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Apr 7 paulus22 commented on Gorsuch Confirmed.
@5: you should get butt hurt over the fact that republicans should not have had this nominee at all. Garland should have had a hearing. He probably wouldn't have been approved either, but they stole Obama's constitutional right to nominate a qualified candidate and have him voted on yea or nay. Then, they changed the rules when they didn't get enough votes for this guy. It's not his qualifications that are the issue or his political leanings; it is the republican's refusal to play by the rules and willingness to fuck over everything they say they hold in high regard whenever it gets in their way. Our country is over, and it is almost entirely republican's fault. We can blame dem voters all we want, but these guys gerrymander their power, and then actively destroy the constitutional laws when it serves their purpose to keep power.
Mar 20 paulus22 commented on These Are the Shows the 5th Avenue Theatre Is Doing Next Season—No Other Media Outlets Have This Yet.
I hate to say this, especially as the first comment, but The Hunchback of Notre Dame is an underrated Disney musical. The film was problematic, but the music...shit! Shiver-inducing stuff. I'm pretty excited to hear about this...especially if it will be darker!
Mar 13 paulus22 commented on Sean Lennon Wrote a Song for Charles Mudede.
Your performance date is from 2007. You really need to do better research.
Mar 7 paulus22 commented on Where Should Dick's Drive-In Open Next in Seattle? You Decide!.
@6: I voted South for exactly the same reason!!! Ha!
Mar 3 paulus22 commented on Teatro ZinZanni's Last-Ditch Efforts to Stay in Their Space Have Failed, and Their March 5 Show Will Be Their Last.
Arts organizations feuding with each other is yet another bizzarro sad thing in today's already fucked up world.
Feb 7 paulus22 commented on Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos, Biggest Threat to Public Schools Since the Flu that Went Around Last Month.
In any other realm, DeVos' 'job interview', the hearing, would have nullified her hire. If I were a manager and someone came in for an interview and performed that poorly, there would be NO WAY I would hire her. It's proof positive that partisanship is a cancer on our democracy.
Feb 1 paulus22 commented on Guest Editorial: An Open Letter to My Mother, Who Voted for Trump.
You go, Shawna. Proud of your brave willingness to put your family out there with all these shittastic trolls.
Jan 25 paulus22 commented on Trump Is Coming for Seattle.
Sorry....#1, not #3....
Jan 25 paulus22 commented on Trump Is Coming for Seattle.
#3: Shoulda voted for Clinton, you stupid grudge-holding fuck.
Jan 6 paulus22 commented on I Want to Take My Womb Out of Retirement and Give Birth to a Black Daughter So That She Can See Hidden Figures.
This is good to hear. I too thought the trailers leaned on hokey tropes, but if you, a woman of color, actually praised it this highly that changes my mind. I can't wait to see this, Moonlight, and I Am Not Your Negro. Some great black cinema hitting our theaters lately for a change!!!