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Apr 9 katrat commented on SLOG POLL: What Should Kshama Sawant Ask the Greenpeace Attractivists on Skype Tomorrow?.
God Johnathan Franzen is so annoying. Can he please get bumped to a lower tier of recognition now?
Mar 26 katrat commented on The High List: Recommended Events for Stoners.
Oh man I am excited about this Spelling Bee!
Mar 25 katrat commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
Mar 3 katrat commented on The Architect Who Wants to Redesign Being Dead.
This is so exciting. After a long life of plundering the earth's resources, I have always thought that at the very least I hope I can eventually give back my measly cubic yard. Please make this composting dream happen!
Mar 3 katrat commented on Jimmy Kimmel's Awesome Vaccine PSA.
Good god this is satisfying
Feb 27 katrat commented on The "Woo Girls" Street Artist Is Not Hiding from Anyone.
Nice work, Mr. Criscitello, keep it up!
Feb 3 katrat commented on Welcome to Town, Here's Why You're Stuck in Traffic.
Electric bikes! my husband and I have been commuting on them for over a year now and it has been GREAT. I can go from Beacon Hill to Ballard without worrying about time spent or sweaty clothes. He goes from Beacon Hill to Northgate in not much more time than if he were to drive I-5 and it is so much more rewarding! You still get a work-out (they are not scooters, and mine has no throttle) but you get a little help up our many gnarly hills.
Jan 26 katrat commented on The Morning News: Alert! Blizzard Warning Has *Not* Been Issued for Seattle! Expect Record-Setting Gorgeousness.
This was my favorite news roundup in quite a while. Nice work, Mr. Frizzelle!
Jan 12 katrat commented on Scenes from the Portland Counter-Protest That Drove Off the Westboro Baptist Church.
Oh my god this makes me happy. WELL DONE PORTLAND!

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