BrotherBob commented on Youth Pastor Watch.
Did anyone else get shivers from listening to the video's soundtrack? It is the Nazi Youth Orchestra Polka Fest of 1938. You can buy it on Amazon!
Jun 11, 2014 BrotherBob commented on Anti-Defamation League Slaps Down Towering Douchebag and Christian Persecution Fantasist Tony Perkins.
the only point TP is making is the one at the top of his pate.
Apr 17, 2014 BrotherBob commented on Bullshitwashing the Marriage Equality Movement.
Okay, guys, let's wash our dirty jock straps in the public eye some more. After all, what have we got to lose???
Apr 14, 2014 BrotherBob commented on Organic Chemistry Is Hard!.
Terry Miller is on Queerty. Organic Chem is why I am not an M.D. Made my momma cry....
Mar 19, 2014 BrotherBob commented on You Know Who Else Was For Boosting the Minimum Wage? Hitler!.
@16, you hit it right on the head. The Nazis were FASCISTS, not socialists. And the asshats who use the name to condemn socialism are drinking the NHF "bug juice." (trying not to use a brand name) IF there were such a thing as an impartial observer, I bet he or she or it would pretty much figure that the teabaggers and paulyboyz and ryanters are pretty much 21st century fascists.[]
Mar 6, 2014 BrotherBob commented on SL Letter of the Day: About a Boy.
Congratulations, Dan, your column has averted one more homophobic reaction. This young man would have reacted negatively and probably violently, if you had not softened him up and allowed him to forgive himself. Good on you both!
Feb 20, 2014 BrotherBob commented on It Could Soon Be Legal For Satanists to Discriminate Against Christians in Arizona.
It would be easy to write these laws so that, if the sign weren't posted, the discrimination would be not allowed. That way, as #14 (and according to them--- Dan) said, real Christians and other tolerant types could shop elsewhere. That might make it past the appellate process. But these bigots are not only hateful but stupid. (Or else they are actually on our side and pass laws so bad they HAVE to be rejected by the court system, and in the process discredit the teabaggers. Yeah, that's it, they are really our FRIENDS!
Feb 4, 2014 BrotherBob commented on In Ireland Only Straight People Are the Victims of Homophobia.
Gawd luv ye, me sweet gal!