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5:20 PM adam.smith commented on SL Letter of the Day: Go Somewhere.
Dan doesn't say that all people in abusive relationships stay because of looks (duh!). He picks up the particular emphasis on the abusers looks from the letter and I think chances are he's right. My wife is hot, but I wouldn't emphasize her looks that way.
Apr 9 adam.smith commented on Eighty-Six Sixty Nine!.
after a quick look at their twitter feed, I doubt this is entirely serious. I'm not sure what their deal is and it may not be exactly parody, but it does have, at a minimum, a certain amount of tongue-in-cheekness to it. One of them declares this "The only thing you need ever read, on any subject". There's also a "rally" planned. The stripper and, if I read this correctly, sex worker who wrote this also wouldn't seem like your typical anti-sex folks...
Apr 3 adam.smith commented on Brit Diver Tom Daley Isn't Bisexual.
@39 - for parents in particular: because it means that there may still be babies in the cards. Also s/he may still find a "proper" life partner.
Apr 1 adam.smith commented on SL Letter of the Day: Geezerdom.
@nocutename - my problem is the degree to which that removes agency from her. She know what her social identity is. She knows how old she is, how many friends she has, how her children would feel if their relationship ended etc. etc. So if, given all that, she would rather end her marriage than accept her husband seeing sex workers, I strongly believe that should be her right and withholding that information from her is deeply unethical.
Also, as I wrote @20 - all of this assume zero chance of discovery. Hard to tell how discreet he is, but the chance is almost definitely not zero.
Apr 1 adam.smith commented on SL Letter of the Day: Geezerdom.
because, LateBloomer, it is not about _my_ morals, but about _her_ morals. You keep judging her (and, I'll add, you sound rather bitter while you do). I'm neither judging her decreased libido nor his increased libido. FWIW, if they indeed have a great partnership, I think she'd be smart to accept some outside activity on his part. But it's not my relationship. The only thing I believe in is that no one should be tricked into staying in a relationship that they would leave in possession of all relevant facts.
Also - you're assuming zero chance of discovery. What about the hurt&betrayal if she does find out?
Apr 1 adam.smith commented on SL Letter of the Day: Geezerdom.
@14 - that's why I say we don't have to judge who is at fault. If he feels his wife has unilaterally violated the terms of their relationship in a way he can't accept, and isn't willing to negotiate compromises, I won't blame him if he leaves.
What I won't accept is that it is ethical for him to take that type of choice (i.e. an informed(!) choice of staying in or leaving a relationship) away from her.
Apr 1 adam.smith commented on SL Letter of the Day: Geezerdom.
I don't get it We don't have to assign blame here, but if the LW's wife does not want to be in a relationship with a man who sees sex workers, I don't see why on earth it is ethical to trick her into being in a relationship with a man who sees sex workers by lying about it. Why does she not have a right to know?
There are cases, say with children involved, where non-honest non-monogamy may be ethical, but I don't see what the excuse for non-honesty is here.
Mar 16 adam.smith commented on Fred Phelps: Excommunicated and Near Death.
WBC are trolls. Just like on the internet, they shouldn't be fed.
Mar 15 adam.smith commented on Women's Health Care Clinic in Montana Destroyed by Anti-Choice Vandal.
The large sections of the anti-choice movement who subscribe to "abortion is murder" share responsibility for violence against abortion clinics and abortion providers. Trying to stop a murderer is not a crime but a moral obligation. The fact that not more people do this means that - thankfully - not that many people take "abortion is murder" literally. But if you state it over and over again, you have to expect that some will.
Mar 15 adam.smith commented on There Is No Morality Without Religion.
@2 - pfff. meatballs don't grow on trees.

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