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Aug 30 Racing Turtles commented on Gay Bathhouses Are Going Extinct.
I went to bathhouses two different times and couldn't possibly have enjoyed those experiences any less. Maybe it was the huge wad in the drinking fountain. Just grossed me out and gave me the creeps and I am no puritan.
Jul 28 Racing Turtles commented on Are the Blue Angels Pilots Looking at Porn While Flying Over Seattle?.
Not funny, not cool, not enlightening. Basically sexually harassing the person you were speaking with. Jesus christ. Really embarrassing.
Jul 17 Racing Turtles commented on Interview with a Woman Who Found a Meth Head Under Her Bed.
Not over-dramatizing the situation. Not traumatized. Not vindictive. And concerned for the well being of the perp.

I love this person.
Jul 13 Racing Turtles commented on The Best of Slog: It's Too Dang Hot, You Can Buy Pot, and Should We Let Amazon Fly Drones Over Seattle or Not?.
Nice back peddle there 52-8.

I certainly didn't threaten to come at you with a threat of physical violence, so it hardly seems necessary to warn me that: "I'm an armed and dangerous big boy who poopoos and peepees in the big boy potty." (At least, that's how I read your message.)

Thing is, again unlike you and your ilk, I don't live in this dimension of hysteria and sick fantasy where The War is coming so I've got to stock up for it. I am fighting for incremental progress on issues of wilderness and wild land protection through education outreach, my bank account, and my vote. This work is most decidely not kook or fringe; indeed, progress is being made everywhere, every day. And that progress benefits you, too, though I see no evidence you deserve it, or have any capacity to understand.

And lastly, I don't take issue with slingshot or longbow hunting, hell, I'll even make an exception for your single load musket, as long as you're eating what you kill and only killing animals whose populations aren't endangered across the globe. But gearing up in Cabella redneck gear, stocked to the hilt with automatic weapons, video cameras, synthetic urine, traps, and whatever other technology goodies, then going for a joyride in the forest is definitely not a sport, it's a disease, a glitch in the matrix. I don't know what kind of hunter you are, I don't know you, but based on the characteristics you put on display in your SLOG rants, it seems rather likely that you're the former: a thoughtless, heartless piece of shit, who likes to feel like BMOC by killing living creatures that are essentially defenseless for no other reason than to puff your chest and stroke your diseased ego. Your character is revealed through the bullshit you espouse.

Jul 12 Racing Turtles commented on The Best of Slog: It's Too Dang Hot, You Can Buy Pot, and Should We Let Amazon Fly Drones Over Seattle or Not?.
As usual venomlash, you have my heart, you make the absolute spot-on observation. I don't know who you are but I most assuredly heart you. <3

Fifty-Two-Eighty, are you threatening my life? Unlike gun nuts, I do not live in fear, but you are a SERIOUSLY fucked up individual, and probably ought to be locked up for the sake of the public, not to mention the soul of humanity.
Jul 12 Racing Turtles commented on The Best of Slog: It's Too Dang Hot, You Can Buy Pot, and Should We Let Amazon Fly Drones Over Seattle or Not?.
Patty Murray can go fuck herself for voting to pass the Sportmen's Act (thank god, it failed) that would have allowed the legal selling of sport-hunted polar bear "trophies", removed the EPA's right the regulate toxic lead-based ammunition, and opened up millions of acres of wildlands to hunting, fur trapping, and private development. Her office wrote me the shittiest list of bull shit excuses imagineable. She will never get my vote again, and I intend to expose every flaw in her political career from here on out.

Is she taking the right stand on Hobby Lobby? Yes. It is important? Yes. But women have reproductive rights, and once polar bears are extinct, they're gone for good. Nature matters. Wildness matters, wilderness matters.

And "sportsmen" can go fuck themselves right alongside Patty Murray as far as I'm concerned.
Jun 4 Racing Turtles commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
Ten years ago I was a regular pot smoker but grew out of it. Hadn't touched it for several years. Last fall I was in Amsterdam, and for the novelty as much as anything, ate a pot cookie. Jesus fuck. I am out of practice, sure, but no novice to getting stoned, and I was completely fucked up from that cookie. I almost threw up, I *fainted*, I was 20 times higher than I ever realized possible from marijuana (except perhaps the very first time I got stoned as a teenager, which was pretty bad.) Anyway. Who knew? Eating it is a whole different ballgame I guess. Maureen, I feel you.
May 29 Racing Turtles commented on I, Anonymous.
Can we express appreciation for how funny IA's letter is?

IA, I get you.

This person looking for donations is tacky, their wedding reception is super tacky, and while you may be a big bag of drama best avoided, I personally cannot infer that from your letter. Drop that rock and run!

May 29 Racing Turtles commented on Being Gay in Iran.
My god. Just when you go start feeling sorry for yourself. Really want to hug this guy and learn from his perseverance and self-reliance. Really, really hope he's able to connect with his family.

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