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Jul 7, 2010 The Striking Viking reviewed Shiki.
I used to work within a couple of blocks of Shiki, and would go there at least once a week for their amazing bento (best I've had in Seattle)...but during the Grand Sumo Tournaments (they happen about every two months) I would go just about every day and hang out with Ken and root for our favorites!

Aside from producing some of the best, most authentic sushi (the quality of the rice is just as important as the fish) and hot food in Seattle, Ken and his wife are very friendly and eager to please, and after a few visits they were already making me feel like family. There are certain items which are not on the menu, but if you request them a day or so before going, they will make you anything from Fugu (when in season) to shabu shabu.

I would like to point out that Shiki is one of 17 or so restaurants in the COUNTRY licensed to serve Fugu, much less the state. At least that was as of 2003.