Jul 20 Ross commented on Trump Is Officially Nominated, Roger Ailes Is Officially Being Fired from Fox News, and Did You See the Seattle Times?.
The plagiarism story (written by someone else) is on A-3 today. I think @6 had it right (the story appeared too late, and was not really the main story).

I would say the editorial staff is very hard right. Kind of crazy, Fox News right. Specifically like Bill O'Reilly. They occasionally say things that are sensible (legalize weed, gay rights) just to soften you up, and them wham! they endorse some whacko. The main problem they have is they never met a tax they didn't hate (which is at its root the Republican Party).

But I also think they have a very good wall between the bat shit crazy editorial staff and the news department. By and large the news reporting is good. Not bad, really, for a small city like Seattle (some of their original reporting is excellent).
Jul 19 Ross commented on Trump Is Officially Nominated, Roger Ailes Is Officially Being Fired from Fox News, and Did You See the Seattle Times?.
"Strife" is the first word in the headline. There are two stories, separated by a picture. The picture is of Washington Delegate Eric Minor and the caption under the picture explains how he tried to force a roll-call vote (with the quote "It's a miscarriage of justice"). The story to the left focuses on that issue as well (the strife, or the chaos and disunity at the convention). That is the only story that they wrote.

The story to the right of the picture was by A. P. It is a generic telling of the first day's speeches and the same disunity which is at the heart of the convention. It also mentions the fact that aside from lack of unity, the common theme from the first day is lack of policy. Speakers focused on attacking Hillary Clinton, instead of laying out a vision for America, and the programs or policies to achieve it.

None of that could hardly be called an endorsement of the party, or anything but a fair description of the events and the state of a convention run by a man that is opposed by almost all of the previous nominees of the party. With all due respect to Melania Trump, who gives a shit? In a normal year, that might be the day's lead -- hell, that might be the story of the convention (like when Clint Eastwood talked to the chair). But in this convention, it is a minor story compared to everything else, which is much worse.
Jul 19 Ross commented on Will You Stop Being Mean to Log Cabin Republicans? (Spoiler: No, I Will Not.).
At some point, if you are a Republican, you have to walk out. You have to resign your party. I'm sure there are plenty of LGBTQ Republicans that agree with other Republicans on many issues. But the Republican Party is no longer conservative, they are reactionary. Twenty years ago -- hell, even ten years ago -- opposing gay marriage was wrong, but it was conservative. Now it is reactionary. It is flying in the face of conventional wisdom (and the law) in this country, and has no support outside fringe voters. Yet it -- and other similar anti LGBTQ laws -- are a big part of the Republican platform, and the folks in charge of the party right now.

I never thought I would live to see the day that the Republican Party is more radical than the Libertarian Party. But I think that day has arrived. Log Cabin Republicans should just join the Libertarian Party. My guess is they would have better luck moving the platform closer to their ideal (since it already is, in many ways).
Jul 12 Ross commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stray Text Message Outs Wrong Parent.
Great response Dan. I don't have much to add. What a touching, heartfelt and very wise response. Once again I am thrilled and proud that you live here. Keep doing what you are doing.
Jul 8 Ross commented on Looks Like There Was Only One Shooter In Dallas.
the suspect killed by the police, identified as Micah Johnson, 25, appeared to be the sole gunman ... Chief Brown declined to identify the people who were arrested... The gunman claimed he acted alone, he said.

Did I read that right? The gunman (now dead) claimed he acted alone. Were those his last words? That seems really strange.
Jul 8 Ross commented on Science News: The Left and Bernie Sanders Are Unscientific on GMOs, Seattle Is Wet and the Rest of the Country Is on Fire.
@1 -- Cliff Mass believes in global warming (like just about every meteorologist). To say otherwise is an ignorant insult. He has simply pointed out that a hot summer (or warm winter) is not necessarily the result of global warming. Of course it isn't. You can't point to any particular event and say it was caused by global warming. The roulette table favors the house, but no particular spin can be said to favor it.

As for the GMO debate, as many have pointed out, those who want labels may want them for many reasons. To say that the only reason people want to see labels on GMO food is because of safety concerns is like saying the only reason people want to know if their toys came from China is because of safety as well. It is a straw man argument. There are plenty of reasons why (in both cases) you might want to know (including those mentioned by 18, 19 and others).
Jul 7 Ross commented on Hillary to be Endorsed by Unknown Vermont Senator Bernie Something.
In fact, it's hard to imagine his endorsement even meaning much at this point.

That is bullshit and you know it. If you don't, then ask your editor. Just the other day he wrote a great letter comparing Bernie supporters with Nader supporters. This, or some variation of it, is what Clinton supporters fear the most. A relatively weak candidate combined with a small percentage of voters who think they will change the world by losing an election, and next thing you know we have a really stupid president in charge.

That is probably a stretch, of course. Clinton supporters want the enthusiastic support of Sanders the same way that Kerry appreciated the enthusiastic support of Kucinich (who also didn't officially end his campaign until right before the convention). A strong speech like that and no one cares how nasty the campaign got. They figure they could use the (largely young) Sanders supporters enthusiasm -- not only in the presidential race, but for every race out there (efforts made to take the House are arguably more important at this point). It was no different eight years ago, when Obama asked (and got) the support of Hillary Clinton. Back then, though, uniting the party was more about fund raising than people on the ground (Obama already had the latter).
Jun 28 Ross commented on You Can't Always Get the Populism You Want.
@1 -- Clinton has nothing to do with the left

aaaand, you are a fucking idiot. She is to the left of her center-left husband, who lead the left wing party in this country for eight years. http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/hilla….

Just about every Republican in power, meanwhile, is not center right, but far right. You can thank Ronald Reagan, the far right President, for that.

It really isn't too complicated. If we had a parliament, it would have been fucking obvious. Nader would have held his nice little two or three percent, while Bush and Gore tied. The two left wing candidates (Gore and Nader) would have formed a coalition and made progress on things that really matter (like global warming). But instead, Nader couldn't quite grasp our electoral system, and fucked up everything for everyone (by getting enough idiots to vote for him) and we had eight years of far right rule (by an idiot).

But you know that, right -- you no doubt voted for Gore and cried when they stole Florida, right? Right?
Jun 21 Ross commented on Let's Talk About that Seattle Times Editorial Claiming Sound Transit Should "Slow Down" on New Light Rail.
The Seattle Times editorial (like most of their editorials) is stupid. It is a muddled mess. Keep extending the spine, but slow down. That makes no sense. Rail has already reached diminishing returns for the suburbs -- extending it an inch further is idiotic.

Most of the editorials on both sides seem to ignore the main issue here. It isn't rail versus bus. It is building an integrated system that can leverage the benefits of both. Bus ridership in cities with very good subways often exceed subway ridership (as in Vancouver BC and Chicago). We will never be able to afford the sort of system that exists in Washington D. C. or cities with older systems (New York and Boston). We can't build hundreds of miles of rail until every corner of the city has good service. Hell, the current plan doesn't even cover most of the Central Area, the biggest contiguous section of density in the state. What then, for everyone in the area -- are they supposed to transfer at Capitol Hill station? Sorry, but that station is poorly placed for that. As has been the case all along, Sound Transit once again didn't consider bus to rail integration (imagine what a bus network would look like with a stop at 23rd and Madison, as was originally proposed by Forward Thrust).

Nor are they focusing on that for this round. Suburban light rail extending deep into the suburbs never works. If BART doesn't work, then it sure as hell won't work here. They have bigger, more densely populated suburbs, connected to a much bigger city with a much faster train system, yet ridership outside the core urban area is much less than a lot of our buses.

The only way you can build something that will make sense for the region is to recognize that some areas make sense for rail, and some make sense for buses. If you have a region with high density stops every half mile and intersecting transit along the way, then a train makes sense. If not, then it probably doesn't. Ballard to UW rail makes sense -- Issaquah rail does not. A subway following the Metro 8 bus route makes sense -- West Seattle rail does not. For areas like West Seattle, Issaquah, Tacoma, Everett and Kirkland bus infrastructure improvements are a far most cost effective solution. The people in those areas would be able to get to where they want to go much faster (and the improvements would be built much sooner).

Sound Transit is a political organization, focused on making symbolic improvements. Has anyone ever bothered to ask why West Seattle is getting billion dollar rail, while we ignore a rail line through the Central Area? The Central Area is more densely populated, buses travel more slowly (all times of day), stop spacing and connections would be much better. Why then are we building a line to West Seattle? Because it looks better on paper. It goes farther. Like Issaquah rail, it sounds great until you think about how much of the region really benefits. It is the opposite of what we should build -- it is quantity over quality.