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Jan 18 westello commented on Betsy DeVos: We Need Guns In Schools to Protect Children From Grizzly Bears.
Of course, things with DeVos are much worse than just her stupid bear remark.

Watch Patty Murray try to get a straight answer out of her.

Watch Al Franken find that she does not know the difference between student growth and student proficiency (which would hurt kids at both ends of the learning spectrum.)

She's absolutely not qualified if only because she never went to public school nor did any of her children. Her experience with public schools has been her experimentation on OTHER people's children. With no great outcomes.

Jan 12 westello commented on Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher Dazzle in Bright Lights.
I saw this at a preview before they died and it is well worth seeing.
Jan 12 westello commented on Seattle Artist Akio Takamori Has Died.
I think he had great talent but man, I do not like the eyes on these things. There's a couple at the Computer Science building at UW and one little girl follows you with her eyes.

Oddly, there are a couple at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Condolences to his family.
Jan 4 westello commented on Lindy West Quits Twitter: "It Is Unusable for Anyone But Trolls, Robots and Dictators".
That's an interesting statement about tweeting for free; I wonder what that ratio is. (I tweet for free as well.)

Because my Twitter account is about my work in public education, not as many trolls. However, I had two guys - one local and one in Minnesota - talking about where I lived. I tweeted them back that a public ed discussion is not where you threaten people. They both deleted their tweets. So a bit more orderly in my world. (I was surprised they went that far but the local guy would like me to go away. Naturally, like Lindy, I'm not going anywhere.)
Dec 27, 2016 westello commented on Carrie Fisher.
Also, I just saw a documentary about Carrie F. and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, called Bright Lights. Really good one and now more poignant. No child should die before their parent does.
Dec 27, 2016 westello commented on Carrie Fisher.
And Brian Wilson. But ditto on Betty.

Queen E? Meh.
Dec 4, 2016 westello commented on Video: Thousands of Women March Against Hate, Rally at Cal Anderson.
As well as advocating violence towards Trump supporters.."

Not true. No one at the rally did that. I think it's you that has the problem.
Dec 1, 2016 westello commented on Trump's Cabinet Picks Include Betsy DeVos, a Major Funder of Conversion (or "Ex-Gay") Therapy Groups.
I'm with #11 - the absolute insult that "conversion therapy" is to human beings coupled with DeVos and her Amway billionaire husband's desire for vouchers for everyone to shop for a school is criminal.

Charter schools have started to undermine the public education system and vouchers will destroy it. Whatever you think about public education, vouchers are not the answer. Milwaukee has had them for decades and you don't hear great things about education there.

I don't think identity politics is the way to go - examination of people being placed in high offices is.
Nov 11, 2016 westello commented on The Morning News: The Democratic Party Must Change or Die.
Ansel nails it on Obama. I love that guy but he did not flex the muscle he had.
Nov 10, 2016 westello commented on America Has Been Marinating in White Supremacy for Hundreds of Years.
"First, don't blame POC who didn't vote or went third party. This is not their fault."

If by "fault" you mean voter suppression, sure. But ever single person who was registered and able and did not vote IS at fault. That the numbers for black and Latino voters are down from the Obama count says either those people stayed home or voted for Trump. Either way, that's their fault.

We're all in this mess together.