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Apr 20 westello commented on Conservative Groups: If We Let Gay People Get Married, Then Straight People Will Abort All Their Babies.
At first I thought they would claim that there would be more abortions because a straight unmarried woman would worry that her baby would be adopted by a gay couple.

The real issue is equally as dumb.

Apr 16 westello commented on I Sat In on My Son’s Sex-Ed Class, and I Was Shocked by What I Heard.
Is this Seattle Public Schools? Because I find this hard to believe if it was.
Apr 10 westello commented on Drunk of the Week: This Dance Move Needs a Name!.
Cirque du Soleil of the '40s.
Apr 6 westello commented on Monday Morning Must-See TV.
That SNL skit was truly a scream especially if you have seen the Scientology documentary.
Apr 4 westello commented on The Newest Idea to Get Money out of Politics in Seattle: Give Every Voter $100.
So how would you prevent a rich person from buying other people's vouchers? To give the voucher to a candidate you would do what? In person with ID? Too cumbersome. But how do you check to make sure the person giving the voucher IS the person named?
Apr 2 westello commented on How the Seattle City Council Will Fill Sally Clark's Seat.
Agreed @5. BUT...

Will it be like voir dire where they get to blackball people they don't want?

Will they only pick candidates they feel confident will not turn around and run for office, meaning, a REAL caretaker?

And, what do we want in a caretaker councilperson? Would it be different than someone who has the job an entire term? I think so.
Mar 25 westello commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: You've Got Hate Mail.
My own husband just died. Most people who are committed to their partner - and I include Mr. Savage and his partner - don't turn around and hop into bed with someone else. It is incredibly disrespectful to relationships everywhere to believe that death quickly ends a relationship.
Mar 24 westello commented on The Morning News: The Seattle Times Editorial Board Backs Shell, Fremont Restaurant Owner Reacts to Black Brunch.
I'm not sure a place in Fremont is the place to start with this kind of action. I'd think, maybe, an IHOP in Lynnwood?

Also, it's becoming very hard to know what is the right thing to do or say to be supportive w/o getting yelled at. It tends to make people shut up rather than be supportive.

Know your audience. The first rule of protesting.
Mar 20 westello commented on The Morning News: Oso One Year Later, Jean Godden's "White Guy Talk-a-Like" Opponents, and Home Pot Grows.
Rob Johnson, Michael Maddux, and Taso Lagos are fairly different guys in both appearance and what they want to do in this district. I would agree that they are younger than Gooden and all are male.

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