Aug 25, 2015 Sahoyah commented on Know a Seattle Musician With An Extremely Photogenic Pet?.
Garrett from Night Cadet has a cute little shaggy dog named Shamus.
Feb 20, 2013 Sahoyah commented on Remembering Tristan Devin.
I still think about him every time I set foot in that space and every time someone makes me laugh. Please do come to his memorial event next week, someone this unique and kind should never be forgotten.
Jan 14, 2013 Sahoyah commented on Mars Hill Church: Now Conveniently Closer to All the AIDS.
The lead pastor's name is GAYDOS? This church has got to be some sort of elaborate prank.
Dec 29, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Awesome NYE Party Gets Even Awesomer.
Thank you.
Nov 20, 2012 Sahoyah commented on What the Fuck, James Bond?.
I don't get what the big deal is. If he didn't care for the woman he would have just shot her the way Silva did. He waits a good minute of screen time before finally - begrudgingly - pulling the trigger.

It was Bond pretending he was just as cold and emotionless as his adversary because in his adversary's mind that is exactly what the contest was about.

If you pay attention to her monologue in the casino she was a dead woman walking anyhow. She brought him to the island so he could kill Silva and that's what James was determined to do, perhaps even more so in light of her death.

I don't see what the hubub is all about.
Nov 12, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Tristan Devin, Local Comedian and Cafe Proprietor, Reported Dead.
He was a kind and effortlessly funny man. He will very much be missed.
Nov 6, 2012 Sahoyah commented on HOLY SHIT!!! Washington State Legalizes Marijuana!.
I can't wait for the influx of Dutch tourists.
Oct 22, 2012 Sahoyah commented on "Guns N' Roses" Live at Bridge School 10/20/2012.
I've seen better "Welcome to the Jungle"s at the Crescent.
Oct 15, 2012 Sahoyah commented on Scratch Deli.
Really good sandwiches made by some really cool guys. Go check it out.