May 9 G g commented on Bob Hasegawa Is Running for Mayor.
He either is anti transit or doesn't understand how to support transit. He thinks having directly elected Sound Transit board members (some of which would be elected by suburban, anti-transit districts and have a goal of undermining ST3) instead of members that are knowledgeable about transit is a good thing. We voted for ST3. We can't have a ST board that fights about whether or not to implement ST3. That fight already happened. We now need on the board the best, most knowledgeable people when it comes to how to make ST3 happen.
Apr 19 G g commented on What It's Like to Tinder in Spokane (More Guns).
Well that ended adorably! What's Dan's advice for that one?
Mar 15 G g commented on Protesters In Nashville Chant "Bless Your Heart" at Asshole Trump Supporter.
This is fantastic. It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like the Trump supporter may have seen the humor in it and that it was able to be a positive human interaction.
Mar 2 G g commented on The Morning News: Top Swedish Neurosurgeon Resigns, Family of Hanged Muslim Teen Requests FBI Investigation.
The price of soda is artificially low because we greatly subsidize corn syrup with farm subsidies, to the point where it's almost free. The idea that taxing soda will hurt poor people assumes that we should be subsidizing (and making crazy cheap) a substance that causes diabetes and heart disease. Soda with an added tax is still cheaper than health care. Quibbling about whether diet soda should be included is simply noise, a distraction. That detail can be sorted out later with additional legislation, if needed.
Jan 29 G g commented on Update: Uber Keeps Driving Amid Taxi Strike, Announces $3M In Support of Ban-Threatened Drivers; Lyft Donates $1M to the ACLU.
It seems to me that Uber is on the same side as the taxi drivers, they just chose to express it differently (by providing $3M to help fight injury caused by Trump's order -- likely meaning they'd fund lawsuits against the executive order). It is also my understanding that Uber never MAKES drivers drive at any given time. It isn't clear to me what other action they could have taken...should they have forbidden drivers from picking up/dropping off at JFK? It was a cab DRIVERS' strike, not a cab company forcing their employees not to work. Am I missing something? (Don't mistake this for me arguing that Uber treats its employees well. This is about this one event, and I honestly am looking to understand rather than influence a discussion...because this article doesn't, and no other articles I've found on Google News do, make it seem to me like Uber is on Trump's side on this.)
Dec 13, 2016 G g commented on Your Next Landlord May Be Required to Offer You a Payment Plan for Deposits and Other Move-In Fees.
As a landlord, I generally agree that non-refundable move-in fees are just a way to extract money, and I almost never use them. However, the way the law is written currently, a tenant can (and they regularly do! even the otherwise best renters!) break a 12-month lease after 2, 4, 6 months for any reason, and there is no form of compensation for the landlord's having to get in a new tenant. You could point out that, yes, there is the protection to the landlord that if the landlord puts in true effort to rent out the apt and can't, then the tenant is on the hook for continuing to make payments. Sure. But that's separate; my point is that there is no compensation for the most difficult part of being a (single unit or just a few units) landlord: going through the process of showing the unit, screening applicants, and getting a new tenant moved in. What makes sense to me is a move-in fee that is returned to the tenant at completion of the (presumably 12-month) lease (but not returned with a broken lease). That way if you suddenly have 20 hours of extra work dumped on your plate as a landlord when a tenant moves out after 3 months, you don't need to spread that cost to the tenants who actually stay the length of their lease.
Nov 1, 2016 G g commented on Guest Editorial: Initiative 732 Is a False Promise for Climate Justice.
"This initiative doesn't provide unicorns and world peace and end cancer; it just combats climate change and makes our taxes less regressive" -you.
Nov 1, 2016 G g commented on The Morning News: Men Are Babies About Birth Control, Cynthia Whitlatch Trial Begins.
@8: yes. Charles Mudede is embarrassingly uninterested in Cliff Mass' actual statements, and there is no reason to follow Charles' silliness. The Stranger is good at pointing out when the Right ignores facts (all the time); it would do well to point out when the left does (now and then) as well.
Oct 27, 2016 G g commented on Westneat Weighs In On the "ATTACKIEST ATTACK AD EVER!".
@17: I first saw the idea that Brady added "PiƱero" halfway through the campaign written by Jayapal fans on her facebook page, accusing him of adding it when a woman of color entered the race. And you know what? I have Brady's actual campaign announcement from Dec 4th using all 3 of his names -- before McDermott dropped out, let alone Jayapal had anything to do with the race. And you know what else? He was using it before that, too.
Oct 15, 2016 G g commented on What Does Cliff Mass Have to Say About The Storm That Wants to Not Be Forgotten?.
@29: Are you Donald Trump? Because you're telling jaw-dropping lies that can be easily disproven with a quick google search.