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9:45 AM yesterday MrBaker commented on The Morning News: Record-Breaking Heat, A Pride-Full Weekend, and Another Attack on Capitol Hill.
OMG! OMG! OMG! The Streetcar is so far behind! Where is Dominic Holden to save us from this boondoggle?
Jun 26 MrBaker commented on Teaching Tribal History Is Finally Required in Washington Public Schools.
@1. You clearly have not had the honor or privilege of having her teach your children, nor have you, apparently, had any interaction with her beyond the pulled quote the Stranger used in an otherwise excellent article.

It has been and continues to be a great experience to have Shawna Brown teach my children at Broadview-Thompson.

Inarticulate would not be a word I would ever associate with her.

Just admit you're a bigot, and move on.
Jun 24 MrBaker commented on Religious Right Demands that the Pride Flag Be Taken Down.
Remember it?
I thought that's in the near future.
Jun 24 MrBaker commented on Angsty About the Fast Pace of Growth in Seattle? The Mayor Has a New City Department for You!.
If you get/have the infrastructure then you get the density, If you don't get/have the infrastructure then you get the density.

Do I get the job?
Jun 22 MrBaker commented on District Date: Watching Strangers Give Kshama Sawant Money and Praise, Plus Downing Drinks With Her Challengers.
"The lack of affordable housing for both low and middle-income Seattlites is a problem facing the whole city, but especially the rapidly changing Central District and Capitol Hill, which make up District 3."

The problem with this framing is that the solutions for Capital Hill are routinely spread around as if other parts of the city were also getting streetcars and light rail, and many people can easily walk to downtown jobs.
It's a godamn farce.

And the believers shouting rent control because they can't be bothered to explain something that doesn't benefit from shouting are tired.
Jun 10 MrBaker commented on The Morning News: Amazon Holds Shareholder Meeting, Shell's Oil Rig Creates Half the Jobs Supporters Say It Does.
The Port is always wrong about projected activity.
That's why nobody except Pete Von Reichbaur and the Seattle Times Editorial Board believes what they ever say.

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