Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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5:46 PM yesterday westello commented on I, Anonymous.
YOU trying tell someone that you paid to see the show. Then watch as they yell at you and call you names.

This is the reason I stopped going to ZooTunes. People treat the artists like background music and talk loudly. It's just rude and ridiculous. I asked the Zoo about it and they just shrugged. There went that zoo membership.
Aug 27 westello commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fuck That Guy.
"A courteous person would've sent pics from multiple angles. "


@6 for the laugh.

Advice to this woman; never date/sleep with anyone prettier than you. Never works.
Aug 25 westello commented on California to Allow Dogs Into Restuarants.
Outdoors? Maybe. That phrase "under control" could have a lot of interpretations.

This "love me, love my dog (or kid)" is not any diner's obligation. The obligation is for the owner/parent to keep control so other diners are not bothered or disturbed.

I'd say it's on the restaurant owners/managers to make sure that happens or I would not come back.
Aug 24 westello commented on Seattle School Board President Deliberately Misses the Point on Rape, Again.
@19 - President Peaslee has two teenaged students in SPS. (She has mentioned them repeatedly at Board meetings.)
Aug 23 westello commented on What Are White Liberals Going to Do About the Westlake Mall Cop Who Pepper Sprayed an Innocent Black Man?.
I'm with @43 - all of us - "Do the right thing and lead by example."
Aug 22 westello commented on Seattle School Board President Deliberately Misses the Point on Rape, Again.
Like many a Board before her, Peaslee seems more interested in diverting attention than accepting responsibility. (I note that Director McLaren was the only one to admit sincere regret for all that happened.)

The district says that the Summer Leadership Institute for principals (a one-day event) included updates/training on this but (1) they allotted a whole 15 minutes and (2) the lead counsel's log indicates it is unclear if it DID happen.

It's very easy to say "we did A, B, C" but what's the proof?

What's the proof that the principal and teachers involved in this incident have had the appropriate retraining?

Where's the proof that the district has a trained Title IX officer? They say they do but really, if they are as good as their word, that's not solid ground.

Peaslee could have just done the duck and cover but apparently couldn't resist the lecture on criminal law (I witnessed the entire thing and kept thinking, "shut up, shut up, while you can." She didn't.)

Lack of a charge does not mean a crime was not committed. The Parks Service even said that in their report.
Aug 22 westello commented on School Board President's Comments on Alleged Garfield Rape Case "Appall" and "Dishearten".
There are two different issues here.

1) was a crime committed? Peaslee seems to be operating on "everyone is innocent until proven guilty" but that is for a criminal action. You can ALSO say "just because no one was charged, does NOT mean there wasn't a crime. Even the Parks Service report says that.

Neither the public nor the district can have a criminal trial. (That does NOT leave out the issue that the family could go after the boy and his family in a civil suit. That is a far lower bar and one I believe they could win. If there's one thing we learned from the Simpson case, if you can't get justice via criminal courts,you can in civil court.)

2) what is really the issue at hand about the district is two-fold. Did they follow their own policies and procedures BEFORE the trip and DURING the trip? The evidence says no. Then, did they follow policies and procedures (including around Title IX) AFTER the field trip. Again, it seems not.

That would point to the district having a lot of work to do.

I have a Legal Log that the lead legal counsel of the district handed out at a recent Board committee meeting. It was a log of Title IX issues work to be done. One item said that at the recent Summer Leadership Institute (a one-day work group for principals), 15 minutes were to be allotted for bringing principals up-to-date on procedures. Under "status," it read "Done?"

No, they have a lot of work to do and digging themselves a deeper hole should not be one of them.
Aug 21 westello commented on Stanford Student Compares Rape to Bicycle Theft.
If you read the whole article (and I did), yes that was a stupid statement.

BUT, several of the men interviewed said that they were thinking a whole lot more about being with girls at parties and possible ramifications. There is some good in the story and if awareness is being raised, for the better.
Aug 21 westello commented on Everything Is Transphobic (But "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" Isn't).
Yes to #1, #11 and especially #2. It sounds like something good was happening (benefit for Texas abortion funds) and supported by an actress willing to speak out (Martha Plimpton) and then it gets micro-analyzed.

For fuck's sake.
Aug 11 westello commented on Robin Williams Found Dead.
Saw him twice live in San Francisco - one was a show to support a comedy club and he was the surprise guest. That was about 1984 and then again in a solo show where we laughed almost to tears.

I also saw him at a bookstore in San Francisco; not a single person bothered him.

He really started the trend at Disney to use famous people for voice-overs. He was so great in Aladdin as the genie.

That he shared some of the same demons as John Belushi is very sad.

Sincere sympathies to his family.

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