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Aug 19 paulus22 commented on On the Popularity of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight and the Limits of Satire.
My main problem with Oliver's show is simply that it is on HBO, which means, to me at least, that no matter how biting or deep or important his take on the news is, it is not reaching a big enough (or diverse enough) audience to truly make a difference. I've never seen his show because I choose not to support Comcast. Until his ideas can reach a truly mainstream audience easily, I just can't take these articles completely seriously.
Jun 21 paulus22 commented on Superintendent José Banda May Be Leaving Seattle Public Schools.
Banda did nothing except shuffle up the administration. He did listen more to all the competing interests, though.

That said, SPS needs to hire someone willing to commit to a longer term of service, preferably someone who is local, has taught, and has been in the district for a while and knows what is actually going on. Running SPS is a tough job, but I know there are people in the district that want to do it and know what needs doing, but they never even LOOK at people who are already in the trenches doing the work.

Here's what the next Supe should do to fix Seattle's problems: cut district managerial positions down by 1/2. We have a glut of expensive managers and 'teaching coaches' that are absolutely unneeded while schools cannot hire the teachers they need to do the job of educating kids in reasonable class sizes. Put that money into the schools themselves. We'd be well on our way to a better system right there.
Jun 10 paulus22 commented on An Historic Weekend for Hiphop.
The cultural mash-up that was Mix and the Seattle Symphony was spectacular. This is what needs to happen more in our world; honest, true artistic dialogue. Even Mix was blown away with how it worked out so well. And the shaking asses on the Benaroya stage just capped it all off. Brilliant.
May 27 paulus22 commented on Joe the Plumber Returns With: Guns Are More Important Than the Dead UCSB Kids.
How about we use the functionality of the founding documents and amend the right to bear arms right out of there for good? We could if we really wanted to. But, alas, 'merica won't go down that road.
May 13 paulus22 commented on The Creation of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
To me, that clip was one of the most beautiful things ever put on film. Wow. Well done, Aronofsky.
May 9 paulus22 commented on Pope Francis Calls for the Redistribution of Wealth; Mars Hill Church Wants to Raise 40 Million Dollars to Buy a New Church.
@17 - Yep.

Most other wealthy nations impose pay limits at the upper-end of salaries. People in a company cannot be payed more than __ times what the lowest paid employee makes.

@16 - I'm not opposed to taxing the fuck out of people that can afford it, either. Most other wealthy nations do that, too.

We can't keep thinking that the deregulation of business and Wall Street will work. It hasn't, and it doesn't. Our country is crumbling, NOT because of the lack of conservative values and policies but because of them.
May 9 paulus22 commented on Pope Francis Calls for the Redistribution of Wealth; Mars Hill Church Wants to Raise 40 Million Dollars to Buy a New Church.
Redistribution of wealth shouldn't be through taxes. It should be through regulation. Force companies to take money out of the hands of the uber-weathy CEOs and force them to give it to lower-paid employees. That would be in line with other industrialized nations' policies.

Taxes should also be higher on the wealthy, period. But that isn't redistribution; that is equitable participation in the common societal good. They should pay more to help the entire nation, not just poor people. If that makes more money available to keep people from starving to death because they can't get a low-end job that doesn't exist, so be it.

May 9 paulus22 commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
As long as there is a distinction between stop SIGNS and stop LIGHTS, I'm all for it.
Apr 28 paulus22 commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Today in Hand-Farts.
My uncle does it even better than this guy. Sorry. But he's not on the interwebs doing it.

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