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Runnin' up that hill.

10:14 AM Lance Thrustwell commented on Three Observations From the Airport Lounge.
I'd like to think
that, deep down,
we're dirty little whores that smell.
Except my mom, and my dad,
And maybe yours as well.

Jul 1 Lance Thrustwell commented on SL Letter of the Day: Queens of the Retail Stage.
I love effeminate gay guys! They have the guts to be themselves, and they put me at ease immediately. You know what creeps me out just a little bit? (but I suppose it shouldn't) - effeminate straight guys.

In theory, everyone should be free to act any way they damn well please. I know that. But still, when someone says they're straight but acts swishy... there's just always something in the back of my head, asking... what's going on? Closet case?

I've only met a few guys like this in my life, but they've always given me pause. Anyone else have this experience?
Jun 17 Lance Thrustwell commented on SL Letter of the Day: Buttrasta.
All I know is, "grinding shitbuds" is my new favorite band name.
Jun 5 Lance Thrustwell commented on Actor Fired For Tossing Disruptive Bigot From Theater.
Cad in a hot tin theater.
May 22 Lance Thrustwell commented on Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations in The Atlantic.
Well-meaning people are quibbling here on the difficulties inherent in the practical implementation of reparations. And they're correct. But what can it possibly hurt just to take the idea of reparations seriously? The discussion can be catharctic, and even if reparations get dissipated into general social programs, at least that's something, for crying out loud. Anticipation of failure is at least a big a cop-out as knee-jerk rhetorical support for Coates' argument.
May 15 Lance Thrustwell commented on UCLA Study: Horny People Hornier Than Less Horny People.
Was this really gender-neutral? I can believe that hornier/easily aroused women get laid more. For a man, I don't necessarily see the correlation. In fact, I would almost think the opposite would be true - i.e., the more relaxed and less desperately horny-seeming the guy, the better chance he's got. Anyone else feel me on this?

Hm. "Feel me." Maybe I'm one of those horny people.
Dec 13, 2013 Lance Thrustwell commented on SLLOTD: Bend Over.
@22 - what the hell are you trying to say? God, I'm getting sick of incoherent commenters. Make sense or make tracks.
Dec 13, 2013 Lance Thrustwell commented on Jon Stewart on Megyn Kelly's White Christmas.
@21 - You're a strobophobe!
Dec 9, 2013 Lance Thrustwell commented on The Pope Won't Judge—But People Who Work for Him Continue to Fire.
Seattleblues, the most frustrating thing about you is that you veer wildly between sensible argument and pointless bigotry. Let me give you an example: you make what is at least a superficially valid point that the teacher should just accept the terms of his contract, etc. But then in more or less the same cyber-breath, you refer to homosexuality as "deviant", and a "perversion." How does rhetoric like this help your cause? How can you pretend to be operating on some higher intellectual plane - a favorite trope of yours - when you use language like that?
Dec 7, 2013 Lance Thrustwell commented on Elton John Denounces Russian Anti-LGBT Laws During Performance in Moscow.
Oh, just call him Reginald. Stage names should stay on stage. But yes, well done and glad he said it.

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