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Dec 18 Amanda commented on "All Speculations Are Equally Speculative": The "Conclusion" of Serial.
@13 -- True. If a jury *believes* in the guilt of a defendant, it will often convict, even in the face of lots of reasonable doubt. That may not be how our legal system is theoretically supposed to function, but it's what happens.
Dec 18 Amanda commented on Democrats and Republicans Agree: Sony Was Stupid and Cowardly When It Pulled The Interview.
It's terrible that Sony chose to pull this picture, but they still have an opportunity to make things right. Maybe all the outrage over what an awful decision they made will turn the tide?
Dec 18 Amanda commented on "All Speculations Are Equally Speculative": The "Conclusion" of Serial.
@4 Is correct. This is real life, not True Detective.

I made up my mind about four episodes ago that Adnan did it -- that he and Jay most likely did it together -- but that there was not enough hard evidence to actually convict Adnan, to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

That being said, I don't know if I'd have voted to acquit Adana had I been a juror, as Koenig claims she would have. Until you've been handed that power, I think it's difficult to know for sure how you'd use it.

The episode was what I expected. And @2 is right: it could not have ended any other way.

Dec 11 Amanda commented on I, Anonymous.
I can't relate to whatever stigma you feel as an adoptee, but I do know how it feels to come from a dysfunctional, abusive home. Many, many people get stuck with parents who are ill-equipped for the job or who never wanted it in the first place. I'm sure your biological parents gave you a huge advantage by giving you up for adoption, and I'm sure your adoptive parents -- your real parents -- love you very much.

And yes, you'll be okay.
Dec 11 Amanda commented on SL Letter of the Day: Some Ladies Hate Their Labia—And That's Okay—Plus ALL CAPS Oral Rage!.
Yeah, I agree with @22. Learning to accept and love yourself -- or at least not hate yourself -- is an important part of self-actualization and plain old growing up. I have oily skin that's still prone to breakouts even as I approach my thirties, but fuck it, my skin still serves the very important function of holding my body together, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

It seems childish and shallow not to have gratitude and love for the working body parts we've been given, however short they may fall of arbitrary aesthetic standards.

Dec 8 Amanda commented on Marky Mark Wants His Felony Assault Conviction Wipey Wiped.
@36 -- I doubt many violent 15 or 16-years think about their actions in terms of the big picture like that. I would bet most of them just act on impulse or repeat the violence they've seen in their own lives because they don't know any better.
Dec 8 Amanda commented on Marky Mark Wants His Felony Assault Conviction Wipey Wiped.
He was a minor when these assaults happened, and he's obviously completely turned his life around. This guy didn't come from an especially privileged or stable background.
Dec 3 Amanda commented on Savage Love.
@58 The coin slot is the very top of the butt crack, the part that is sometimes exposed when a woman wears really low-rise jeans.

Dec 2 Amanda commented on Horrible Bosses 2: Restores Balance to the Universe.
Jason Bateman works brilliantly as the straight man in Arrested Development. He does not work well in broader comedies.
Nov 27 Amanda commented on The 2015 Independent Spirit Award Nominees.
@4 You're really missing out by not watching Boyhood.

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