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Mar 21 Aaron commented on Trump Doesn't Give Two Shits About His Supporters (And Neither Should You).
@20 Actually, you're a part of the problem. You have no reservations about taking a shit on HRC when she was the only thing that could keep us from this current show. Yeah, it is sad that you didn't get your candidate to the general, but you didn't. Why doesn't really matter at that point (although I dispute that the DNC was able to cook it for HRC). And yet you persisted in telling us how corrupt everything is (no shit). Get a clue, you have to form a majority at some point, tearing down those who may not be as pure as you but none-the-less are more aligned than what we have is shortsighted.
Mar 13 Aaron commented on First Hill Streetcar: No Firm Plans to Return to Service.
How can a streetcar get rolling backwards? Both ends are forwards... Momentum carries you in the direction you were going, even when a poorly engineered braking system locks up your wheels.
Mar 8 Aaron commented on Go To These Women-Owned Restaurants In Seattle Today.
Super Six in Columbia City is owned by Marination, so should it be on the list?
Feb 23 Aaron commented on Hey, Dave Reichert: Look at All of These Town Halls Where No One Is Getting Hurt.
@1 @4 @6 @9 @11 @13 @15 This is what losing the popular vote looks like folks. Argumentative and stupid. Reichart is a coward who lacks the convictions of his indefensible beliefs. GOP means toady to money and power.
Dec 20, 2016 Aaron commented on UW Grad's "Confrontational" Painting of Black Musician Is Defaced on Campus.
@4 You're an idiot and no one cares what you think.
Dec 19, 2016 Aaron commented on The Hamilton Elector Movement Seems to Have Failed to Stop Trump.
@4 what and you do?
Jun 24, 2016 Aaron commented on Who Sent the Dumbest Tweet in Reaction to Brexit?.
@30 Tell that to Texas.
May 24, 2016 Aaron commented on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Lead in Pointless Washington State Primary.
The voters that self selected in that they either didn't know that their primary ballot didn't "count" or didn't care vs. those that found the time to participate in caucus strike me as likely more representative of the general election voters, so yeah, as a Hillary caucus participant that didn't bother mail in my ballot, I see the result as significant. But only as an analog. What that really long sentence highlights for me is how stratified the caucus participants were. The general result will drive that point home, the caucuses yielded a poor result. They are a barrier to participation and bad for democracy. Have a book club meeting if you really want to have a discussion.
May 3, 2016 Aaron commented on Seattle Repertory Theatre Takes Action after Stagehand Gets Caught Saying the N-Word.
Nice that SRT has the resources to indulge in this kind of navel gazing.
Apr 6, 2016 Aaron commented on Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Win Wisconsin Primary.
Party counts.