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May 12 paulus22 commented on I’m a Server and I Think We Should Keep Tips.
If her article were written better, I might be more likely to care about her perspective. As it stands, her writing has no substance and no evidence and therefore I can't support her position. Yeah, it sucks that she might make less money, but in the long run it will be better for the industry and the customer to have consistency in pay and incorporate what has become pretty mandatory tipping into a base wage.
May 7 paulus22 commented on The Most Unusual Art Gift Ever.
I'm going to use this article in my class. Great piece about a great piece.
May 5 paulus22 commented on John Oliver Takes On Standardized Tests, Citing Seattle High School Boycott.
It's not that cultural diversity is the only problem, it's just that it makes it harder to teach (and to learn) systemically.

The main argument that I'm trying to promote is that using these metrics to compare the US to the rest of the world does nothing but promote a false narrative. We definitely are NOT as low on that list as those scores imply. I've seen better data, using more varied indicators, that shows the US in the top 10 consistently worldwide, with a slight downward trend in the last 30 years.

I personally believe that the diversity in our public schools is the single biggest strength of our future as a country. The fact that we DO educate so many people from so many backgrounds as well as we do is impressive and beautiful. I don't blame diversity for our educational problems. I blame over-focus on standardized testing, lack of resources, poor teacher pay and myriad other socio-political ills for our education problems. And a few really shitty teachers that need to be fired (but that's blown way out of proportion in the media, too).
May 5 paulus22 commented on John Oliver Takes On Standardized Tests, Citing Seattle High School Boycott.
@8: Because Canada does not have a society as multicultural as the US, AND their more socialist government does a better job of providing funding for public education and other social ills that have effects on test scores.

Another factor to consider, most other industrialized nations that are compared on those tests segregate students into different tracks around middle school age; academics, trades and arts. The students taking those tests internationally are mostly in the academic tracks. In the US, ALL students take those tests. There are serious flaws with the data in those international ranking systems.
Apr 21 paulus22 commented on "Life in Seattle" as Seen Through the Eyes of a 2013 Amazon Recruiting Video.
@6: This whole 'bootstrap' philosophy is pure bullshit. Paying someone a minimum wage that will allow them to afford to live (meagerly) in the city in which they work is just and needed and just might help them move up in the world.
Apr 21 paulus22 commented on A Little Something For the LGBT Students At Pennsylvania's McGuffey High School.
I'm appalled at the equating of anti-gay sentiment with flannels. I'll never look at Grunge the same way again.
Apr 10 paulus22 commented on Senate Republicans Cut KEXP's New Home from Budget, Democrat Adds It Back in at Only Half the Money Needed.
Although I think that KEXP deserves to get the money they thought they would get, I really wish The Stranger would put this much focus and effort into the shit-tastic budgeting of education that is currently happening in Olympia. Hate to say it, but smaller class sizes and adequate compensation for educators are more important right now.

Everyone, if you write your representatives, please mention education funding first. Thanks.
Apr 8 paulus22 commented on Voters in Springfield, MO, Repeal LGBT Civil Rights Law.
BTW...I'm not even close to Christian. I'm fascinated with humanity's need for belief and religion, but I don't partake myself. I just generally like Jesus' ideas (and Buddha's and a bunch of other people's too) and don't enjoy it when people get it so wrong...
Apr 8 paulus22 commented on Voters in Springfield, MO, Repeal LGBT Civil Rights Law.
@7: Fulfill the law. Yeah. The new law. Not the old one. Jesus' version of God was an entirely different one; a loving God, a forgiving God.

To me, love does not have much to do with imposing your idea of right and wrong on someone else. It has to do with love. And no matter how many times I read the "words of Jesus" (which is a fucking joke anyway...there is no way that those are his actual words in the first place), I still can't and won't interpret them the way you do.

Apr 8 paulus22 commented on Voters in Springfield, MO, Repeal LGBT Civil Rights Law.
The Jesus element needs to be focused on more in this debate. You can't win a debate with a person of faith in any way but to use their faith against their bigoted views.

Jesus' words contain nothing that would even remotely be argued to be anti-gay. In fact, they promote the opposite; loving everyone, no matter what. Jesus healed lepers and loved a whore. Also, many of Jesus' ideas were specifically in contrast to the Old Testament on purpose. He wanted to tear down that old way of thinking and start something new. Leviticus inevitably comes up in this discussion, but the passage right next to the bit about not sleeping with someone of the same sex forbids shaving. These people need to be forced to see their hypocrisy. It is abhorrent to me that Christians put so much truck in the Old Testament when their savior was really against it. They should be too.

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