Nov 18, 2015 fif commented on The Reactions to the Paris Attacks from Presidential Candidates Say a Lot About Them—and Us.
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We should continue bombing who we choose when we choose, and have others deal with the consequences.
And Europeans are always allowed to invade and colonize other people.
Oct 21, 2014 fif commented on Savage Love.
auntie grizelda @3- poop pills seem to be much better then the current treatment, liquid shit inserted by tube through the nose. (Yes, I also read the New York Times report.) There may be an initial mental problem, as well as the drug companies pushing their own pricy chemical shit on all of us, but most times organic matters and garlic do much better then antibiotics. Not to mention their much lower cost.
Oct 21, 2014 fif commented on Savage Love.

TOLD- I suspect some certified-organic gay men may find it sexy knowing you are married, but being trans can be a different issue. And just so you know, straight guys into lingerie may actually accept you. They may be harder to find and they may ask you to treat them as a lady, which may or may not work for you.

WTF- get over it. Almost everyone masturbates, your former bf’s as well as the vast majority of your male and female co-workers. You’re still great for allowing your husband to do all the other stuff you mentioned nevertheless. And consider yourself extremely lucky to have your needs met despite him also doing it on his own. Ask him to show you some times how he does it. I suspect he will shoot few inches further away while you get some extra clues as how to do him better next time

SOUND- I suspect some of your past, present, and possibly future neighbors may actually get a kick out of hearing you two doing the hokey pokey. If they smile once they see you by the mailboxes it’s a good sign, and if they tell you you’re being too loud you know they are not. No need to take any further action.
Oct 9, 2014 fif commented on The Case of King County's Missing Ballistic Dog Goggles.
There have been some documented cases of using dogs trained to attack armed people, and also sending dogs wearing explosives into caves before detonating the load with a remote control.

This was done by one of our main allies, the one that gets $3 billion a year of real military goodies whose leader keeps blaming the US for not doing enough for his country. It is very likely that this know-how was passed on to our very own "brave men and women in uniform," hence the exotic goggles.

Supplying local police departments with military gear is yet another escalation in the quest to control the masses. And make no mistakes, despite the veneer of "freedom" we are very much under control.
Sep 10, 2014 fif commented on Why Won't the City Council Back Up Bike-Safety Plans with Adequate Funding?.
"Bike Safety improvements" should be also exercised by bikers themselves.

As a biker, maybe not a real hard core yet enough to know what I'm talking about, I know how vulnerable I am and take extra cautionary steps.
I don't zig zag between lanes, I slow down if a car stops ahead of me knowing the door may open soon, I obey ALL traffic laws, and have also rigged few lights on my bike to make sure I'm visible to other vehicles. I also use a helmet at all times.

Yes, there are asshole drivers out there. Unfortunately there are also quite a few ignorant, arrogant, rightous bikers as well.
Aug 28, 2014 fif commented on Savage Love.
My inexpensive, low tech advice to ARTATB:

do some basic vagina-tightening exercises if needed as it's not always his fault, do it doggy-style since he's shooting right into the cervix, and reach back with one hand while you do it and cup his balls.
Aug 21, 2014 fif commented on Savage Love.
@71, Erica P,
@73, Alison Cumins

Thanks, you both make good points as to the difference between fantasy and how it is often expected/implemented in real life.

Aug 20, 2014 fif commented on Savage Love.
I just want to thank all the women here who were kind and honest to state their appetite for m/m erotica/porn. I also heard hard core bay area certified organic lesbians talk about consuming hard core gay male porn.

I bring all this up because for years hetero men were accused of consuming a perverted, unreal form of lesbian sex/romance and were often made to feel guilty about it.

So... can we all agree that fantasy is what it is and should be equally accommodated as such?
Aug 20, 2014 fif commented on Savage Love.
This is for the women who read this comment as well as #10 re mostly straight women write and consume gay men literature- is this true? Is it a fantasy world similar to what straight men often have in regards to lesbians?
Nov 14, 2013 fif commented on Savage Love.
As anyone who had ever tried to find a real woman on the W4W section of Craig's List can tell you, the site is full of men faking it in order to get sexual hits and pictures. The fact that DYKE didn't ask for a picture may have played to his advantage, signaling other user- male and female alike- that he really is authentic. Just bare in mind that some of the real women out there might freak out once they find out they have communicated with a guy. This may also happen to guys, but they probably deserve it.

As for the drag thing... people who go through hormonal and other medical procedures to change their gender may be very emotional and insecure at times. This may cause them to see others in a somewhat similar situation who prefer not to go all the way as somewhat "unauthentic" and threatening. Most of them calm down couple years down the road, and if they don't then it is their problem. Michelle T. from PNW, hope you're reading this.