Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Jun 23 westello commented on Accept the Apology, Already.
I'm with #2 - actions speak louder than words. Let's see something that says "I care" more than her saying "I care."
Jun 16 westello commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Family From Hell.
Put up the happiest photo you have of your wedding on Facebook - "Great time was had by all."
Jun 11 westello commented on Really, Starbucks? Really!?.
Is that sidewalk stuff new? I don't remember seeing it.
Jun 5 westello commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: What Should the Duggars Have Done?.
As a parent, my first duty is to stop the behavior. That likely means the abuser out of the home and somewhere where either he/she is getting treatment OR at family/friend's house w/o children and the abuser going to treatment.

You don't leave temptation in front of someone who already succumbed.
Jun 5 westello commented on Rick Perry Is Running for President.
@9, he thinks wearing glasses makes him look smart.
Jun 4 westello commented on Megyn Kelly Interviews Ma and Pa Duggar.
He touched his sisters and a babysitter? I thought it was other girls. And his parents are okay because they said the girls were asleep and didn't know. Really? And the babysitter didn't know either?

We had "safe-guards?" You mean you put locks on their bedroom doors and yet, he still did it again AFTER that? And a "couple more times?" You enabled a sex abuser.

And all this "over the clothes" until wasn't. The girls - were awake - "didn't understand it." Oh, Mrs. Duggar believe me, they will remember and will grow to hate you for not protecting them.

It's just weird how they go on and on to protect Josh and almost not the girls, saying over and over, the girls didn't know what was happening.

And you sent him to some "counseling" guy you knew?

As parents you aren't "mandatory reporters?" You are to God, buster.

And Josh has a "tender conscience" or is it a guilty conscience?

All this "accredited, professional counseling" came years later?

I do not believe - for a minute - it was ever just his sisters.

Jesus H. Christ, you sanctimonious idiots. You do know we can hear you when you speak.
May 29 westello commented on You Know That One Thing You're Not Allowed to Talk About? That's the Subject of Akio Takamori's Ceramics.
I hate these sculptures. Not because they aren't good but they give me the creeps. There's two in the Computer Science building at UW. One of them is a little girl sitting on a ledge and I swear her eyes follow you as you walk down the hall.
May 27 westello commented on Maritime CEO Paul Stevens Dishes on the Polar Pioneer, Business in the Arctic, and His Frustration with Mayor Murray.
"We're talking about miles of pipeline and roads and equipment and all that—all that—will come through Seattle."

I cannot speak for all of Seattle but I - don't - care, buddy. Because all those "miles of pipeline and roads and equipment" are going to make things very unpleasant for most and enrich a few.
May 21 westello commented on Vanessa Place Is in a Fight Over Gone with the Wind's Racism, But It’s Not the Fight She Says She Wants: An Interview.
Gone with the Wind is a book about the Civil War. In the South. And about slavery. That it is seen thru the eyes of one of the slave owners allows people to see how delusional these people were about their lives and the people they called slaves.

">>a limited social media piece. " Ha, very funny. In 2015, there is such a thing?

She wants attention, she wants the Mitchell estate to care about her sad little "situation art" project. Yawn.
May 19 westello commented on Guest Editorial: Don't Let Senate Republicans Pass a Budget That Undermines Our System of Justice.
This is EXACTLY what public education advocates did NOT want to happen. A Sophie's Choice of cuts.

The Legislature should not be robbing Peter to pay Paul. They should be doing two things:

- either enacting new revenue streams to pay for all these needs
- taking away tax breaks for large corporations

But we are halfway thru this special session and where's a budget? Nowhere.

I hope they enjoy their raises.

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