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Oct 2 sloegin commented on GOP's Out-and-Proud Republicans Actually Random Stock Photography Subjects.
@5 Which is funny, because they wouldn't have to put so much in their kids college funds if higher ed funding hadn't been systematically gutted over the last 2 generations.
Sep 30 sloegin commented on The Morning News: Seattle’s Second Weed Shop Opens Today.
If Boeing didn't get their $9b in tax breaks, it might have prevented the $10b stock buy-back that happened literally WEEKS later.

Just think of the disaster that might have entailed.
Sep 12 sloegin commented on The Morning News: OK, Who's Stealing the Gigantic Flower Pots in West Seattle?.
The real question is, why is the WLCB fucking with Seattle?

One store. One.
Sep 11 sloegin commented on Rail Union Rejects Move to Single Person Train Crews.
Pros: cuts costs.

Cons: it's fucking nuts.
Sep 3 sloegin commented on Virtual Reality Goggles Will Go on Sale This Fall: What Do You Think?.
A vomit-inducing accessory that will sell like hotcakes.
Aug 28 sloegin commented on What Do You Think of President Obama's Khaki Suit?.
That taupe is dope.
Jul 24 sloegin commented on No, No, NO: Seattle's Hurricane Cafe Is Closing.
I remember having a drink and an open-faced chiliburger at the Dog House back in the day. Or did I read that in a JP Beaumont novel?
Jul 23 sloegin commented on Report: Arizona Inmate "Gasping" For Breath During Two-Hour-Long Execution.
It is possible to be in favor of justice without being a sociopath about it.
Jul 9 sloegin commented on Amazon Offers Hachette Authors One Hundred Percent of E-Book Sales.
Just remember that Amazon isn't doing this for *you*. They're doing this to drive other e-retail out of the market and boost their own margins.
Jul 3 sloegin commented on Union Activists Call Bullshit On Forward Seattle's Anti-$15 Minimum Wage Signatures.
Because citizens can't be trusted to vote (representatives) when they can be trusted to vote (on everything else). Or something. Except, of course, for Seattle voters. They be cray cray. Better that the rest of the state vote on what's best for Seattle.

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