Not enough like Twitter.

Jul 9 sloegin commented on Amazon Offers Hachette Authors One Hundred Percent of E-Book Sales.
Just remember that Amazon isn't doing this for *you*. They're doing this to drive other e-retail out of the market and boost their own margins.
Jul 3 sloegin commented on Union Activists Call Bullshit On Forward Seattle's Anti-$15 Minimum Wage Signatures.
Because citizens can't be trusted to vote (representatives) when they can be trusted to vote (on everything else). Or something. Except, of course, for Seattle voters. They be cray cray. Better that the rest of the state vote on what's best for Seattle.
Jun 30 sloegin commented on What Do We Call Politicians Who Value the Rights of Corporations Over the Rights of Individuals?.
The corporatist piece of this ruling is only part of the reason that it's so terrible. The other part being Catholic justices carve out a special snowflake exception for their religion and claim that other possible religious legal scenarios don't count, because... one true religion or something.
Jun 9 sloegin commented on A Word on Thomas Piketty and Kindle.
Graphs, charts, and most kinds of data-rich images suck on the Kindle. But no, that couldn't be the reason people would buy a hard copy instead.
May 29 sloegin commented on Dave Meinert Threatens to Retire from Public Life, and Other Minimum Wage Mayhem.
Galt's Gulch needs restaurants too. Don't know where they'll find the takers (sorry, employees) to staff it however.
May 22 sloegin commented on Ta-Nehisi Coates on Reparations in The Atlantic.
Outlawing redlining is one thing, getting rid of the pernicious offspring of redlining (local school district funding) is another. Eliminating this vestige of Jim Crow is long overdue.
May 20 sloegin commented on The CIA Will No Longer Use Vaccination Programs as Cover.
No more cover as health workers? Good thing they still have Washington State IDs to fall back on.
May 12 sloegin commented on The Devil Made That Lesbian Do It.
What kind of chocolates does the Father of Lies throw, Free Trade?
May 12 sloegin commented on The Suburbs of Seattle Appear to Like Light Rail but Not Buses. Why?.
Voters vote for things that benefit them directly, and that don't benefit others. Light rail directly serves commuting suburbs and only indirectly serves Seattle riders.

Surprising thing is that less than 51% would want even this.

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