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Apr 28 MrBaker commented on The Morning News: SDOT Says Fuck You To Pedestrians With New Traffic Technology, City Authorities Getting Their Sawant Hate On.
My neighbor needs sidewalks, and they need to be wide enough and flat enough for his wheelchair.
Apr 11 MrBaker commented on Potential Challengers to Mayor Ed Murray Have More Than a Month Left to File. What If....
Sawant's citywide poll numbers a couple years ago don't pan out.
Apr 3 MrBaker commented on The Morning News: Seattle's Traffic Is So Bad, It Has Finally Broken the Mind of Its Favorite Weatherperson, Cliff Mass.
The Stranger should stop calling this "News".
Hire a reporter for reporting news.
Jan 30 MrBaker commented on The Morning News: Big Protest in Downtown Seattle, Unconstitutional Muslim Ban Is An Attack on Urban America.
I started thinking about the film The Lives of Others. There is an effort toward brutile repression but not genocide, at least, not here.
Jan 21 MrBaker commented on Why Neoliberalism Died Today and Why Seattle Might be the Future of the Left.
I'm pretty sure that this is when it died for me.…

I flipped out. It was so dumb. That followed up by it being somebody's "turn". Turn? No Warren? No Sanders? WTF?

That was last Spring I'm having a not so silent meltdown that most everybody I know is having after the November election.
Win or lose, the party broke, so I started planning to get more active last Spring, a Close Encounters of the Third Kind unexplainable manic undertone.
I don't know why I'm doing this, but things are fucked up, and I have to do something.
Jan 15 MrBaker commented on Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal Won't Be Attending the Inauguration.
She should swing by Rep Mike Coffman's office to let him know that he's a piece of shit.…