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Jul 19 westello commented on Interim Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Named.
@5 - the School Board gets about $4600....a year for their service. Some even turn it down. They are NOT overpaid or clowns.

Do we need a superintendent? Probably but what Seattle Schools needs less of is administrators at headquarters and more resources in our schools. They give out raises to top administrators like candy while schools have to struggle to keep a school secretary.
Jul 18 westello commented on A Quick Refresher on Who's Running, and Where, in the 2015 City Council Elections.
There will be people who will run against Godden in District 4. She is just not the shoo-in you may think (even with her good points).

For my neighborhood, Roosevelt/Ravenna, if you can't get the Sisley problem solved, don't bother. I'll hold Godden to that one as well.
Jul 17 westello commented on I, Anonymous.
1) he may have an issue like cancer. Don't judge if you don't know.

2) you, too, will be old someday

3) buy a can of Lysol and leave it in the bathroom

Jul 13 westello commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Dear Hobart and William Smith Colleges,
I write a public education blog. Understand that those of us who write about education, both elementary/secondary/higher, WILL write about this and warn our readers about how little you care about your students. This investigation? Bullshit. Your concern? Bullshit.

Good luck.
Jul 11 westello commented on HOTPOCALYPSE 2014: Seattle Heatwave Survival Guide.
First, you'll all live. Blah, blah, it's hot (and then we have people who complain it's too gray other times of the year).

Not Arizona by a long shot.

Plus low humidity/ mosquitoes.

You'll all live.
Jul 11 westello commented on Seattle's Greatest New Decks.
I do like La Cantina on Eastlake.
Jul 8 westello commented on Frustrated By KUOW?.
I have no idea what I'll hear when I turn on KUOW. They are just all over the place. I miss listeners calling in and I miss the loss of more in-depth local stories.

Last week they had two stories, same day, nearly following each other on Mormons. Why? Oh, no real reason, just like most of the programming.

And I hate the "in 5 minutes this story" updates.
Jul 8 westello commented on Where to Eat After You Go to Cannabis City, Seattle's Only Pot Store.
I note the pot store is almost right across the street from the headquarters of Seattle Public Schools.
Jul 3 westello commented on Susan Cowsill's Stunning Relevance.
"rural rock '73-/74-style update" - great description. Rural rock, who knew that's what we were listening to back then. But it is interesting how some songs from the seventies are completely unlike anything today.
Jul 1 westello commented on The Kind of Paper Grocery Bag Safeway Offers Black People Is Not the Same as the Kind it Offers White People?.
@20 nailed it. The quality of any given grocery store is the manager and the staff.

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