Apr 5 Ross commented on Don't Worry, Ladies, Donald Trump Is Here to Protect You (From Your Own Vagina).
The best line was about the tie.

The second best line was Trump's. A lot of people have trouble understanding why a bully is popular. The simple answer is because he will protect you from the other bullies. Fascists don't rule without a supposed enemy, that is going to screw you (and your women). From Nazi Germany to the American South, it is all the same. The big man, with the big tie, will protect you from ... them.
Mar 30 Ross commented on Build It.
@12 I read a lot about people wanting ST to build it twice as fast, but not one person stating they'd be willing to pay twice as much upfront, and even then it may be logistically impossible to accelerate the timeline due to the listed environmental, financial, and construction constraints.

I know my first post was a long one, but I specifically addressed that. The main reason this takes so long is because it is so expensive. The main reason it is so expensive is because you are talking about a lot of rail -- two new bridges and a couple new tunnels. Float some bonds and other projects can be built a lot sooner. Build the WSTT first. Then build the Ballard to UW line. That's all cheaper and easier than Ballard to West Seattle rail.

@15 -- That is a legitimate concern, but given the timeline on these projects, probably misplaced. You could probably have this fail, come back with a cheaper, more sensible and yet more effective set of proposals and still get it built faster. You wouldn't necessarily need to pass it in a general election year. Hell, we just passed a fairly sizeable transit package on an off year election (there wasn't even a congressional election and it passed). It is only if we tie ourselves to suburban voters (a very dubious and misguided approach) that we need the higher, more liberal turnout of a general election.
Mar 30 Ross commented on Build It.
@8 -- Bullshit. I was alive during Forward Thrust, and can tell you that the transit community was not split. There was strong support for it, because unlike this pile of shit, it made sense. It only failed because of suburban automotive interests, and because we were in a recession.

Likewise with the first (passed) light rail plan. Just about everyone knows that light rail from downtown to the U-District makes sense. Of course it does. Likewise with proposition one. There was huge support from the transit community for those proposals (that will speed things up immensely in a few years).

This is not perfectionism. This is not like opposing a proposal because it is on the surface for part of the way (which, oddly enough, you seem to consider a deal breaker). This is building expensive crap, that simply won't work. I notice that not once have you bothered to explain why my argument is unsound. Why is this plan better than the one I cited? Oh wait, now I see. People will be flocking to Fife so that they can enjoy their one hour rides to downtown Seattle, just like ... just like ... well, like nowhere in the world.

This is a crazy experiment when every similar experiment has failed. It will not make transit better, but will make it worse. Do you really think people will be eager to spend a huge amount of money on more transit after spending money on this? Don't you think we have other concerns? The vast majority of the city will be left with inferior bus service, while we spend billions on half empty trains to nowhere.

@23 is right. Time for Seattle to do it alone, and to do it with their own, independent planning department. The goal should be obvious. Save more people more time for less money. This doesn't do it (obviously).
Mar 30 Ross commented on Build It.
@20 It takes so long because it is so fucking expensive. 50 billions dollars (roughly 12 grand for every man woman and child in the region) is a shit load of money. They don't want to float bonds, because then they couldn't complete the spine, their reason for existence. So they have to wait for the money to trickle in before building each piece.

It is shit. As folks have said, time to kill this thing and come back with something that makes sense. That means going with a different agency that knows what they are doing. Who was the third party transit agency that came up with this proposal anyway? Oh yeah, there wasn't one.
Mar 30 Ross commented on Keep Tacoma In Your Thoughts and Prayers.
Ha, thanks Dan.
Mar 30 Ross commented on Hillary Clinton Has Yet to Land the Coveted Susan Sarandon Endorsement.
@17 -- Who cares if socialists are out of the closet or not. They are going to lose. In the last national election, more people voted for Republicans than Democrats. They voted for a Republican House, and an extremely right wing Republican House. I really don't give a shit if Bernie is a fucking God and can heal the sick and house all the poor -- he can't get elected and if he could, he wouldn't be able to do shit. He is a horrible candidate. whose only strength is that he is the alternative to someone who isn't especially strong herself. But she sure as hell is stronger than Bernie. He makes Kucinich look like a pretty good bet, and he makes Tom Harkin look like a dream candidate. Again, the Republicans win race after race by calling the other guys liberals, even when they aren't. They destroyed Dukakis, simply because he came from Massachusetts (as a moderate). How do think they will do with Bernie Sanders, a socialist from Brooklyn?

Of course if the Republicans self destruct then it won't matter. But if you think Ted Cruz can't win, you are deceiving yourself. He may be a prick, but Nixon was a bigger prick, and he was elected twice. I see a lot similarities. The Republican race isn't over, and they may just rally around the asshole.

@29 and @30 -- I agree, as long as Bernie rallies around the nominee when the time comes (the way Kucinich did). Dennis is a great guy and helped move this country forward (or at the very least, kept it from sinking further into the abyss). The jury is still out with Bernie (as parts of this article make clear).
Mar 30 Ross commented on Hillary Clinton Has Yet to Land the Coveted Susan Sarandon Endorsement.
@10 -- Thanks. I got my Dakotas mixed up. For what its worth I don't think he would have won had he been from the other Dakota (but he wouldn't have done any worse).
Mar 30 Ross commented on Monorail Deadender: Can We Build Light Rail Without Shitting On Elevated Transit?.
I was a strong supporter of the monorail, but it had its problems, that extended beyond financing. If they had estimated the tax revenue correctly, it still probably wouldn't have been built (the same way that Bertha isn't likely to be built without additional money from the state).

As for elevated light rail, it is a good idea. It tends to be cheaper than tunneling. But for downtown, it would have its problems. First, there isn't a lot of room for the structure. You end up spending a bunch of money on moving utilities. Second, transfers become a real pain. Transfers are a huge part of any subway system (I use the term subway loosely -- New York has elevated sections of rail, but the whole thing is called the New York Subway). A Ballard to West Seattle line would depend quite a bit on transfers (to get to popular places like the UW and Capitol Hill). In general, if you don't have transfers, chances are you are wasting your money. But transferring from an elevated station to an underground one would be a real pain. Keep in mind, our stations aren't cut and cover shallow stations like New York or Toronto -- these stations are deep bore, with the emphasis on deep. You would spend an extra five minutes just making a simple transfer, thus negating the main value of your new line.

But the biggest problem with the West Seattle to Ballard plan is that it is inappropriate for the area. It is a stretch for Ballard, but ridiculous for West Seattle. West Seattle is spread out. Just look at a census map, and you can see that there aren't any big concentrations of people. Nor are there any major destinations. My guess is the two most popular spots are South Seattle College and Alki (neither of which would have a stop). This basically means that are asking almost everyone in West Seattle to make a transfer before going to where they want to go. That isn't the end of the world, but in this case, it isn't necessary.

Just build a bus tunnel. This isn't cheap, but it is a lot cheaper than West Seattle rail, because you only have one tunnel (in downtown) not two (in downtown and West Seattle). Make improvements on the freeway, which are certainly cheaper than light rail. Look at that map and imagine every trip being grade separated (not hindered by traffic) and it is simply better for the average West Seattle resident or visitor. Going to places like Belltown or lower Queen Anne are much better, because more buses means more frequency, which means less waiting.

Meanwhile, the Ballard to UW light rail line is simply better for greater Ballard. There is only a minor time penalty for going that way (two minutes). This is why a lot of people have rallied around a better set of projects for the area, nicknamed the peanut butter plan (something for everyone). This would save more time for more trips for more people than the Sound Transit set of projects. It would also be cheaper, which means it could be built a lot sooner. Parts of it (such as the WSTT) could certainly be built sooner. It isn't the construction or planning costs that cause these projects to take so long, but the cost. With a cheaper, more effective set of projects, we could see major transit improvements in the area much sooner.
Mar 30 Ross commented on Hillary Clinton Has Yet to Land the Coveted Susan Sarandon Endorsement.
@2 -- How the fuck did you interpret a tweet that way? Jesus, some of the Bernie supporters are so fucking stupid. OK, not all of them (obviously) but the ones that think he is a fucking saint, and Hillary doesn't give a shit about the poor. Absolute nonsense. Do any of you guys know that candidates talk shit about their opponent? Of course they do. Do you think there is anything to be gained by Bernie talking up his opponent's liberal record? Of course not. Did it occur to anyone that Hillary is a liberal, and has been liberal, but doesn't want to emphasize this because it is harder to get elected in this fucked up country as a liberal? Apparently not.
Mar 30 Ross commented on Hillary Clinton Has Yet to Land the Coveted Susan Sarandon Endorsement.
OK, so a woman who helped Nader with his 2000 campaign is now saying that Bernie is more electable. Uh, right. For those of you too young to remember, the only reason Bush was elected President was because Nader was too stupid to realize (or too arrogant to care) that he was going to split the vote. What was the result? Eight years of Bush. Was it better for the long term -- do we now have a progressive majority in Congress? No -- in fact quite the opposite. The House is about as right wing as its been in 100 years. Is there wide spread support for progressive policies? No (again, the House).

Bernie supporters point to polls, but they neglect to point out that most of the country doesn't know jack shit about him. They really don't. People forget that Dukakis was 20 points ahead when he came out of the convention, until the Republicans accused him of being too liberal (from Taxachusetts). But apparently calling him a liberal is great for a Democrat. Oh, and he lost to a Bush as well (by a wide margin).

The last time someone as far to the left as Bernie was nominated, he was a war veteran (who served with distinction) -- a 50 year old Methodist Democrat from North Dakota. Now people want to nominate a conscientious objector -- a 74 year old socialist Jew from Brooklyn. Man oh man, the Republicans are just dreaming of that matchup (they would bug Democratic headquarters if they thought they could get away with it).

It cracks me up if it wasn't so fucking insane. For most of my life I've seen women rejected, one by one, for various positions. Why aren't there more female CEOs, or Senators? Just the vestiges of sexism, folks say. Give it time. Once more women graduate and go through the work force, they will have more opportunity to climb the ladder of success. What about the President? Just wait. This candidate is too far to the left, or that candidate doesn't have the right amount of experience. So now, when the most qualified candidate is female, and all the other Democratic women decided to defer to her, we are supposed to just go with a guy that is a draft dodging socialist. You gotta be fucking kidding me!