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Jul 22 MrBaker commented on The Morning News: Black Lives Matter Takes to Seattle Streets, Local Janitors Say Working Conditions Worsening.
One of the major pro sports, the NBA is pulling its 2017 All Star game out of Charlotte, NC to protest the state's discriminating laws against LGBTQ folks.
The only hope for Charlotte to get free of the state law is for the DOJ suit to win in November. If it fails to do so it is unlikely the ASG returns in 2019, and Chartlotte Look at ways to keep the franchise from leaving.…

I don't know why the stranger isn't following this.
Jul 19 MrBaker commented on Megyn Kelly Has Reportedly Told Lawyers That Roger Ailes Made Unwanted Sexual Advances Toward Her.
I wonder if I can sue for pain and suffering at the thought of Jabba from Fox pawing at anybody.

Jul 13 MrBaker commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 2016 Primary Election!.
Has or will Jayapal move into the district?
It's a deal breaker for me.
Jul 6 MrBaker commented on The Morning News: Mayor Defends Police Oversight Move, Obama Announces Troops Will Stay in Afghanistan.
Remember when we had a mayor that just pulled decisions out of his ass, the good old days…
Jul 5 MrBaker commented on The Morning News: The FBI Looks into State Senator Pam Roach, But Doesn't Recommend Charging Hillary Clinton.
North Carolina might lose the 2017 NBA All Star Game, and the $100 million in revenue, because their state legislature didn't change their discriminatory bathroom law.…
Jul 1 MrBaker commented on The Morning News: Hefty Fine for SDOT Director Over Pronto, State Taxes on Cars Going Up.
@11, taxes on electric cars are going up, too, by $50.

"It's both a floor wax and a dessert topping."
Jun 14 MrBaker commented on Doctor and Patient Sue State Over Elimination of Medical Marijuana Market, While Ohio Legalizes.
I'm not sure why state senator Ann Rivers had to make the lives cancer patients harder.
Jun 8 MrBaker commented on Council Questions $160 Million Price Tag for Three-Story Police Station.
I'm looking forward to a thorough review of the project cost, then it's construction.
I'm glad the council is questioning its cost, but that about it.
You all act like they're asking for a street car, trolley, sculpture park, or waterfront promenade. Nope. The current north precinct is too small, and the basement regularly floods.
It's amusing to hear that we don't need policing from professor dumbass. I guess that drug addicted burglars will just spontaneously seek treatment without committing crimes, damaging property, harming people. That's just not reality.
From the 3rd floor the entire north precinct should be able to see the prostitutes walking up north Aurora.
Aurora Ave N & N 130th St, Seattle, WA 98133
Jun 1 MrBaker commented on During #FindItFixIt Walk, North Seattle Residents Voice Concerns About Safe Crosswalks, Needles, and More.
@2, no, you are not.
Few sidewalks, littered with needles, people are concerned for the children walking to the new school.