Oct 23 G g commented on Why it Matters That Developers and Advocates Are Declaring a Truce to Back the Mayor's Housing Recommendations.
We need more housing in central neighborhoods; it's as simple as that. Set up the incentives and regulations in a way that results in developers overbuilding. Maybe give single family homeowners a property tax break (instead of the opposite) for building a mother-in-law and renting it. A little bit of vacancy in the housing market will do a whole lot more to stall prices than rent control (which has a final result of slowing building of new units...and making more people live in the 'burbs) or requiring affordable units in new developments (though the latter may be needed in the short term to get through this period of housing shortage).
Apr 10 G g commented on Alaskan Lawmakers Tell Seattle to Butt Out of Arctic Drilling, Shut Down Boeing to Combat Carbon Emissions Instead.
Alaska Airlines -- a Seattle-based company -- is the most fuel efficient airline and has an all-Boeing fleet. It averages 76mpg per filled seat. Your snowmobiles get about 10mpg. Competition among major airline manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier...) is currently pressuring them to become more and more fuel efficient. Refusing to drill in the arctic (and therefore reducing the availability/supply of oil) will pressure not just airline manufacturers but producers of everything that uses oil to become more fuel efficient. Shutting down Boeing does not help the future. Stopping the expansion of oil production does.
Apr 3 G g commented on The Newest Idea to Get Money out of Politics in Seattle: Give Every Voter $100.
I'm not allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good here...just a suggestion for improvement: $100 is a lot. Seems to me $40 is plenty sufficient to motivate candidates to try for the coupons.
Feb 5 G g commented on ACLU to State Legislature: A Mandatory Medical Marijuana Registry Is an Awful Idea and You Should Kill It.
What if the state maintains a list of active usernames and passwords (created by the state), and when a doctor prescribes marijuana to someone, they call it in to the state, the state supplies a username/password (which will expire after a year, which then the patient will need to have the subscription refilled). When buying at a dispensary, a patient must have his/her username/password verified. This would also keep a patient from buying 10-times what they're prescribed, since the credentials can be matched to previous purchases (though not the identity of the buyer). People could still doctor-shop to get multiple user/passwords, but people illegally do that for other drugs, too.
Oct 2, 2014 G g commented on Seattle's Third Pot Shop Opens, State Lists $4.7 Million in Tax Revenue to Date.
What the heck happened on August 15th?? $859k in sales...which is over double the next highest date, and about five times a typical daily haul??
Oct 2, 2014 G g commented on The Morning News: What Happens to Your Stolen Bike Parts, and What Happened to a Suspected Safeway Shoplifter.
@6, @9, It isn't clear from the Safeway stabbing article how out of line the employee was (i.e. there isn't much information provided). He confronted the shoplifter (potentially a totally reasonable action), and then a fight occurred. It's possible that the shoplifter attacked him (shoplifter's fault), or that both of them escalated the situation (employee's fault). No information is given on why the employee gave chase into the next-door parking lot (it sounds like a stupid move by the employee, but not a "stabbing" move, necessarily) or whether someone attacked the other at that point. Saying it is or isn't self defense is quite premature given scant information. I'm glad we have courts that aren't made up of SLOG commenters.
Sep 23, 2014 G g commented on Two Nights Ago, My Dead Mother Came to Me in a Dream.
This was a really nice post! Thank you for it.
Sep 23, 2014 G g commented on Hey, Slog, Where Do You Get Your Fresh Vegetables in the Winter?.
You can make your own sprouts!
Sep 19, 2014 G g commented on Wanna Cuddle With Strangers?.
Sounds like a hookup app where it's less awkward if there isn't chemistry that leads to something more. It's like a built-in excuse to "just cuddle". But presumably most people would be using it hoping for more.
Aug 30, 2014 G g commented on Please Stop Fighting Over Reclining Seats on Airplanes.
I like the golden asshole rule. But yes, people should always feel free to recline. The seats only recline a small amount (4" at the headrest, 0" at the waist pivot, so...about an inch at the knee). It's always the right of the person in front of you to lean back those measly couple inches if it makes them more comfortable. I feel like many people commenting otherwise either rarely fly or enjoy getting into confrontations. If you get filled with rage when the person in front of you leans back that little bit you shouldn't be flying, or at least not economy, because there is much shit to put up with on an economy flight without even counting seatbacks.