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  • Dan Savage started the Iraq war. Why?: To get Erica Barnett to leave The Stranger.
  • Tom Skerritt or Dave Matthews
  • What song do you never want to hear again?: These Boots Are Made for Walkin
  • Barsuk or Fantagraphics
  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: The Kinks - Supersonic Rocket Ship

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in the past few hours MrBaker commented on The Mariners Are Good, But What Would It Take For Them To Be Great? Part Two.
For them to be great they would have to play basketball.
Feb 3 MrBaker commented on Welcome to Town, Here's Why You're Stuck in Traffic.
And the complaining about traffic is the worst.
Feb 1 MrBaker commented on Living in a Micro-Apartment Is "Like Living in a Closet".
Or raise the B&O tax to pay for traffic mitigation.
Or both.
Feb 1 MrBaker commented on Living in a Micro-Apartment Is "Like Living in a Closet".
@41, I've reduced traffic by taxing short term residents and spend that money on transit, increasing transit capacity. More buses means fewer rental cars on the road, or more bike lanes and bike parking/storage.
The guy with the bike in his shower might rent a bike locker it it were very close to his short term stay apartment. Investment to make that long term infrastructure is something communities do. Choosing the most appropriate source for those funds is a matter of finding the appropriate nexus. Short term workers and businesses that rely on them need/consume a specific resource that has a direct impact on the long term community/society.
An annual impact fee on the short timers to be spent on the transportation system they, too, rely on would be my preference.
Feb 1 MrBaker commented on Living in a Micro-Apartment Is "Like Living in a Closet".
@41, development path of what?
A collection of disassociated strangers isn't a community.
Extended Stay, and the like, serve a specific business purpose. If those people want to permanently leave the community they are temporarily Stay-img away from then they will move again, just like the examples in the report.

Communities provide broader and longer term support and benefit for a city or town.
The transient nature of the people staying is to minimize their short term costs so they can maximize their long term investments somewhere else.
They do not have a vested interest in the community where they are temporarily staying.
It's the difference between choosing to tax yourself for a long term investment, like funding metro, and choosing to tax others that are enjoying the community but do not intend to stay, like the hotel tax.
Extended Stay buildings are generall not planted in the middle of mixed use housing. They are often in or near commercial districts, on major thoroughfares (that's their selling point, low cost + access to business).
What should be happening is that we should choose to tax the short term stay folks and the businesses that rely on them, for the long term benefit of the community, by directing those funds toward the mass transity this community provides. It increases transit capacity for the short term and long term riders.
That's why.
Jan 31 MrBaker commented on Living in a Micro-Apartment Is "Like Living in a Closet".
If these are, in practice, extended stay commercial enterprises then what are they doing in residential neighborhoods?

What was the described intent of Calhoun Properties?

There should be a review of the amount of time people are actually staying.
Are these people living in these residences long enough to establish residency?
If not, then stop making more, there. Put them where they are zoned to be, commercial areas.
Understand what causes somebody to stay some place long enough to establish residency, and do that.
What it appears to be, anecdotally, is not workforce housing. So, let's not litter the city with these things pretending they are something that they really are not.
We actually need workforce housing for people that actually intend to work and stay.
Jan 31 MrBaker commented on First Impressions of Seattle by Someone from Spokane.
Heidi, you forgot to mention how you secretly think the name Sidney Brownstone is totally fake.
Will that by in next week's paper?
Jan 30 MrBaker commented on Eat Like a Local.
@1, yes, the pickle soup.

Also, they have a Polish fest every year, if people would feel more comfortable around more strangers, good times and good stuff!
Jan 27 MrBaker commented on Republican Senator Kills the "Kill-Bertha" Bill.
Ask the bill sponsors about supporting transit advocate's ideals.

The love fest ends in a hurry.

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