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Mar 13 paulus22 commented on SXSW Tour Diary: "Seattle's Best All Girl and All Guy Dream Pop Shoegaze Band".
I hate to say it, but this article really made me dislike your band. You make good music, but your attitude is about as hipster-dick as it can be and that sucks. Sorry. Be less douchy, and I'll care about you more. Especially the kids comment. I have kids. They cry sometimes. You did too when you were that age. Suck it up and be an empathetic human. Maybe then I'll empathize with your challenges starting a band and buy your stuff.
Mar 13 paulus22 commented on Higher Minimum Wage Wasn't a Job Killer.
@1, what's with the slam against people like me who have lived in Seattle my entire life? I was here first. Take your elsewhere mentality back to wherever you transferred from. Grunge was great, this city has changed in some really bad ways, the bluest skies are here, and I still miss Uncle Fran and J.P. In fact, you and your kind might be the real problem.
Feb 27 paulus22 commented on Olympia Should Reject Federal Mandate on Teacher Evaluations.
Also, our standings in world rankings are invalid. These world tests are given to aspiring college students in other countries; here, in our system, EVERY student takes the test. Therefore, our scores are lower than the rest of the world mainly because the tested group is different. If you only take the college-bound students into account, our world standings are quite competitive, actually.

As a teacher, tying the state test to my evaluation is ludicrous. State tests are only given every couple-four years. How can a student's scores be tied to MY teaching exclusively when it is actually a combination of multiple teacher's work?
Jan 22 paulus22 commented on I, Anonymous.
Sometimes I think I'm not doing so well as a parent, and then something like this reminds me that I'm doing just fine. What the fucking fuck?
Jan 7 paulus22 commented on Council Member Kshama Sawant at Inauguration: "I Wear the Badge of Socialist with Honor".
@74: Since when did 'Brothers and Sisters' become cussing in this country?

We need to say those words MORE. Language has a huge impact on how we see the world. We need to see each other as fellow human beings of the same world family. I think the Marxists (and African-Americans in the 60s and 70s) got that one right.
Dec 20, 2013 paulus22 commented on Who Is Trevonnte Brown?.
Charles, I agree with you about the lack of focus in the right places in our society. But when does the black community start to do more to change this trend? Blaming the social constructs and inequalities in the system only goes so far. It is undeniable that our entire focus is off, and our social systems have failed with regards to young black males in a multitude of ways. But the lack of change in the black community must be part of this equation too. In particular, the responsibility of families and communities to rail against these systemic inequalities until the trends change.

I'm a teacher. I see a simple sad truth in my halls; most of the kids that skip class and don't succeed in my building have dark skin. Now, there are systemic factors in this, and poverty has a hell of a lot to do with it. But I've had many black students that work against all of that and succeed. Not most, but many. They have not fallen into the traps that our racist and economically unequal power structures have placed at their feet. Personal and community responsibility has to be part of this argument to truly solve this problem, because I've seen it make all the difference.

That said, our prison system is so fucked up that, even if incarceration is deserved, it is helping NO ONE to improve and heal and become a better piece iof our social tapestry. It makes me sad that this poor choice by this young man might be the beginning of his end. It should be the low point in a new upward trajectory, but that's just not how it works.

Dec 16, 2013 paulus22 commented on While You're Considering the BS of Post-Racialism.
My wife and I combined our last names into a big hyphenated juggernaut because we both agreed that it was important to keep both names alive and prominent in our lives. Virtually all of her girlfriends took their husbands names, and she is still resentful of them for doing so so easily, most of them without much discussion or even seriously thinking about an alternative. We get a lot of mild shit about our last name because it is so abnormal (both the name itself and society's perception of the idea). The simple fact is that the name-taking thing is a holdover from a time when women were subjugated way more than they are today, but we aren't even CLOSE to a post-feminist society if the simple act of choosing an alternative, non-patriarchal name is such an oddity. Same goes for race. We're not even close to post-racial. We're closer than we've ever been, but not there by a long shot.
Nov 14, 2013 paulus22 commented on Our Political, Business, and Opinion Leaders Love Jobs; They Just Don't Care Much About Workers.
The simple fact is that most large companies (and many public organizations) are constantly dicking over the workers repeatedly and giving more and more to the upper-level management while raking in huge profits. It needs to stop. I have a lot of respect for the IAM for taking a chance and standing up to the bullying of the upper class that has completely fucked our country. It may hurt them in the long run. But at least they didn't give in.
Nov 1, 2013 paulus22 commented on Re-Enter Sandman.
The Sandman is still what I consider to be the best comic series of all time. I needs to get this.

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