Oct 14 Ross commented on How Writing for The Stranger Made Me Blacker.
I think a lot white people in Seattle probably make two very stupid assumptions when they meet black people. The first is that your ancestors came here as slaves (and you were part of the great African American diaspora). The second is that you are therefore poor. Both assumptions (like all prejudices) are stupid, but especially stupid in this city. We are a coastal city, which means that while we aren't New York, we aren't Detroit, either. I would guess the number of African Americans who are first or second generation Americans is relatively high. Second, Seattle had a very strong black middle class back in the day. While Seattle was no nirvana, the racial tension and so called ghetto was nothing like it was (or is) in most American cities. The working class parts of Ballard were just as rough, if not rougher than those found in the predominately black neighborhoods.

It used to be common for ignorant white people to make the same sort of assumptions about Asian Americans, although they made it in reverse. I've sat at a Chinese restaurant and heard someone order in very well enunciated English, in an obvious effort to communicate with someone whose second (or third) language is English. The other person, of course, is a native English speaker (and sometimes speaks with a southern drawl).

But once the immigration history is established, guessing you grew up poor is another stupid assumption. I would assume that with recent African immigrants, the number of people who grew up well to do outnumbers those that didn't (or the numbers are close). It is a lot easier to come here if you can afford the plane ticket.

But all assumptions aside, in much of Seattle, you will stand out, just as someone with red hair will. It's just that kind of city I'm afraid.
Oct 14 Ross commented on Has the Tech Boom Made White Males the Best Dressers in Seattle?.
It's been a while since I've worked in software, but not that long. The numbers you mentioned seem quite plausible, although I have worked in companies with a lot more women. African Americans are rare in my experience, but Seattle is a very white town. Even so, I would guess software engineers are close to average for the city when it comes to Asian and mixed race, but well below when it comes to African Americans and Latinos (as those figures suggest).

As far as dress is concerned, I would be very surprised if young tech guys are dressing well. It certainly wasn't the case at any company I've ever worked at. In fact it was the opposite. Traditional white collar work requires a tie (and IBM did until recently) but modern software companies took pride in the fact that they were casual. In other words, guys would dress like slobs "because they can".

It is possible that the influx of new software engineers has lead to a lot of better dressers. Maybe there are a lot of people coming in from other parts of the country (where they dress with more flair). Or maybe the increasing numbers of men have lead many to try to stand out (like a peacock).
Oct 13 Ross commented on Donald Trump Clarifies: He Only Sexually Assaults Hot Women.
@12 -- Yeah, yeah, sadly your right. That and a lot of Americans have a major daddy complex.
Oct 13 Ross commented on Bob Dylan Doesn't Deserve the Nobel Prize In Literature and He Shouldn't Want It.
Oh please. Lyrics ain't literature my ass. If you want to argue that this poet or that writer is more important, then fine. But to argue that it isn't literature is bullshit. Hell, I'm no great Dylan fan, so allow me to throw out a bit of lyricism from someone I enjoy a lot more:

I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth

I look all white, but my dad was black

Substitute you for my mum, at least I'll get my washing done

Each one of those lines is brilliant. There are writers out there that would kill for one of those lines, but they were written by a songwriter, and are all part of the same fucking song. If you read that, or a typical Dylan song out loud as a poem, and no one had heard it before, they would go ape shit. You would bring down the house and folks would be calling you the next great English speaking poet. But instead the author added some nice guitar riffs, got a fantastic singer to belt out the lyrics, set it all down with the greatest white rhythm section the world has ever known, and created a fucking jam. But it is still great literature (wrapped around a great tune).
Oct 13 Ross commented on Rush Limbaugh Takes a Stand Against Consensual Sex.
If there is consent on both or all three or all four, however many are involved in the sex act, it's perfectly fine. Whatever it is.

Yeah, pretty much. I mean you don't want people to get hurt -- play safe everyone! -- but "consent" implies that. As in, "the porn stars knew they were taking a risk by having unprotected sex, but they all consented".

Anyway, preaching to the choir. Funny ass shit, when you get right down to it. With the imploding Trump campaign, It cracks me up more and more. Up until election night it will still be a nervous laugh, but holy shit, I'm gonna party like crazy when Hillary wins. I will go back to reading gems like this, and cherish every single one of them. If it weren't for the internet, I would be hoarding every copy of this rag. Hey -- happy 25th, man -- I remember when no one but a handful of locals knew about you. Oh, how the world has changed.
Oct 13 Ross commented on Donald Trump Clarifies: He Only Sexually Assaults Hot Women.
@3 -- I agree. Here is a picture of her: http://heavy.com/news/2016/10/natasha-st…

In short, she is extremely attractive. My guess is Trump did this sort of thing all the time. He did as much as he could get away with. Some groping here, some kissing there, or maybe just pop in on a young woman when she is getting dressed. Most of the women hated this, but he didn't give a shit. The man is in unrepentant piece of shit*. All it takes is one out of hundred to respond in positive way, and even if not -- hey, he got his jollies.

*His response to the Central Park Five is a great example. He was wrong. He was clearly wrong. A lot of people were, and they since apologized. But not Donald. No,he just shrugs it off, keeps going and sticks to his story.

My God, the campaign is really amazing. Even after all this shit, he will still probably carry 20 states. What a stupid fucking country. Any other election and just one of the dozens of stories would have dominated the campaign. But he has said so much crap I can't even remember it all, and neither can most voters. What the fuck is wrong with so many Americans that leads them to support this dip-shit asshole.

Oct 13 Ross commented on What Does Cliff Mass Have to Say About The Storm That Wants to Not Be Forgotten?.
So basically, Charles is arguing that a scientist should stop being so damn scientific because it might hurt science. Do I have that right?

Cliff Mass is a scientist (yep). He is being scientific (don't jump to conclusions without supporting evidence). But if he did suddenly become unscientific, then that would help convince idiots to believe in science. Suddenly all these people who don't believe in evolution, let alone global warming, will suddenly say "Holy shit, these storms suck -- we better do something about that there global warming all the hippies warned us about". Suddenly they will read up about the science and the fact that storms like this are more likely to happen (even though a particular event is impossible to correlate, just as particular roll is impossible to predict with a weighted die). Yeah right.

The opposite would happen. His theory (this storm was caused by a rise in earth's temperature) would have no basis in fact. Fellow scientists would call bullshit (sorry, that is the way science works -- which is why it works really well). So, after being discredited, the idiots would make a big deal out of it (as they have before with bad studies) and say the green meteorologists are just trying to pull a fast one on us, and take away our Hummers.

No thanks. Cliff Mass is doing OK. If you go onto his blog you will find that he supports a tax on carbon. That is as much political talk as I want out of my weather expert.
Oct 10 Ross commented on Why Hillary Clinton's Leaked Wall Street Speeches Are Not Relevant, For Now.
>> QE benefited the bankers more than the public, who would have benefited from increased fiscal/social spending

Yes, definitely. But to be fair to the Fed, they had no choice. Obama screwed up initially, in not pursuing a big enough stimulus. He was afraid of a gigantic deficit (for political if not economic reasons) and didn't listen to the experts who told him it was too small. By the time he figured it out, it was too late, and the Republicans had played him (this is the danger in electing a rookie). Two years into his term it was time for another big stimulus, but the Republicans actually cut spending, which is insane. We had, for several years, a bizarre situation where private sector jobs were recovering faster than public sector jobs, despite the fact that unemployment was at depression levels, and the fed fund rate was essentially at zero! That is insane. No country in the world (with any sense) does that, but Republicans were in charge, so trying to pump up the economy by building a valuable infrastructure (as Japan has done for several years) was out of the question. The Republicans could call themselves fiscal hawks (despite being the ones that created the huge deficit in the first place) and, at the same time, blame Obama for the slow recovery. Americans largely bought it, because Americans, generally speaking, are fucking stupid. Or, at the very least, profoundly ignorant and lazy when it comes to things outside their little circle of interest (job, marriage, football). For a very long time, many believed that the deficit was too big when just about every economist in the world would say we need to increase it. That's what happens when you don't think (and no, you don't have to take an economics class to understand this shit -- it is pretty fucking obvious if you know a little history).

My point being that the fed deserves some credit for the creative way they pumped up the economy, and my guess is just about every one of them wished that Congress did what they should have done, and spent a hell of a lot more money.
Oct 10 Ross commented on Why Hillary Clinton's Leaked Wall Street Speeches Are Not Relevant, For Now.
>> This is basically what Wall Street wants to hear. This is thieves policing thieves.

Not necessarily. It does suggest they will have a voice, and might even be consulted quite a bit when it comes to the regulations. This is not necessarily a bad thing. An analogy would be when hackers are hired by the government. Basically, the Wall Street bankers might be in the room saying at times "this would kill the economy, you can't go that far" or maybe "that would be really easy to skirt" (e. g. "we'll just call it a swap when it is really just insurance").

The "too much is bad, too little is bad" is consistent with Hillary Clinton's philosophy, and is likely going to be her attitude towards military intervention as well. She was scarred by Rwanda, and feels it was her husband's biggest mistake (an opinion shared by him, and many others). She has swung the other way at times, resulting in the mistakes made in Libya (although it isn't completely clear what would have happened if Qaddafi had stayed in power and besides, if you want to blame someone for that mess, blame the French (as always)). The point being that she is a moderate, and will hear it from all sides and pick something towards the left end of the spectrum. The nice thing is she will definitely hear it from Sanders, but more importantly Warren, who knows a thing or two about finance.

As for her being a New Deal Democrat -- yes absolutely. She was that way all along (her husband, not so much).
Sep 29 Ross commented on The Morning News: Young Everett Mother Dumps Baby in Trash Compactor, Big Tech Wants ST3 to Happen.
@19 -- Exactly. Charles never bothered to see what was actually being built. This will significantly improve general purpose traffic, but more importantly will be a huge boost for transit as well as car pools. There are a lot of really crappy projects in the WSDOT budget, but this one is a big improvement and worth the money.